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notes, participants can share content directly from the display via email, printing or USB. The Flip’s portable, wheel-based stand empowers anyone to start a meeting anywhere, anytime. This helps to elevate any person- al office or available room into a fully-functional huddle space. Through the Flip's broad connectivity, Flip Capture lets you and your team share and make notations within a variety of content files, all maintained at optimal visual quality. Conversations can easily be saved within the display's central storage and then shared with colleagues through mobile and digital channels. Additionally, Flip Protection helps to ensure that your game-changing ideas re- main confidential through a reinforced data security system. Each in-office team can set a unique numeric password to lock the dis- play and remove critical content from view.

Featuring a versatile pivot mode and ergonomic stand, each Flip interactive display can configure to a portrait or landscape orien- tation to match collaborative needs. Additionally, the Flip can tilt 4.5° when in portrait mode for a more natural writing angle. Flip Navigation provides an intuitive, user-friendly menu that simplifies navigation and reduces the time required to access controls or view content in its entirety. Facilitators can also preview individual content pages and make instant changes directly on the screen.

Vivitek NovoTouch

In line with Vivitek’s strategy to offer a visual solution for meet- ing rooms or huddle spaces of all sizes and in all locations, they offer the NovoTouch Flat Panel Displays that allow users to en- gage employees in team collaboration via large displays and in- teractive technology. With 20-point touch capabilities, a suite of office productivity Apps, and Vivitek’s NovoConnect collaboration software, users can actively engage with presentation materials to bring meetings, brainstorming or training sessions alive.Its built-in NovoConnect collaboration software allows for up to 64 users to connect wirelessly and display up to 4 screens simultaneously on the large format display. With on-screen annotation, mark up and wireless file sharing, NovoTouch offers a complete collaborative solution to engage all participants in the meeting and improve meeting efficiency and productivity at the same time. With a range comprising of 65”, 75”, 86”, and 98” panels, with each offering a rich feature set. The new iFPD screens are avail- able in Ultra HD 4K, delivering outstanding detail and stunning visuals. It includes a suite of office productivity Apps, such as a whiteboard App, an Office document and PDF viewer, a screen recorder App, and its on-screen mark-up capability, making it ide- al for office environment. Its built-in digital signage application (NovoDS) provides a new dimension for users to configure and use this product beyond conducting meetings.

Collaboration Innovation of the year CTOUCH Leddura 2MEET

Leddura 2Meet is developed to make collaboration more acces- sible and more interactive in any meeting room. Everything you need for an effective meeting comes together in 1 system: wireless content sharing, whiteboarding, video conferencing with Skype for Business, and direct insight into the availability of meeting rooms. Most companies use Skype for Business for video conferencing. The Leddura 2Meet touchscreen is specifically designed to inte- grate seamlessly with Skype for Business. This makes using our touchscreens easy and trustworthy. The touch functionality allows simple and interactive editing of documents and content during meetings. Whether you want to call with Skype for Business users, H323 devices, or phone numbers: video conferencing with col- leagues around the world has never been so easy. Simply start the whiteboarding feature with one press of the but- ton. Everyone in the meeting can simultaneously write, annotate, share files and add new pages. Everything works perfectly with Office 365, and furthermore, you can easily call up a web browser or install your company apps. Schedule a meeting in Outlook, then go to the meeting room and start the meeting with 1 press of the button. Is there a meeting room free? You can also easily make a reservation from the screen. Did you forget to cancel a meeting? No problem, if the room is not being used, Leddura 2Meet will re- lease it automatically after 15 minutes. The 2Meet also works well with existing Microsoft Exchange-based room-booking systems. Leddura 2Meet works with an open architecture that works with

the most common infrastructures, such as Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business and SharePoint:

Logitech MeetUp

Logitech MeetUp is a premier all-in-one conference camera that includes a speaker, microphone and 120-degree field of view 4K camera. It is a plug and play USB-based solution designed for huddle rooms with enterprise-quality audio and video, with mini- mal cabling. Built from the ground up for huddle rooms, MeetUp is a game-changing solution that offers great simplicity, allowing companies of any size to scale video conferencing across huddle rooms at an affordable price. Here are five reasons why this prod- uct deserves to win the Video Collaboration award: MeetUp is one of the most innovative offerings for the huddle room on the market. MeetUp is the first ConferenceCam that ef- fectively combines a 120-degree FOV (field of view) 4k camera

P14 AV News January 2019

with integrated audio and a 13-megapixel sensor. In addition, the product boasts three horizontally aimed beamforming mics and a custom tuned speaker. The product also offers excellent audio capabilities, with an additional expansion mic, which extends the audio range from 8ft - 12ft. Combining these has resulted in a sleek all-in-one device that packs a punch in the huddle room.

Mersive Solstice

Mersive’s Solstice wireless collaboration solution boosts produc- tivity by putting content at the center of the meeting experience. Building on the success of its core wireless collaboration solution, Mersive is leveraging Solstice as a platform to continue expanding its offerings to improve the meeting experience. With the recent addition of Kepler, our meeting room monitoring and analytics solution; digital signage capabilities; native screen mirroring sup- port for all major operating systems; and Spoken Screen Key that assists the visually impaired by speaking the screen key when a user connects; Mersive is leading the way in revolutionizing wire- less collaboration in the meeting space.

Mersive Solstice is leading the way to revolutionizing how wire- less collaboration solutions interact with and support meeting re- quirements. The inclusion of Miracast support for native streaming makes Solstice a leader in content sharing capabilities by allow- ing anyone to share content regardless of operating system or de- vice type. Solstice’s meeting analytics tool, Kepler, goes above and beyond other monitoring tools by gathering data like meeting length, room usage and meeting peak times to help technology and facilities managers make data-driven planning and budgeting decisions. Solstice’s digital signage capabilities turns any display screen into both a collaboration tool as well as a digital sign with the ability to playback HTML content from a designated URL be- tween meetings. This makes digital signage an affordable option in every meeting space in a building including the smallest huddle rooms.

sqm LED floor, various light installations, such as light ceiling and light arcs provide over 78,000 pixels coupled with the highest quality sound and lighting technology made the prototype tangi- ble. Kinetic installations included a turntable and two drop gates, centrally controlled by the show director. The physical and digital came together in a truly impressive show that gradually released the individual elements of the car and segments of the showroom. All the more impressive due to the space constraints of building in flying airplane!

NEC Royal Opera House ‘Open Up’ Project

The Royal Opera House ‘Open Up’ project aims to attract new visitors, enabling opera and ballet to be experienced by everyone. By physically ‘opening up’ the venue through architectural devel- opments, incorporating new technologies and offering a broader spectrum of events and attractions, the ROH is widening its ap- peal. Partnering with NEC Display Solutions, the ROH brings to life its modern and inclusive approach through a range of visual technologies including large format displays and projection solu- tions. The striking showpiece is a 28.5sqm 90-degree curved LED screen shining out onto the world-famous Covent Garden Piazza.

technologies including LED, LCD and Projection; NEC was chosen to be the Display Technology Partner for the ROH to specify and install the perfect fit solution across a variety of applications with- in the venue. The NEC global strap line ‘Orchestrating a Brighter Future’ neatly resonates with the goals and objectives of the ROH and the Open Up project.

Designed in the 1850s, transforming the historic building into ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP7560

Founded in California in 1987 and celebrating its 31st anniversa- ry, ViewSonic is a leading global provider of visual solution prod- ucts. ViewSonic aims to keep the world connected with a portfolio of products that enhance the way we compute, collaborate, com- municate and connect. The ViewBoard IFP7560 is a 75-inch 4K interactive touch panel designed to be an intuitive collaborative platform for teachers and professionals – embedded with a range of features to help bring curriculums and group discussions to life. Designed to improve the impact of group activities and audi- ence engagement in presentation environments, the ViewBoard IFP7560 allows up to 20 users to simultaneously write or draw on the display - bolstered by the accurate InGlass touch screen ex- perience. To cater for its 75-inch screen, the display has a native 4K resolution that provides an immersive viewing experience and enables people to learn via the use of multimedia content. Featuring ViewSonic’s proprietary Cast and myViewBoard soft- ware, the ViewBoard enables content to be wirelessly shared and annotated from mobile devices, tablets and laptops – improving one-on-one interaction and group discussion. Content can be shared via the Cloud using the built-in Google Drive function, while presentations can be recorded and accessed remotely at a later date. ViewSonic does not charge additional subscription fees to use the freely scalable software – allowing an unlimited number of users to benefit.

AV Project of the Year (Live Events) Macom

BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight

An airworthy showroom in a Boeing 777F for the worldwide pre- sentation of the new BMW Vision iNEXT prototype - an event over five days (98 hours) and four destinations on three continents: BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight presented the new BMW Vision iNEXT to more than 300 international press representatives in Mu- nich, New York, San Francisco and Beijing. The showroom with its outstanding AV technology and the prototype of the BMW Vision iNEXT was installed directly in the belly of the Boeing 777F. Ten hours after landing at each location, the press show began, and just four hours after the end of the show, the Boeing took off again to reach the next station.

Installed in the Boeing were, soft edge projections, approx. 40

a venue to appeal to today’s audiences was not without its chal- lenges. Harnessing the latest technology whilst preserving the architectural heritage is a major achievement in this landmark de- ployment. Now a venue where you can experience the arts without even having to buy a ticket, visitors are invited to relax in the new café, restaurant and bar areas where visual stimulation serves to enhance the experience.

Samsung 360° LED Scoreboard at Atlanta Hawks’ State Farm Arena

Samsung installed the first continuous, 360-degree video screen with HD-quality, 6 mm LED video display in NBA history. The Atlanta-based State Farm arena is now equipped with new vid- eoboards, featuring 12,000 square feet of Samsung SMART LED Signage. This renovation was the second-largest in NBA histo- ry, and on October 20, 2018 the arena welcomed approximately 10,000 people to view the screen. Fans will be immersed in stun- ning video displays no matter where they are seated in the bowl. The high-definition video will enhance the in-game experience for Hawks fans, and make every fan feel like they are sitting in the first row.

The centre-hung videoboard includes a massive 4,477 square feet of high-definition video display, offering true-to-life colours and dynamic details with 6 mm pixel pitch. With Samsung’s LED display technology, 4 displays are seamlessly connected with curved edge displays making it the first 360-degree LED screen in NBA history. The centre-hung structure features two additional displays mounted in its interior. Measuring 20 feet wide by 9 feet high, these displays offer an additional 360 square feet of active video viewing area. With more than 30.42 million individual LED pixels, these displays deliver crisp, clear content throughout the arena. Incorporating these displays ensures that this iconic ven- ue is well positioned to keep up with the rapidly evolving sports entertainment industry. More than 20 LED displays have been installed throughout the arena, for a total of 12,047 square feet

Winners’ Presentation

Winners of AV News Awards will be announced at in rooms G106/G107 at ISE 2019, RAI Amsterdam at 8.30 on the 5th February. The presentation event is invitation only. Invitations are available only from Award sponsors or the organisers office from The event will also be live- streamed. Find details of the player from or my-

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