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elcome back to the new school year. The autumn term is always a busy one for PTAs and if you’re struggling to get back into the

swing of things after the holidays, we can help! This issue is crammed with everything you need to get you through the coming weeks. Many PTAs hold their annual general

meeting this term and if you’re not sure how to approach it or need some advice, head to p18. Greenways Primary School PTA held its AGM during a fundraising quiz night: ‘It worked marvellously,’ says vice-chair

Kelly Wall. ‘We ran the quiz and hosted the AGM during the break.’ If you’ve been volunteering at events and attending PTA meetings for a

while, perhaps it’s time to step up and join the committee. But what do the chair, treasurer and secretary have to do? And what’s actually involved in the social media secretary or second-hand uniform co-ordinator roles? Find out in our roles and responsibilities feature starting on p21. More and more PTAs tell us they’re looking at supermarket grant

schemes as a way to increase funds. Our at-a-glance guide on p49 contains all the facts on the main players so you can see how each one works and what might work for your school. I refuse to count the weeks to Christmas quite yet, but I am starting the

countdown to the Christmas fair. If you are too, have a look at our checklist on p32. It’s designed to take the stress out of fair planning and help you pull off a magical and profi table event while keeping your cool. If you’re running a secret gift room go to p31 for advice, and if you need help running Santa’s grotto, is the place to fi nd everything you need. So put your feet up with a cup of tea and your copy of PTA+, and return to school armed with fundraising ideas. Have a wonderful term,


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