FUNDRAISING – Summer fair stalls Get ready for your


Super stall ideas W

School summer fairs are fast approaching, but what will you have at yours?

hatever the theme of your summer fair, you should have a good variety of stalls. From

games and competitions to gifts and refreshments, make sure you appeal to all ages. Here are some popular ideas to get you started…

Games stalls These games stalls either cost little

to set up, are easy to organise, or can be run by only one volunteer on the day – or all three. This also means they’re ideal as back-up stalls for any no-show external stallholders or to have ready in case any unexpected volunteers show up on the day.

Key One volunteer

Low effort Low outlay

Putt challenge Pin a £5 note to a strip of artificial grass (about two metres long). Whoever putts the golf ball onto the note wins. Rowing challenge Ask a local gym or leisure centre if you can borrow a rowing machine in exchange for promoting its facilities. Have prizes for the fastest 500m in different age groups. Pig racing Purchase battery- operated pigs from a toyshop. Mark four lanes with tape on a table and tag each lane with a number. Charge 50p for people to select a pig to race, and award a prize to the owner of the winning pig. The pigs can be reused for other events as the only expense is batteries. Tin can alley Ask for empty cans to be donated in advance of your fair and make sure they have no sharp edges. Stack them in pyramids and give players super-soakers or beanbags to try to knock them

down. The more cans knocked down, the better the prize. Hook-a-duck Fill a paddling pool with water and add ducks with eyelets on their backs and numbers on their bottoms. Ask participants to hook a duck out of the water – the number on the bottom corresponds to the prize they have won. Guess the… Whether it’s weight of the cake, name of the teddy or number of lego pieces in a jar, if the item is donated then this stall will be pure profit. The winner takes home the cake, teddy or jar. For ‘guess the name’, base the list on pupils in your school, as children like the familiarity. Panning for gold Spray small stones with gold paint and bury them in a large tray of sand. Players then hunt for the ‘gold’ using a small sieve. If five or more are found, they receive a prize. Human fruit machine Have three large boxes containing three to four pieces of plastic fruit (to save on mess), with a child responsible for each. Make sure visitors can’t see the contents. When a horn is SUMMER 2019 33


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