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The AV News Awards – the winners

At 8.30 am on the Tuesday of ISE week, the great and the good of the industry gathered at the Amsterdam RAI to hear the results of the annual AV News Awards competition,

ISE attendance growth slows but exhibition space in high demand

While it is true that the 16th Integrated Systems Europe was the biggest and broad- est-reaching ever, the overall number of registered visitors to ISE 2019 was 81,268 – anoth- er record figure for the show, but representing an increase of just 345 visitors over the previ- ous year. Compare this with the 10.3% increase in 2017, and you can see that perhaps the glory days of continuous dou- ble-digit growth are over. Nonetheless, a remark- able 32% of attendees were first time visitors to ISE. The Wednesday saw the largest ever one-day attendance figure for any show at the Amsterdam RAI, and the number of attend- ees on Friday passed 20,000 for the first time. One expla- nation for the slowdown in growth is that the show doesn’t do enough for the end-user - a key growth area for sourcing at- tendees – or that it has reached the optimum audience of trade visitors.

Nonetheless,exhibitors seemed unconcerned whether

the attendance is 80,000 or 81,000 – the fact is that ISE represents a huge share of the available market AV solutions and services. With 15 halls containing the latest technol- ogies and solutions for pro AV already, and a waiting list (ISE MD Mike Blackman announced at the launch of the 2021 Bar- celona show) of at least 200 companies, there is no short- age of exhibitors in addition to 1,301 occupying the 56,100 net square metres of the ISE 2019 show floor. Of these 225 (17%) were companies taking space at ISE for the first time. At the close of ISE 2019, 92% of the available floor space at ISE 2020 had already been sold.

ISE 2020 will be held at the

RAI Amsterdam from 11-14 February 2020. The challenge for the organisers is to continue to attract first time visitors and to encourage repeat visits from former first timers by demon- strating that ISE has something new and worthwhile to offer ev- ery year.

Page 17 ISE in rich media

With so much of AV innovation driven by new concepts in work and leisure, print alone can prove inadequate to communi- cate these innovations.

TIG CEO Robin van Meuween Robin van Meuween CEO of TIG, the exclusive sales agent for Crestron in EMEA and new Oblong Industries’ partner, says that for Crestron buyers, it will be very much a case of “business as usual”. In a ex- clusive podcast for AV News, Robin explained the structure of the new Technical Innova- tions Group. The continuing relationship with Crestron and the developing relationship with Oblong Industries. Mary Ann de Lares Norris VP EMEA sat in on the podcast to ex- plain the updates to Oblong’s Mezzanine that make more compact and easier to install. In the podcast, recorded im- mediately after the formal announcement of the deal

Robin van Meuween CEO of Techno- logical Innovations Group (TIG): The most logical conclusion was that all the logistics should be handled by Crestron, as the manufacturer and that we, as Technological Innova- tions Group should become the sales agency for Crestron.

A new report from Panason- ic Business shows that use of Android tablets and handhelds are on the rise in business, but security remains a concern. On average, 72% of tablets and handheld devices in businesses (excluding mobile telephones) use the Android operating sys- tem. And with 60% of device buyers saying Android was still being integrated into their or- ganisations, the number of de- vices is expected to rise with the majority seeing growth for the next three years.

ISE 2019 – the show continues to be the world’s biggest and most comprehensive marketplace for AV solutions and services.

The top three benefits of Android over other operating systems were said to be flexibility (59%), securi- ty (58%) and affordability (52%). But businesses believe they should be security patching their devices much than the average 4 times a year more than they cur- rently do. The variety of methods to deploy security patches also


Logitech MeetUp Kit with Intel NUC

Logitech_Ad_AV_Mag_MeetUP_NUC_266x40_0718.indd 1 up 23.07.18 14:43 “Business as usual” says

with Oblong, Van Meuween explained that his company: “Future Vision Marketing distributed Crestron, only Crestron, for 32 years. It was started up in 1987. The com- pany grew and grew and grew. In 1994 we became Crestron EMEA. On the face of it, we were seen in the market as the

manufacturer. As the

company grew over the last 20 something years, it really was a massive undertaking. It was a complex organisation. We were carrying huge levels of inventory. We were paying our main supplier


on time but then we had to bridge the gap with the cus- tomers.”

So, it was a massive chal-

Android advances despite security concerns varied with 66% relying on the

IT department, 38% using a Mo- bile Device Management (MDM) solution, 30% taking equipment manufacturer updates via Firm- ware over the air, 23% relying on the User, 22% using an IT sup- port company and 16% using a reseller.

Businesses currently update

their Android operating systems on each device an average of 5 times per year and they expect their device provider to support the Android operating system for up to 3 years after the end of de- vice’s life.

“The march of Android mobile devices into the business world continues apace but how IT de- partments

effectively manage

and secure these devices remains a challenge,” said Jan Kaempfer, General Manager for Marketing at Panasonic Computer Prod- uct Solutions. “It is important

A podcast recorded with MyShow- can be a highly effec- tive way of getting your message out before or during a show.

that buyers recognise that not all Android mobile devices are equal. They should look closely at the management and securi- ty functionality being offered by their vendor and their Android engineering experience. With the use of the latest over air updates and management consoles, IT departments can save consider- able time and money automat- ing their updates by choosing the right device with the right management and security func- tionality.

For a copy of the research ex- ecutive summary visit this URL: droid-on-the-march.

lenge to balance all the financial and logistical factors. About a year ago we put all the options on the table. The most logical conclusion was that all the lo- gistics should be handled by the manufacturer and that we, as Technological Innovations Group would become the sales agency for Crestron.” Hear the full story from Robin and Mary Ann at: https://my- available for UC Expo 2019

A partnership has been agreed between Blue and Green Ltd, publishers of AV News and pro- ducers of, and Imago TechMedia Ltd, to offer’s re- al-time, rich media capabilities to exhibitors at UC Expo form the 15 – 16 May at Excel. These include: 4K, live streamed vid- eo; 360-degree photography and video; and podcasts. For examples captured at ISE 2019 please see www.myshowguide. com.

The direct channel to the industry

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