Business opportunities Clevertouch celebrates 10th anniversary

For those of you that missed our preview of the BETT show in our December issue, don’t worry - you can still read it online at: https:// html?origin=reader . What follows is the latest announcements about the show and developments in edtech and its application.

A show like BETT is important every year, but for some exhib- itors BETT 2019 las a special significance. Clevertouch we’ll be celebrating their 10 their tenth anniversary at BETT from Stand C280, as the company celebrates the 10th anniversary since the launch of its flagship touchscreen. Remember the BETT 2009? The revolutionary teaching aid was unveiled as a pioneering new technology at BETT 2009, the world's first in-

The newly launched Clever- touch Academy is an online hub packed full of tutorials, lesson plans, and detailed downloads. Designed for teachers, it gives them everything they need at their fingertips to help them get the most from their Clever- touch. To mark the Academy's launch at BETT, Clevertouch has lined up a full programme of entertaining and knowledge- able speakers, covering a range of hot education topics in ‘bite- sized' formats. Speakers in- clude:

Dr Ed Tse and education spe- cialist from Nuiteq, who will be

teractive touchscreen display. It took the market by storm. Now the incumbent front-of- class technology in schools around the world, Clevertouch is STILL the market leading interactive touchscreen in ed- ucation. A “must visit” on the stand circuit when planning your day, Clevertouch is pull- ing out all the stops at BETT 2019. Here are just a few of the activities you can enjoy:

Clevertouch Academy ‘bite-sized' seminar

giving tips on how to engage learners with YouTube linked lesson Sue Cook, a Clevertouch expert and former teacher, will be demonstrating how teachers can quickly and easily create immersive lessons that com- bine all the elements required for 21st century learning There'll also be sessions from teachers who are using the Clevertouch in their own class- rooms - giving their unique insights, tips and advice. Ses- sions will take place on the Clevertouch stand C280 from 11 a m to 4 pm.

Research Professional AV channel flat panel display grows

It comes as no real surprise that the flat panel display market is growing in professional AV ap- plications. Growth is attributed to models with 24/7 capability, 4K UHD resolution and larger screen sizes.

PMA, the has published their latest sell-through tracking re- port on large-format (32” and larger) flat panel displays be- ing sold by leading U.S. pro AV dealers and systems integrators who serve commercial markets. Despite recent softer sales,

year-to-date unit volume and revenues for flat panel display sales through the Pro AV chan- nel were up by double digits in 2018, with unit sales tracking ahead 15% and revenues ris- ing 14%, when compared with November 2017 year-to-date figures.

This marks the fourth

straight year of positive year-to- date growth for flat panel dis- play sales through the Pro AV channel. PMA’s most recent Flat Panel Reseller Tracking Service report

for November, showed certain product segments continued their year-long trends and sub- stantially contributed to this growth. Sales of models featur- ing 24/7 capability as well as sales of 98” displays have both more than tripled year-over- year. In addition, models with 4K UHD resolution continue on an upward sales trajectory and represented 57% of the total unit volume and 63% of the revenues in November 2018.

Breaking news

Flat panel display November year-to-date unit sales growth through the pro-AV channel (source: PMA).

Complete Classroom Solution demonstrations Clevertouch

experts will be

available all day to give one- to-one demonstrations of ‘The Complete Classroom' solution on Clevertouch. They will show you how you cans end mes- sages, alerts and content to screens remotely with the new Clever Message App to all, in- dividual or groups of screens. Central office can create dai- ly alerts, announcements and even stream live videos anno- tate and build inspiring les- sons, whilst enabling students to interact with content and collaborate

in the classroom

access and save files to their cloud-based drives such as Google or MS One Drive, con- nect up to 50 devices to the Clevertouch display, with the

presenter choosing four devices to display on-screen at any one time. Create interactive activi- ties for your class in Snowflake Multiteach software or join the online lessons community to download activities that oth- ers have created. Access over 100 free specialist education apps, in all subjects for all age groups, and in a variety of lan- guages To top it all Clevertouch has ordered a giant cake in the shape of a Clevertouch touch- screen to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Visit Clevertouch on stand C280 to join the cel- ebrations at 4 pm on Thursday 24th January for the official cutting ceremony, a piece of cake and a glass of bubbly.

Miracast support for Mersive Solstice

Mersive has confirmed that Miracast-enabled Windows and Android devices can now wire- lessly share content to Mersive Solstice Pods using the Mira- cast streaming protocol without the Solstice app.

Support for Miracast, along- side Apple's AirPlay, enables native screen sharing capabili- ties for all major operating sys- tems, including Windows, An- droid, iOS, and MacOS. Guests and other occasional users. who do not have the Solstice app in- stalled. can quickly and easily share content in meetings and learning sessions, with the Sol- stice app available for the full Solstice experience.

Users also benefit from the second screen and confidence monitor features included in the Miracast protocol. Check

out the Miracast support over- view video for more information as well as a preview of what else is included with the latest 3.5 release.

All new Solstice Pods ship with software version 3.5, and existing Pods with current software maintenance, can up- grade to version 3.5.

RMG networks introduces SYMON

RMG is introducing the new SYMON look and feel this week through a special holiday greet- ing to all its loyal clients. The company augmented the SY- MON business in 2017 with the launch of Korbyt, a cloud- based digital communications platform. RMG now boasts a scalable, easy-to-use visual enterprise platform alongside SYMON, its powerful heritage on-premise solution.

RMG Networks (RMG), global leader in technology-driven visu- al communications is bringing back the SYMON™ brand with a fresh, new look for its heritage clients and partners, just in time for the new year. SYMON has long been known as an industry leader in digital signage software and media players, delivering real-time data visualisation solutions. SY-

MON made its name within the contact centre space nearly 40 years ago with LED boards that promoted timely KPIs and news content for call centre agents. Today, SYMON is responsible for running digital communications for more than 1,000 organisa- tions worldwide, representing the most iconic brands in their respective industries. “Bringing

back the SYMON

name with full-force pride was a natural business decision as soon as we became a private company in September this year, says Jerry Rosen, RMG’s chief revenue

officer. “The SYMON brand has tremendous equity and emits a personality that is tested and trusted by more than 50% of the Fortune 100. We have a number of wonderful cli- ents who use the title ‘SYMON Manager’ in their organisations.

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