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When it comes to moving house, the old saying “Location, location, loca- tion” couldn’t be more true. But what exactly makes a place desirable to live? A new study has revealed

the amenities Brits most want in their local area, with some surprising results. Traditionally, many Brits

have often sought homes which fall within the catchment area of a good school, but the research, conducted by regulated property buyer Good Move, found that budget supermarkets are now a bigger draw. Nearly two in five UK adults

(39 percent) said that it is desirable to live near a dis- counter, such as Lidl or Aldi, while just 29 percent said that they’d move for a certain school catchment area. Women are more likely

than men to be concerned about education choices, with 31 percent and 25 percent respectively considering the quality of local schools, but both genders ranked budget supermarkets higher. This desire for deals

appears strongest amongst the younger generations.

New research reveals that that Brits would rather live near to a budget supermarket than a good school Ross Counsell, Director at

While a budget supermarket is top of the wish list for each of the youngest age categories – more than half of 18-24s say they’d want to live near to one – the figure steadily declines among older Brits, with just 34 percent of over 45s sharing the same view. Top of the overall list of priorities, however, was a scenic view, with 44 percent of UK adults saying that they’d prefer a property with attractive surroundings. According to Brits, the top

10 most desirable amenities to have nearby are: 1. Scenic views: 44 percent 2. Budget supermarkets, such as Aldi, Lidl and Iceland: 39 percent

3. Local restaurants/bars: 37 percent

4. Traditional pubs: 36 percent

5. Independent shops: 34 percent

6. Walking trails: 33 percent 7. High-end supermarkets, such as Waitrose and Marks and Spencer: 32 percent

8. A c e r t a i n s c h o o l catchment area: 29 percent

statistics than women (21 percent and 14 percent respectively). Overall, the top five details

which Brits first research when moving house are: 1. Public transport links: 21 percent

2. Schools: 20 percent 3. Crime rates: 17 percent 4. Amenities: 17 percent 5. Broadband speeds: 11 percent

Good Move, said: “Everyone has their own priorities when moving house, but it’s interesting to see how the overall patterns are changing. “Budget supermarkets

are definitely growing in popularity, especially among the younger generations, and their presence in a region is now making a place more desirable to live.”

Some interesting facts about moving house:

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9. Coffee shops: 28 percent 10. Local library: 25 percent

Despite the desirability of

budget supermarkets, when asked specifically about which stores they’d like to have nearby, Brits crowned Tesco top of the shops. More than a fifth selected the store, followed by Asda (17 percent) and Aldi (14 percent). The study also revealed

what Brits first research when they move to a new area. When asked what details they seek out about a location before anything else, over a fifth of respondents (21 percent) said public transport connections, indicating the nation’s desire for easy travel. Crime rates are also an important consideration (17 percent), but men are more concerned about such

• At any given time, a quarter of UK citizens are currently looking to move within in the next 12 months. For the 18-24 age group, the number rises to almost half

• Nowadays, the average person will move house eight times in their lifetime, with approximately six years between moves

• August is the busiest month for removal companies, while February and March are the least preferred months for relocation

• Most people stay true to their local area and will not end up too far from where they started, travelling up to 32 miles during each move and finally living in a house that is within 63 miles of where they began

• Moving house is the third most stressful thing in life after divorce and death.


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