February 2019 Page 8 The ISE top 20?

With a couple of weeks to go before ISE 2019 opens its doors, most of the major ex- hibitors have revealed their plans. We pick the exhibits with the geatest potential.

LG to release rollable LFD this year

LG has announced its inten- tion to release a rollable 65- inch TV later in 2019. The chief benefit of rollable OLED is that it rolls away into a com- pact tube housed in a piece of furniture, rather like the pro- jection screens developed by Beamax and others a few years ago. Switched on the rolled- up screen rises out of the box, unrolling and achieving its full height in a few seconds. With the power turned off the he TV screen goes black and lowers back into its box Would rollable OLED with- stand commercial duty cycle? LG says the TV has been test-

ed to 50,000 rolls up or down. If you turned it on or off eight times a day, it would last 17 years. When not using it as a full TV display user can raise part of the screen as a digital hub. With six different modes - Music, Clock, Frame, Mood, Lighting, and Home dashboard – for example, users can take a quick glance for time and weather while displaying their most memorable photos on the screen. They can stream their favourite

playlist and adjust

their mood light to redesign a space.

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Page 14 Part 1: OLED on a ro11!

Every year we look at CES – the American Consumer Electronics Show – and ask: “Is there anything on show here that will impact on the professional market”?

New Digital Signage

Organisation to launch at ISE on Thursday February 7th in

The new Digital Signage Or- ganisation (DSO) will launch at ISE 2019. The organisation’s President

is Simon Jackson, LG’s 65-inch rollable OLED TV display is housed in a cabinet when not in use

Vice President, Strategic & Ver- tical Sales EMEA, NEC Display Solutions and previously Presi- dent of Digital Signage Feder- ation Europe (DSF-E). Joining him on the board are 2 previ- ous board members of DSF-E, Leif Liljebrunn (President and CEO of ZetaDisplay AB.) who joins as Vice President and Dirk Huelsermann (Manag- ing Partner of STRATACACHE Capital) who takes the role of Chairman. In addition, 2 new Vice Presidents have joined in Harry Horn (GM EMEA & VP Marketing Global of Scala Inc.) and Owen Ellis (Chairman, AV User Group). The DSO plans to make additional board member announcements at ISE. Simon Jackson, President of DSO commented “With our new organisation we have the ability to better serve the needs of the European Digital Signage com- munity. We have a strong board with representation across ven- dors, integration and end users as we intend to cover all areas of the industry.” The next DSO meeting will take place at the ISE in Am- sterdam, Holland at 4.00 pm

Room F002 and is open to all. At this meeting potential new members will be able to hear in more detail the plans for the future of DSO including mem- bership benefits and events planned.

New touch technology

supports mechanical controls Zytronic has launched its Hy- brid Touch technology, fully integrating touch and physi- cal controls into the sensor’s active

area. Zytronic’s hybrid

touch allows tactile buttons or mechanical dials to be in-

ufactures Hybrid Touch sensors with precisely machined aper- tures in the touch sensor locat- ed and shaped according to the system designers’ specifications, allowing their chosen dials or switches to be placed exactly

The direct channel to the industry

The new hybrid touch technology from Zytronic allows buttons or mechanical dials to be incorporated in and around the active touch- screen area

Simon Jackson, President of DSO commented: “I’m excited to an- nounce the start of a new journey for DSO and share our plans and visions at our ISE meeting. It will take some time to develop and realise all the ideas we have, and our members have a great chance to be part of that journey in helping shape our future for years to come.” your real-time ISE 2019 news source

A new feature will be appear- ing at some of the world’s ma- jor technology exhibitions from 2019, including ISE 2019.

scheduled and real-time com- munication

to show

delivers visitors

through their mobile devices. From the facility within a show, we can

record and stream digital video, record and distribute podcasts, manage social media and web- sites. For the complete story, turn to the back page of this issue

corporated in and around the active area of the projected capacitive touchscreen. These are connected invisibly through the viewable area of the screen. It is the first time that the two most used control technologies in the world have been closely integrated in this way. Ian Crosby, Sales and Market- ing Director of Zytronic, said: “Touch sensors offer enormous flexibility and reliability – but physical

controls offer much

greater tactile feedback which can be valuable in many sit- uations. We’ve brought these two different forms of control completely together blending tactile response with touch interactivity. For example, in- dustrial instruments are often operated with the user looking away from the screen. In game consoles, players appreciate having a physical ‘bash’ button to hit when placing a bet. Hy- brid Touch gives system devel- opers the best of both worlds.” Zytronic

designs and man-

where required. Zytronic then de- posits power and data lines to the mechanical controls embedded within the touch interface using the same proprietary approach as it uses to deposit the touch elec- trodes, ensuring that they are in- visible to the user of the system. These microfine traces are tak- en to a flex tail at the edge of the screen, where a connection can be implemented to the electro- mechanical controller. The sys- tem’s response to the mechanical control can be context sensitive – giving a very high degree of flex- ibility in user interface design. Sensor electrodes in the screen are deposited around the physi- cal holes required for the dial or the switches. Touches around the holes are processed by the touch controller in the usual way, but custom firmware in the controller is programmed to ignore the area of the holes themselves. Hybrid Touch is available only on the new Zytronic ZXY500 fam- ily of touch controllers.

See all three zoomrooms solutions in action


at ISE, Hall 5 – Stand U30

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