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analysis of the latest research conducted by Futurum*. Only 12% of businesses voiced their concerns of their ability to adapt to digital advancements over the next three years, de- spite 23.4% rating themselves as Digital Laggards.

1 in 4 businesses struggle

to adapt and thrive from tech- nology

disruption. 36.9% of companies view technology disruption as an opportunity to improve and grow as a busi- ness. In order to stay ahead of the competition, 50.4% of businesses reported having a proactive ‘opportunity-minded’ approach to new and emerging technologies. Interestingly, it was discov- ered that 1 in 4 businesses still struggle to keep up with the times and thrive from digital

disruption. Despite this, whilst weighing up the opportunity vs. threat of technological disrup- tion, 39.6% of businesses feel that it provides them with new opportunities to improve and grow as a company.

Savoy Stewart determined this was down to the companies’ ap- proach to technology adaption, with 24.4% surprisingly, ad- mitting to having no approach. Positively, 50.4% of business- es reported to have a proactive ‘opportunity-minded’ approach, ensuring they remain competi- tive and up to date. With 25.1% of business seemingly adopting a passive ‘wait and see’ approach, it is unsurprising that 30.7% of companies felt the impact of technological change over the past three years has made them

less competitive.

The window of opportunity to gain competitive advantage generally falls inside a window of three years. It is, therefore, critical for business leaders to understand the value of tech- nologically proactive leader- ship and operational agility. The faster a company can use technology disruption to their advantage, the more likely it is to surge ahead of its compet- itors.

*Futurum surveyed over 1,000

North American and asked and

Western European companies ranging from 50 to 50,000 employees


to share their thoughts about technology disruption and Dig- ital Transformation. (https://

Absen recently announced the launch of a nearly $1.5 million (RMB 10 million) MES pro- gram at a kick-off meeting with the attendance of top execu- tives from Mitsubish, SAP and Foreverwin. The program will help Absen drive deeper digi- tal transformation, improving manufacturing and manage- ment efficiency and reducing cost and carbon footprints. Aiming to make its factory fully digital, networked and intelligent, Absen joins hands with Mitsubishi, SAP and For- everwin to develop the MES solutions powered by cutting edge IT systems. The company chose the global top 500 enter- prise Mitsubishi for profession-

Absen invests in MES to embrace Industry 4.0 al management consultancy

service and the supervisory

control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, and selected SAP for software systems and Foreverwin as the solution ex- ecutor.

Mitsubishi’s advanced SCA- DA system delivers the best visualisation solutions to the automation market, helping to maintain efficiency, process data for smarter decisions, and communicate system issues to help mitigate downtime. Intelligent manufacturing will be developed on the basis of big data, said Zhang Jian, MES project manager of Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi will offer in-depth analysis report on Absen’s

Vestel reveals education plans for 2019

Since becoming the world’s largest producer of interactive flat panels, Vestel has been a driving force across the EMEA education

sector. With the mainstream the

launch of an extensive range of IFPDs, it has brought inter- active education technologies to


offering more value as well as greater ease of adoption and integration. Ahead of leading education technology show, BETT 2019, UK Head of Vestel Visual Solutions, Mark Dew, exclusively reveals what’s next for the technology giant.

manufacturing facility and a comprehensive plan for driving intelligent manufacturing. The plans and solutions will be car- ried out with the help of SAP, and Foreverwin, the expert in executing MES solutions. Absen boasts an industry-lead- ing LED display factory, Absen Manufacturing Base, which features the world’s most ad- vanced automated product lines of LED panels. The annu- al production capacity of LED panels reaches up to 300,000 square meters. The manufac- turing facility is capable of producing LED displays zoning to indoor fixed and narrow pixel pitch products, outdoor prod- ucts and rental products.

PC-free education displays “2019 is set to be a year of opportunity, with schools, academies and universities of every size and budget now more open to updating their screen technologies. With limited in-house IT resource to rely on, educational estab- lishments are starting to rec- ognise the value of cost-effi- cient PC-less and server-less solutions, which require no additional training to use.” “This is especially the case

now, as many are turning to

cloud-based systems to

keep their data more secure. We’re staying ahead of the trend with our IFM Series of 55”/65”/75”/86” 4K and Full HD interactive flat pan- el displays. For an out of the box user experience, these displays come with built-in tablet-like functionality, pro-

Absen boasts an industry-leading LED display factory, Absen Manufacturing Base, which features the world’s most advanced automated product lines of LED panels.

Signagelive has announced a new strategic partner PosterMy- Wall which allows its customers to create promotional graphics and videos without needing any design skills. Thousands of tem- plates can be used for restau- rants, retail, corporate, events and bars within Signagelive which can be customised with- in minutes. Edit designs for free and have them appear automat- ically on signage screens. Use your choice of quality visuals to advertise and promote sales and discounts and show engaging and attention-grabbing videos. PosterMyWall can be easily add- ed to your Signagelive platform. Signagelive and PosterMyWall are working together to provide digital signage solutions to Val- ue Added Resellers and their customers. “PosterMyWall, with its 70,000-template arsenal, is proud to partner with Signage- live’s cloud-based signage plat-

viding Quadcore System-on- Chip technology as well as OPS compatibility with both Win- dows and Android PC modules to suit a greater variety of soft- ware. As a partner of Microsoft, we can even offer Windows 10 pre-installed in our hardware.” Built-in Android OS We’ll also be making it easier

for schools to access and even customize a greater variety of educational content with an open source platform solution. In the coming months, Vestel will be launching a series of interactive flat panel displays with Android on board. Tap- ping into multiple needs, these displays will not only offer a greater number of free-to-ac- cess applications, but also an annotation tool, which requires no configuration to use, work- ing across any application. Video for educational content Whether it’s to playback ed- ucational content. or hold a video conference with students and teachers from around the globe, we know that video is starting to become a funda- mental part of lesson plans. This trend is influencing the way we design our screens, inspiring us to ensure that we offer 4K picture clarity as well as enhanced audio with more powerful front-facing speak- ers for our new, forthcoming series of interactive flat panel displays. To showcase projects, our displays will also be daisy chainable, enabling students

Together PosterMyWall and Signagelive are a natural fit, offering businesses of all types the ability to launch custom vid- eos and images to their signs in a matter of minutes,” said Jaffer Haider, Founder/CEO, of Poster- MyWall

and teachers to create larger videowalls for presentations, assemblies and open days. Natural writing experience As students are now so conversant with screen tech- nologies, there is mounting pressure for educational es- tablishments to keep up and offer an increasingly intuitive and seamless user experience. That’s why it’s important for us to

support more natural and fluid on-screen writing with ranges, such as our IFM Series, which are designed to provide faster response times of between 5-10ms. Our 65” projective capacitive 20-point multi-touch display further enhances touch and written accuracy, recognizing intend- ed from unintended inputs. In fact, you can even rest the palm of your hand on the screen as you write. BETT 2019

“At BETT this year, we’ll be showcasing all our new edu- cation displays. We’ll also be building on the exceptional value for which we’re known with the launch of a new promotion. Until the end of Quarter 1, we’ll be offering class-leading educational soft- ware, Oktopus, entirely free of charge, with orders of 5 inter- active flat panel displays or more.”

PosterMyWall adds content creation tor Signagelive form.

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