MARKET TRADER, AUGUST 2 - 15, 2019 Ambitious plans for seaside market

A market in a Merseyside holiday resort could be transformed into a new food, drink and event venue under plans revealed by the local authority there, local media has reported. Sef ton Counci l has unveiled plans to modernise the indoor King Street market in Southport in a bid to turn it into a key attraction for the town.

Images released recently

show how the market could look in the future, with a

range of hot food stalls and a flexible events space. The council says it remains

“total ly commi t ted” to ensuring Southport Market continues to operate and make a positive contribution to the local economy, and is looking at ways to build on previous investment that will ideally deliver an enhanced hot food and drink offer, self- contained food retail units and a flexible market and events space. Cllr Marion Atkinson told

local media: “We really value Southport Market but sadly it has become evident that many factors are making trading conditions extremely difficult and occupancy levels continue to fall. “While we have been

actively promoting it and trying to secure new traders along with other initiatives to help deliver a long term sustainable future for the market, this has sadly not worked. “As a result, and building

Movies in the market

To celebrate the Bradford UNESCO City of Film’s annual Bradford Family Film Festival, special screenings of family films will be taking place at the city’s Oastler Market. Staff at the Bradford Council-run market have arranged for a pop-up cinema in the market, which will be showing the films on Saturday’s from 11am to 1pm throughout August. The first screening will be the Disney 2019 movie Dumbo (PG) on August 3, to be followed

by a screening of the epic adventure, The Kid Who Would be King (PG) on August 10. The final instalment of the How to Train Your Dragon film series ‘The Hidden World’ will

be shown on August 17, while on August 24 children will be able to follow the adventures of Anna and Elsa in Disney’s modern classic Frozen. The madcap adventures of Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit will be shown on August 31. The events are totally free and tickets can be pre-booked via All those presenting their ticket from Billetto will get free popcorn, snacks and a drink. Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw said: “We’re delighted to be teaming up with the UNESCO City of

Film for their Bradford Film Festival especially as it’s their 10th anniversary this year. “We are always looking at new ways that we can encourage people to use markets and putting on these films is a great idea.”

on our former investment at the market, new plans are being developed to potentially transform the building into a unique offer that will only benefit the town and the wider borough. “Nothing is set in stone,

and as we develop further plans over the coming weeks and months we will ensure existing traders are fully kept up to date and consulted on any final plans. “Wh i l e we t o t a l l y

understand how trading condi t ions have been difficult in the market for many months, we remain committed to supporting traders throughout this exciting process and will continue to do so.” Butcher Tony Blackhurst

has worked at the market for 40 years, and he welcomed the proposal to transform the venue. He told local media:

“Having seen the market change over a number of years I am really excited to see the latest plans, and look forward to Blackhurst’s b u t c h e r s p l a y i n g a key role in the market’s transformation.” Not everyone is quite so

enthusiastic, however, and Conservative councillor Sir

A digital impression of how the new style market could look

Ron Watson warned against copying the Altrincham Market concept, saying Southport should not rely on ideas used in other towns to revitalise its “failing” market. He told a recent council

meet ing that he was a regular visitor to Altrincham in Greater Manchester as his daughter lives nearby, adding: “I can assure you there isn’t the slightest compar i son between Altrincham and Southport market, and there will never ever be. “I hope we will come forward with proposals, but they need to be costed, they need to be thoroughly thought through, and we need to be told how they’re going to be achieved

and in what time frame.” The town’s former Liberal

Democrat MP and current councillor John Pugh said the public needed to be properly consulted. Speaking to the BBC he

said: “We can’t compete head- to-head against Liverpool One or the Trafford Centre and we shouldn’t do.” Mr Pugh also questioned

why the council was trying to attract traders from outside the town with street markets. The current market has a number of empty units, and recently a large wooden wall was erected, effectively closing off half of the site. The council described this

as a temporary measure to allow them to manage the market more efficiently.

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