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Theresa Wride could be Flin Flon’s pride

Enterprising indigenous arts leader and job coach running for MLA Dorothy Dobbie

Queen, it didn’t occur to her that this was all that unusual. She took this interaction in the same stride she takes every encounter in life – levelly and with an understanding of the need for dignity in human rela- tionships. “I learned that from my Dad,” she


said. “He had a way of accepting and bridging cultural differences. “He treated everyone with the same calm respect, and they responded to that.” Theresa was born in Norway House Cree Nation, where her fa- ther, Samuel Thomas, worked for INAC (the name then for the de- partment of Indian Affairs) as the chief fire prevention officer for the northern region. He had to deal

Theresa puts the finishing touches on her hair art sculpture for the Queen.

with different people every day, help- ing them to overcome the fear and ignorance that often leads to misun- derstanding.

“He was helpful. He offered prac- tical advice and encouragement,” she

said. He understood the importance of community and how to create and maintain relationships. Theresa inherited this skill. “You don’t see colour,” her sister told her. “You treat u 5 ‘Flin Flon’s pride'

Exploring Highway 7, a great place for family adventure

Gail McDonald

ground, the smell of freshly cut hay will trigger a flash of memories as you drive along Hwy #7 on your way north of Winnipeg. Perhaps those memo- ries are of baling hay or sneezing from the dust (we hope not) but it’s one scent you can’t forget. Here in the region we have some interesting, larger-than-life statues that are great for a group or u 7 ‘Exploring Highway 7'


enture into the Interlake to enjoy a change of pace; slow life down to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. For those with a rural back-

hen Theresa Wride was preparing

a piece of caribou hair art for the Keep your garage door closed - it will send a message.

Patrol Sgt. Phil Penner and Consta- ble Garnie McIntyre

their neighbours and have no intentions of leaving. There’s a comfort that comes with this familiarity – so much so they seldom shut their garage door or lock the people door that leads into the house from the garage … that is until one day in July. That’s when someone rolled up on a bicycle, saw the garage door opened and simply walked in, and then tried the people door leading to the home. It was unlocked. Out of habit, Myrna would leave her car keys and purse on a counter right by the door. This made it very simple for the culprit to grab and drive off in the car. He also had her purse in hand and began using her bank card and credit card.


This is a Break and Enter. It is upsetting. And, it is something that could happen to ANY of us. It’s in part why we’ve launched this series of col- umns. We hope to share with you crime prevention information you can use and steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of being victimized. Crime prevention is a big part of what the Win- nipeg Police Service does but it needs the support and watchful eye of the citizens of Winnipeg. Mike and Myrna’s story is based on true events.

We changed their names for privacy. It’s a timely tale, as many of us spend our time making the most of the warmer weather. This means spending more

The world’s largest mosquito in Komarno, Manitoba. u 5 ‘Garage door’

ike and Myrna live on a quiet street just inside the perimeter. It’s been their home for the past 25 years. They love and trust

Time for

Blueberry Jam in Flin Flon

Close the garage door


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