MARKET TRADER, FEBRUARY 15 - 28, 2019 Permanent market for Essex town

High street shoppers in an Essex town are to be given the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and bargains of a permanent weekly market, local media has reported. Maldon District Council’s south eastern area planning committee have

given the go ahead for a regular Tuesday market to take place in High Street, Burnham-on-Crouch. Formerly the plans had given the site permission to run a weekly market

in the town on a temporary basis, although it did not always take place. The plans were recommended for approval by the district council’s

Hope for the high street Without its high street a town becomes deprived of its identity and purpose

Julian Fisher, CEO of shopping app company, jisp, and founder of Love My Shop Day, explains why he believes the high street is so important

The high street is the lifeblood of towns and communities across the UK; it has been for centuries. People care deeply about preserving and protecting their high street, because without it, a town becomes deprived of its identity and purpose. Fundamentally, the high street is

a place where people can meet and be social, whether over food and drink or browsing through shops. Indeed, the notion of shopping

being a social activity is why the recent reports of the decline in bricks and mortar stores have been greatly exaggerated. The high street remains as relevant as always, if a little battered by the recent fallout of stores, and critical to the future of British retail. The benefits of the high street are

numerous. We have all experienced walking into a store to be greeted by a smiling and knowledgeable assistant, who takes pride in understanding what the customer’s goals are and thus helping to resolve a particular issue. Face to face interaction leads

to improved overall wellbeing and boosted trust in a community. The variety of options available

on a high street is also core to its appeal. It helps to connect local residents through commonly shared interests and pursuits. For example, some bookstores now serve coffee, provide a children’s play area and hold regular book clubs. Functioning as a hub for the community, it allows people to get together and discuss commonalities, leading to a greater

sense of emotional investment in their neighbourhood. From a retail perspective, it helps

to prolong the shopping experience, often leading to increased spend. Despite all these clear benefits for

the community, high street stores still face an ongoing struggle to thrive in the digital age. However, there is hope. The focus for merchants should

be on increasing conversions, rather than increasing footfall. This is achieved by merging online and offline experience, and using technology such as shopping apps to create an integrated shopping experience. That is why we created Love My Shop Day. Taking place across the UK on June 1 this year, Love My Shop Day

planning officers, despite Burnham Town Council raising its own concerns about the market’s early opening times. Ron Pratt, councillor for Burnham, said: “As many are aware, there is normally a problem with early starts. “The market has been extremely successful, it is a great tourist attraction

in the summer, so I whole heartedly support the recommendation and I think we should enforce the non-play of music from the stalls as that is an issue.” The market site will hold a total of 16 stalls for traders to sell on, and an amendment to the proposal was also made to have the market operate from 7.30am to 4pm, instead of 7am. The change was made in a bid to ensure that residents living in the

market area are not disturbed early in the morning by the market’s presence every Tuesday. The officer’s report added: “There is no objection to the continuation

of the use of the site as a market as it is considered to reflect its historic nature. “The market is considered to promote the overall vitality of the town

centre environment which in turn contributes to the character of the Burnham Conservation Area. “Therefore, the proposal may promote further visitors to the historic

town and may help to raise awareness of the importance of heritage protection.”

will celebrate everything beloved about high street shopping. Giving a platform for shoppers

to experience the advantages and benefits of shopping locally, the event aims to inspire shoppers to discover the incredible breadth of choice, value and service found only in local high street

and shopping centre stores. Love My Shop Day is not

just about price - it provides an opportunity for consumers to reconnect with local shops, discover the everyday amazing deals and products available ‘just down the road’ and interact face to face with a real person.


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