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October 2017 May 2019 Panto ahoy! Hundreds enjoyHoli colour festival

THE cast of Cinderella, which is to be staged at the Hazlitt Theatre in Maid- stone, took to the River Medway to launch this year's panto.

A RELIGIOUS celebration in Godmother), former EastEnder Ste-

people in clouds of colour. beth

Stephen Richards and Adam Bor- Millennium Green,

Colours took place at the Collis off

Philip’ TheysAvenue, onMarch 23. Live music, food stalls and

zone (Ugly Sisters) . St were greeted by pupils from

members of the media. The panto of the Hindu festival, which

South Borough Primary School and pots of dyed flour were all part

runs from December 1-31. For tick- raised £300 for Collis Park, a

ets go to community asset.

Taxpayers to pick up £100k legal row bill

country road have been made by the local borough councillor. CounciBurberry Lane,l’s abofrt ted High Court action against Kent County Council. Broomfield, has been targeted by was dumped and set on fire.

Leeds and

Leaked papers, seen by Downs Mail, say the borough’s legal bill carry out “significant”

swaste dumpers for years, but in re- questioned at

tone’s planning chiefs for per- mis the point of settlement was £48,554. The county’s tab topped s 200,000m³ of reservoir water proceedings

£5Constructionwaste, rubble, hard ofrequirements ... ou weigh that core, windows and household fur-

works on a 140m dam, which sto5p,000.

frMBC launched

against KCC last summer to se- in the middle of the road.

of In a report to Maidstone Bor- Martin Cox and chief executive

to achieve “clarity”.

Lane, where we are now thinking which separates Mote Park Lake Maidstone’s Lib Dem leader

nce and biodiversity”. specifically in Burberry

land, to oversee the problem area.” Alison Broofm said the action was

ough Council’s planning commit- teeA, case

said she recogn sed the “substan-

saw a caravan burned out while a torched car remains on a footpath

recent event in Burberry Lane 60m-wide spillway. These over- fandl County councillor Gary Cooke

ficer Marion Geary agreed”.

installing cameras on private Reservoir from Turkey Mill Pond, Fort w settlement a has sec been

cent months, the problem has be- bankrolling a legal action against come more acute.

Engineers sion t

Cllr Gill Fort said: “Every month se And Labour leader, Malcolm Park and several areas of housing cure a judicial ruling, following a

om barrelling down the River niture is left illegally – often strewn Len in o Turkey Mill.

fundamental disagreement with McKay, called fo fr out-of-court we are having toilets, sinks and consequences o

The works, they say, are “ex- tensive” and will have a consider- the county counc tihl over the way qualvillage,ity of the park, visual appear- ianfrastructure improvements.

able impact “oconstruction waste dumped in the discussions. developers’ cash is spent on local cuts to frontline serv- Bearsted and Pilgrims Way have ices”.She added: “The dam is as- also been targeted recently. sse

anBut dit is a problem in many rural wh t? Nothing. areas including Langley, Otham

land Kingswood. Water Lane in dam would result in downstream fer stations at North Farm, Tun-

ve on the historic park and gar- de , but said the council’s “statu- toroyther local authority in the light “financial ”

a e asking Maid-

haThe church car park has also seen months and 10s of th u ands many instances of illegal dumping. pounds of tax a ers’ money for

l harm” th proposals would the

John Perry, wisdom of


uty to comply with safety constraints

r Last ayear,s flood catego y A, where

e r creational major.”ping and this year more than 163 ma i g the da have been recorded since April.

Work on the embankment dam, court action in March, claiming

“negotiations were concluded… the desired similar effect.” andcentres around buielcomedldingjoint ond,initia- tive by the Environment Agency ow channels are crucial in con-

MBC pulled the plug on the The approaching darker evenings

will prompt a rise in illegal tipping. Cllr a

the Driver and Vehicle Stan- household b dgets, st od at 1.8% dards Agency to clamp down on

mile-long stretch of road through Reservoir was formed be ween

est. Engineers anticipate around l3e0v ty a 3% increase on households, tion, which

The 12-hectare Mote Park Lake Leeds villageuproducesoan average

mounts of earth excavated. benchmarks

a en though CPI infl

LeThe rise is the maximum al- parish councillor, says teaching

32 black sacks of rubbish. n was dammed.

i1n January. YOUR LOCAL PROPERTY EXPERT 01622 690290 23 Pudding Lane • Maidstone • Kent

She believes with every household The borough, which relies on

Ms Geary said a 10-yearly re- children about social responsibility view of

and the issue of litter in schools will hold a referendum to get public help take the issue off the streets.

lowed by government without councillor ts being compelled to clu ed the reservoir does not approval for their plans.dards.

he dam’s safety con- meet modern-day st

receiving a weekly refuse collection council tax as its principal source

service,last four to si therex is weeks and was du of funding, claimed it could net

dumped in the road. for each 1% increase. In the top 1% of UK

In the top 1% of UK web design companies web design companies |

being thrown from vehicles or nearly £160,000 worth of services

to be debated by Maidst ne Bor- ough Council’s planning commit- tee as Downs Mail went to press.

Home Alarms supplied and fitted

construction work would no excuse for litter

793 and 1800, when the River Cllr Fort, who also serves as a

Council cleared 911 cases of fly-tip- MShe added: “If you go along the tax hinke abovem the rate of infla- tion.

Ms Geary said: “Failure of the one of the borough’s closest trans-

Maidstone Borough ailure … are

bridge Wells, announced it will be closed for 10weeks.

Other work would see teams linekof increasing fines, they have to

be enforced. A reduction in the cr The local authority voted to

should have been agreed round a negotiating table.” The cost of the legal action came to li ht in Ap il, just days after aidstone introduced a council higher and con

structing a wave wall along its charge or offering it free may have

rees would be felled and large evAthree-monthly litter pick on the the rising cost of

“What has been agreed to flooding of Turkey Mill Business along the River Len.”

trolling the release of water dur- posing of constructionowsaste at oa

nearby, more than a year after it tia But Tory leader,

unlicensed waste carriers, but be- lieves the cost to small firms of dis-


ing extreme flooding, if pressure transfer stationpisyproving a deter-

“They have wasted 10 f

on the dam thre tens to destroy it rentathat is costing councils more.

or cause the reservoir to overflow. Cllr Fort made her remarks as

‘Catastrophic floods’ warning at Mote Park

CCTV call in a bid to stop fly-tipping

CALLS for the installation of CCTV cameras to prevent fly-tipping on a TAXPAYERS have lost over £100,000 following Maidstone Borough

BULLDOZERS re poised to move into M te Park in a major operation to prote t part nearhe borough f om potentially catastrophic flo ding.

The second Holi Festival of Anderson (Buttons) and, pictured,

Bright (Cinderella), Craig

Maidstone bathed nearly 300 fan Booth (Prince Charming), Eliza-

On board The Kentish Lady were national treasure Rustie Lee (Fairy

Maidstone & Malling’s No. 1 newspaper

Maidstone South Edition

FREE No. 246

News Maidstone & Malling’s

No. 1 newspaper

Kate, 107, dies News

FREE No. 265

KATE Hart, a resident at an old people’s home in Bearsted,

Work starts on school MP’s Local Plan bid

WORK has started on the con- construction ofMaidstone’s

HELEN Whately asked the School of Science and

government to halt the Technology.

borough’s housing scheme.45 Asbestos delays

struction ofMaidstone’s School of Science and

Travel vouchers axed TPlans for Dr Nigel disabl d ends asMBC

TRAVEL service for the pub delays a railway

Canyon for charity. unding

A HEAD teacher h s given the lTHE former Neighbours star brings

Theatre next May. schooling .

Addictadmits theft CRUCIAL works to prevent pleaded guilty to snatching a

major flooding will cause “substantial harm” to

Mote Park .drinks cabinet 22 28

laptop while pretending to buy


Obituariessite meeting to discuss play equipment in Barming parish Parish Councils 34-35

Parish Councils 29 COUNCILLORS are arranging a


ASH dieback has been discovered in people congregating at Banky ; Meadow, Barmivillage


Hollingbourne ng; Visi ftors to holder duck race will be charged esigned; yellow lines are needed yn Way, Otham to allow

Meadow in Detling

Loose co-ordinator Jean Duffy has rentry to Brooks Field in line with for Buffkborough council require,ments; buses through Imperial Park; rub- bish bins in the sports field in e to be moved over to ea and rear exit.

ete stall-

parish councillors are concerned with an increase in dog waste not being piarcked up by owners the picnic ar.

Kingswood in Tovil

Crime Reports Crime Reports 35 29

A 1.5 tonne digger was stolen inon Lenham,; tools werecausing

VEHICLES have been driven over from Allarmlandingt

stolen from a vehicle in Fant; a break-in was reported in Detling vehicle was vandalised in Bearsted ; pumpkins were allotment

damge to crops; an attempted car was keyed in Arundel Stre ;et; a a corner sofa was stolen from Rd, Weavering; a mountain bike, from an

Park Wood stolen

were stolen from a shed in Shepway.

Comment Comment

visit or call 08000 199622

tools and gardening equipment in Lenham.

46-47 38-39

01622 880840 web design google promotion ecommerce

field; residents have complained about the smell of cannabis and

Alesson in schooling Jason Donovan date

atxaetsiofn’s transformation.126 12 swill walk the Grand

AHE discovery of asbestos at a THE widow of GP Dr Nigel Minnet

Travel scheme axed HUNDREDS of disabled people

Soesce specialist transport support scheme after council halts funding.

Mote Park flood alert A JOBLESS heroin addict

retary of State for Education a lesson in frontlhis show to the Hazlittine 18


has died aged 107, her son 3 David has disclosed.

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