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With a year before the before ISE makes the big move to Barcelona, it is an increasingly diverse and desperate event as associated businesses start to appreciate the route to market and the crossover opportunities that mainstream AV offers. A comprehensive print preview is impossible, and AV News has introduced a series of new dig- ital services designed to better represent this epic show. Here, the best we can do is give you the inside track on what on what’s going on industry-wide.

1.Windows Collaboration Displays.

In August, Avocor had the hon- our introducing the first Win- dows collaboration displays featuring the world’s most ad- vanced touchscreen technolo- gies to enhance and accelerate teamwork. The new collabora- tion displays are ful- ly

compatible with

Windows 10 and de- liver the power and productivity of Mic- rosoft 365 at room scale. Most impor- tantly, they offer a first-ever single-ca- ble solution that solves the frustrating and often time-con- suming problem of connecting devices and people in meet- ings. The new Win- dows collaboration displays

make it simple for teams

to the

in a huddle space, across

by Avocor connect confer-

ence table or even across the globe, al- lowing them to work together

seamlessly and get

more done. The first Windows collaboration displays by Avocor will be shipped in December 2018. Windows collaboration dis- plays by Avocor address all these issues with simple, seamless and fast solutions. For example, Avocor and Microsoft worked together to create a single-cable solution that immediately and intelligently connects a Win- dows PC to the display. It allows for immediate control of the camera and mic for video and audio, as well as providing hard- wire Ethernet connection and power to the laptop. No more struggling with cycling through the source, searching through a sea of connection cables or ports, bringing power cables to meetings or struggling with Wi- Fi and passwords. What used to take 10 minutes and cause undue stress and distraction is now a seamless single-cable connection that takes seconds. Windows collaboration dis- plays designed and built by Avocor combine crisp 4K res- olution with 20-point touch to offer exceptionally responsive and pixel-perfect touch, pen and inking capabilities that en- able people to easily use all Mi- crosoft 365 collaboration tools – from Windows and Office to Microsoft Whiteboard and Mic- rosoft Teams – at room scale, all

es, meeting rooms, offices and more,” said Scott Hix, CEO Avo- cor. “The Windows collaboration displays by Avocor are intuitive and as easy to use as a tablet or touch-screen PC, perform flaw- lessly, and seamlessly enable the Microsoft 365 experience for ac- celerated collaboration.” Avocor’s Window’s Collabo- ration Displays are the fruit of just one partnership between the software giant and hardware makers; there will be others on display at ISE 2019. Maverick AV Solutions have announced that they will be representing several options.

Sharp alternative

Join Sharp at ISE (Hall 12, stand E100) for the global launch of Sharp’s first Windows Collabo- ration Display (WCD). Developed in partnership with Microsoft, the next generation interactive display with IoT sensors is said to be the first to be smart build- ing ready and is designed to support and improve team work. The 70” 4K interactive display for enterprise and SMB offices, which meets Microsoft WCD specifications, combines Sharp’s award-winning touch technology and sensors that can work with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins to monitor collaboration spaces. The Sharp WCD features an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor

P8 AV News Januaryr 2019

backed by the intelligent Azure cloud. Windows collaboration displays

by Avocor feature integrated AV with a premium conference cam- era,

stereo speakers, far-field

microphones, fine-tipped stylus with eraser, and will easily con- nect to any PC via a single Type C cable. The cable transmits 4K video, touch, USB control, internet and power for fast, frus- tration-free use. Smart switching makes multiple-user collabora- tion fast and simple. In addition to being teamwork devices, Win- dows collaboration displays from Avocor also include built-in sen- sors that connect to Azure Digital Twins, so facility managers can utilize the environmental data they collect to make real-time adjustments and future room and investment planning. “Avocor

and Microsoft are

working together to enhance collaboration in huddle spac-

unit to help monitor meeting environments. The sensors can feed data back to the Azure Dig- ital Twins platform to help facil- ities managers monitor meeting occupancy, air quality levels, ambient light, temperature and humidity. These advanced fea- tures are part of Microsoft’s vi- sion to bring the power of the intelligent cloud into the work- place, using a mix of AI, IoT, and productivity tools to create a more productive and collabo- rative environment. Businesses will be able to use this data to improve the management of heating, cooling and room book- ing systems based on how the space is really used.

Sharp’s stand will include several WCD’s set up for visitors to expe- rience different types of meeting and collaboration environments.

As well as the IoT solutions, the Sharp WCD has been de- signed to work with the famil- iar Microsoft tools that organ- isations will already be using across their workforce, for ex- ample, Office 365. Office 365 provides busi- nesses with a digital hub for teamwork through Micro- soft Teams, a platform that brings conver- sations, con- tent and tools together in one place for easier group collaboration. Birgit Jackson, Commercial Director Visual Solutions, said: “Sharp’s WCD is crucially easy to use and easy to connect to – you simply walk in, plug in and work

together – but it also monitors your environment and will help to make those conditions opti- mal. It’s the next evolution of the interactive display, the first to be smart-building ready and the first that explores the poten- tial of IoT to make our meeting rooms more productive places.” Sharp’s stand will include sev- eral WCD’s set up for visitors to experience different types of meeting and collaboration environments. For video con- ferencing, the display includes an integrated 4K camera, far field microphone and speakers, while USB-C provides simple single connection, reducing the amount of time spent setting up meeting equipment. Integrated wireless casting also makes it easy to share information from PCs, laptops, mobiles and tab- lets without the need for cables. The 70” interactive display also offers the ultimate collab- orative experience thanks to Sharp’s Pen-on-Paper experi- ence, an instant and accurate writing feel close to using a real pen on writing paper. The 30-Point

P-CAP Capacitive

Touch and 4 button active pen help to create this intuitive touch experience which means users feel more confident when presenting.

The Sharp WCD will be avail- able to buy in spring 2019.

2.One stop shops?

Over the couple of years or so, the industry has been divided by a debate over the potential benefits or otherwise of vendors serving as one stop shops, sell- ing everything from projectors to direct LED walls. The com- bined booth presented by Delta Electronics and its subsidiary Vivitek (SR60) marks both their 10th anniversary at ISE, and also their ten-year presence in Europe. Vivitek and Delta Dis- play Solutions will showcase a range of AV solutions, including new large format, display prod- ucts, new solutions in wireless

and Chromebooks - it further facilitates the Bring Your Own Device environment for added employee and workplace flexi- bility.

Rounding out the one stop capability will be Delta Dis- play Solutions’ FE Series, with its range of LED solutions for indoor and outdoor displays. Showcasing on a sample wall, Delta’s LED Wall Solutions de- liver excellent image quality and uniformity thanks to their fine pixel detail, whilst being highly reliable and durable. The LED Wall Solutions excel

Crystal LED display system to be showcased in Europe, as well as the unveiling of revolu- tionary new education solutions and the next-generation of workplace management tools. Damien Weissenburger, Head of Corporate & Education Solu- tions at Sony Professional Solutions Europe, comments on the company’s presence at the show: “We are thrilled to be returning to ISE 2019 to create solutions together with our cus- tomers and partners. Visitors to our stand 1-N20 will be able to interact with Sony’s latest inno-

Taking centre stage will be the Sony’s largest ever 8K x 4K Crystal LED display system to be showcased in Europe

collaboration and a broad range of visual solutions One of Vivitek’s ISE 2019 highlights will be a new laser projector

that boasts break-

through brightness levels us- ing single-chip DLP technol- ogy. It delivers a brightness performance only previously achievable when using tradi- tional 3-chip technology. Vi- vitek’s new flagship projector in the DU9000 series will use laser-phosphor illumination to provide

durability and colour

accuracy, while the projector also comes with a choice of op- tional lenses to provide instal- lation flexibility for any new or existing environment. Additionally, Vivitek will dis- play its full range of wireless collaborative NovoConnect Solutions that bring easy con- nectivity and facilitate coopera- tion for any boardroom, confer- ence and meeting rooms. New to ISE 2019, will be the all-in- one wireless collaboration sys- tems including the ever-pop- ular interactive NovoTouch panel range, which will also become available with a Ca- pacitive Touch high-accuracy touch function. An industry novelty will be a new projector with the NovoConnect solution embedded. This completes the range of all-in-one and stand- alone choices to retrofit or new- ly equip any meeting room with the best wireless access and collaboration. Vivitek will also demonstrate NovoTouch’s new LiveScreen function, a recently added fea- ture that provides the ability to connect up to five screens in different rooms. With the NovoConnect range delivering cross-platform compatibility – including support for Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Android, iOS

in high ambient light environ- ments, both capturing the au- dience's attention and making for a highly memorable viewing experience. Also showcased will be a 2 x 2 LCD wall with a narrow bezel of 0.9 mm, and a 3 x 3 LCD video wall. As these products demonstrate, Delta’s LCD video wall displays are an ideal solution for demanding, yet space-constrained control rooms. Delta’s LCD displays can be stacked together to achieve virtually any screen size.

Visitors to the joint Vivitek - Delta stand can also view and experience the perfor- mance of Delta’s video wall cubes in UHD 4K resolution and laser-phosphor technolo- gy designed for control room environments. Video source, camera, and content are in- creasingly in 4K, while Delta’s 4K monitoring map area can be up to four times wider than HD offerings - making it ideal for control rooms where detail is everything. Delta’s consider- able experience in video wall technologies ensures reliability and durability in many 24/7 applications and can be de- pended on to bring control to even the most challenging of events or environments. Sony is another, keen to demonstrate its multi-technol- ogy vision for both corporate and education environments. On stand (1-N20), Sony will be showing an innovative new stand design which will allow visitors to discover and expe- rience its full breadth of solu- tions for collaborative learning, workplace management and visual entertainment in an in- teractive environment. Taking centre stage will be the com- pany’s largest ever 8K x 4K

vations and see first-hand how our integrated solutions are rev- olutionising the ways that peo- ple collaborate, communicate and share content.”

“From our stunning Crystal

LED display system, represent- ing the future of displays, to new, innovative and powerful AV solutions, we look forward to the opportunity to engage part- ners to discuss and define how we are driving the future.” At ISE 2019, Sony will be exhibiting new education tech- nologies that are helping uni- versities transform the teaching experience. Sony has partnered with institutions including the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) and the Univer- sity of Bolton to help them cre- ate collaborative learning envi- ronments using Sony’s Vision Exchange, TEOS and UbiCast solutions. At the show, Sony will showcase customer case studies from the higher educa- tion sector, sharing knowledge and learnings from these cus- tomers, and demonstrating how its solutions can be implement- ed in a diverse set of education scenarios. Optoma clearly

has aspira-

tions to join the ‘one-stop club’ , it has announced it will return to ISE 2019 (stand 1-F90) to showcase its new QUAD series - an innovative all-in-one LED display solution. “This year at ISE we are emphasising Opto- ma’s industry leading position as a big-screen display man- ufacturer.” says Thierry Mil- let, Optoma EMEA Managing Director. “We will unveil the exciting new QUAD series all- in-one LED display technology, designed in conjunction with Cardtronics.

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