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our succession planning feature on p24 and make sure anyone who’s leaving the school is ready to hand over to new committe members. Successful fairs, happy PTA members and

perfect planning – sounds like a recipe for a great summer term!


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y now, you’re probably immersed in planning your big summer fundraiser. While you may have a good idea of what works best for your particular

school, let our stall guide (p33) inspire you to bring some fresh ideas into the mix. Despite having worked at PTA+ for seven

years, I only joined the PTFA last year when my son started school. Now, I’m starting to put into practice all those things I’ve read about over the years. Last summer I took on the job of publicising the fair and I’ve put

everything I learnt – and some things I wish I’d known – into our publicity guide on p39. Alongside our dedicated summer fair pages, we’ve covered as many aspects of big-event fundraising as we can think of in this issue. It’s all signposted with the ‘get ready for your summer fair’ sticker. If you need more, head over to for our latest online articles or subscribe to the email newsletter. Need to ask another PTA for help or advice? Try our Facebook page or the PTA Ideas and Advice Network Facebook group. We know you are a hard-working bunch of volunteers, but it can

sometimes be diffi cult to stay calm when you don’t all agree, or if the school or other parents don’t seem to be on board. We asked Rona Waldon- Saunders, a student counsellor at the University of Brighton, to help us on the subject of resolving confl ict. Read her advice on p17. Once the summer fundraising is over, sit down with

Get ready for your


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