MARKET TRADER, AUGUST 2 - 15, 2019 In-store vs Online

Online shopping has not killed the High Street just yet, as there are still a number of products we Brits prefer to buy in-store

Wi th onl ine shopping becoming increasingly widespread it comes as no surprise that more and more people are relying on it over traditional shopping. Indeed, data from Eurostat is showing that 82 percent of Brits are shopping online monthly. Howe v e r , h a v e Br i t s

completely ditched traditional shopping? Or are there some items they would still rather buy in-store? British online marketplace decided to investigate the matter and see what products Brits would avoid buying in store, and what they would never shop for online. To find out,

created a survey asking 1,426 Brits what products they would avoid buying in-store vs online. The results below make interesting reading.

In-store purchase

When it comes to the items Brits would never buy online, it’s possibly not a shock to find that bras come first, with 85 percent of respondents saying they would prefer to try them in-store

rather than taking a chance and buying them on the web. Makeup comes next, with 81

percent of people who use them saying that they would be more comfortable purchasing beauty products from a physical shop. In third place is perfume, with

73 percent of Brits being worried about buying them online, pos- sibly due to the fear of them not being original. Apart from which, if you’re looking for something you haven’t tried before, it may be some time before a test sniff option is available via the net.

Next on the list are the following:

• Medicine • Jewellery • Electronics • Fruit & veg • Shoes

• Coats/jackets

72 percent 66 percent 62 percent 59 percent 58 percent 47 percent

• Flowers/plants 40 percent Online purchases

When it comes to the items people would not buy in store it perhaps comes as no surprise to discover that ‘adult’ toys are top of the pile, with 92 percent of people saying they would rather

shop for these playful purchases online. Second on the list come

tech accessor ies, such as headphones and phone chargers, with 81 percent of Brits preferring to get them online rather than in-store. Beauty tools take third place,

with 80 percent of the surveyed Brits considering that it’s better to get these online.

Next on the list are the following:

• Holidays • Books

79 percent 79 percent

• Clothing basics 77 percent • Non-perishables 72 percent • Embarrassing meds

• Pet food • Kitchen


70 percent 69 percent

67 percent Though it’s obvious and

undeniable that the High Street has taken a significant hit due to the continued growth of online shopping, it’s equally clear that while the nation’s shoppers still prefer to buy certain products in-store, there’s life in the old bricks and mortar yet.


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