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What’s next in collaboration? Oblong argues that the next step in is making collabora- tive meetings. fully collabora- tive -,even for remote participants.

Plantronics rebrands as Poly

Plantronics, the latest owner of Polycom, has announced that the company will transform into Poly – “a technology com- pany focused on the human experience of communications and collaboration, aiming to make communication as rich and natural as in-person.” Poly, explains Plantronics, means “many, leverages the legendary audio and video ex- pertise of Plantronics and Poly- com and its breadth of smart endpoints that connect across and between unified commu- nications platforms to reduce the distractions, complexity and distance in the modern

workspace”. Poly aims to be the solution of choice whenev- er and wherever collaboration clouds reach people. “Today feels like my first day as CEO of a new company,” said Joe Burton, president and chief executive officer, Poly. “We see limitless opportunity for how people communicate and col- laborate today. With advance- ments in AI, machine learning and new technologies, we see a future where Poly makes the connection, then quietly steps out of the way to become the one thing you don’t notice in the meeting.”

Page 15 UC Expo preview

Next month the major event dedicated to collaborative technology solutions - takes place at UC Expo at Excel London on the 15- 16 May 2019.

Rumpus brings the Oblong experience to remote workers

Personal cursors and emojis to signal sentiment are two of the innovations in the new Rumpus visual collaboration applica- tion for purely virtual teams. Rumpus provides simultaneous

enterprise customers on Mez- zanine, the company’s flagship product for expansive pixel-rich collaborative work in a room, between connected rooms, and for off-site collaborators.

ple rooms, we recognize that team-based work also hap- pens

virtually. We created

Rumpus specifically to en- ergize such teams. Rumpus delivers Oblong’s core design values around amplification of human cognition and capa- bility while folding the power of Mezzanine into a laptop’s available workspace. And (see our very first post to the Rum- pus blog) it’s the necessary first step on the path to ubiq- uity for true collaboration.”

See page 12 for a full review of Rumpus

Rumpus brings remote participants into the Oblong world with innovations including shared cursors, annotation, and emojis for signalling sentiment

access to shared screens from meeting participants and deliv- ers a new layer of communica- tion with shared cursors, anno- tation, and emojis for signalling sentiment.

Plantronics and Polycom merge as Poly.

The latest Futuresource report on Education and Corporate Display Technolog reveals that Interac- tive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs) continued to be a considerable success in 2018 in the educa- tion and corporate markets. By Q4, 83% of all interactive dis- play sales were IFPDs, increasing from 73% last year. 55 of the 67 countries that Futuresource track had growth in 2018, with many countries growing by 100%. The Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), the

original technology, is in decline, but it still contributes a significant volume.

The USA had over 24% annual IFPD volume growth, with rapid transition to larger size IFPDs - well over half of sales are now over 70". Over 3/4 of US classrooms now have an interactive display, and the level of growth is forecast to continue.

At Bett 2019,IFPDs were right across the show. There were over 30 brands on display, some for

Rumpus leverages the in- sights the Oblong team gleaned over six years of work with its

the first time. Over half of these brands do not exhibit at ISTE, the equivalent exhibition in US. Previously, this market had been dominated by education, and specifically the K-12 mar- ket. The corporate meeting room market has remained an almost untapped market, but the scale of the opportunity is vast, with 32 million corporate meeting rooms globally and well under one mil- lion displays installed to date Vendors across a variety of prod-


Logitech MeetUp Kit with Intel NUC

Logitech_Ad_AV_Mag_MeetUP_NUC_266x40_0718.indd 1 up 23.07.18 14:43

According to Oblong CEO John Underkoffler, “Rumpus completes our portfolio of mod- ern solutions for collaborative work. While Mezzanine already provides the ultimate con- tent-first meeting experience for colleagues collaborating in one room or across multi-

Interactive display sales up by 39%

uct areas have entered the corpo- rate meeting room market, with ISE 2019 seeing a proliferation of meeting room displays promot- ing collaboration via interactivity. Most vendors now have screen sharing capabilities with multiple devices, often as standard. 4K and multi touch (10 to 20 points) are now standard, with most of- ferings having at least ten touch points. Panel providers are rapidly transitioning large screen sizes (60"+) to 4K from 1080p.

ISE warns against exhibitor confusion!

The organisers of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019 drew over 81,000 registered attendees and 1,300 exhib- itors to 15 halls at the RAI Amsterdam. This consoli- dated ISE’s position as the world’s largest tradeshow for professional AV and systems integration. However, ISE’s organisers warn, there are some events in the pro AV and systems integration field with which it has no connection, including the AV Integrated Systems Expo Mumbai, or AV- ISE in a shortened format. ISE wishes to make this fact clear to its exhibitors and at- tendees to ensure that there is no confusion. “They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” commented Mike Blackman, Managing Director of Integrated Systems Events. “We put a lot of time, re- source and effort into creating a show experience at Integrat-

ed Systems Europe that is sec- ond to none. We trust that, when deciding whether to attend any given show, AV and systems in- tegration professionals will look beyond the chosen name and make their own judgements.” As well as the main ISE show each February, Integrated Sys- tems Events also organises Inte- grated Systems Russia and the Digital Signage Summit series of events. In addition, Integrat- ed Systems Events produces a number of the conferences that take place during ISE. Integrat- ed Systems Events also partici- pates with the numerous exhi- bitions and events produced by its co-owners AVIXA and CEDIA. For more details and a full listing of officially produced and sup- ported ISE, AVIXA and CEDIA events please follow these links. https://www.

New rich media series on collaborative solutions

AV News will be hosting its My- series of re- al-time rich media activities for UC Expo events at London’s Ex- cel on the 16th and 17th May. Highlights will include a pro- posed Podcast series on building custom collaboration solutions using best-in-class products. If you are interested in taking part call Sue Pritchard on 0845 370 8899.

The direct channel to the industry

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