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AV Display Innovation of the Year Avocor Windows Collaboration Displays

In June 2018, Avocor and Microsoft announced a new catego- ry of teamwork devices: Windows collaboration displays. These large, interactive displays will let people experience Microsoft 365 collaboration tools: Office, Teams and Whiteboard at room scale, and include built-in sensors that can connect to Azure IoT spa- tial intelligence capabilities. This incredible technology will allow facility managers to utilise environmental data to make real-time decisions, enabling greater control and ultimately efficiency in the meeting space. Working closely in partnership with Microsoft, Av- ocor are the first-to-market with innovative, intuitive displays that deliver a simple, fast and seamless solution that finally enables workplace collaboration to reach its peak potential. Windows collaboration displays by Avocor address common workplace issues such as the frustrating and often time-consum- ing problem of connecting devices and people in meetings with a simple, seamless and fast solution. Avocor and Microsoft have created a single-cable solution that immediately and intelligently connects a Windows 10 PC to the display. It allows for immediate control of the camera and mic for video and audio, as well as providing hard-wire Ethernet connection and power to the laptop. No more struggling with cycling through the source, searching through a sea of connection cables or ports, bringing power cables to meetings or struggling with WiFi and passwords. What used to take 10 minutes and cause undue stress and distraction is now a seamless single-cable connection that takes seconds.

of the store, as opposed to an addition that ties up valuable space. The OMN-D series features a double-sided screen, with each side adjusted for the environments in which it is utilized. It can be easily mounted on a stand or hung from a ceiling, giving retailers more options for positioning. It maximizes operation efficiency by offering retailers more room to market themselves to potential cus- tomers on both sides with one display. The OMN series will deliver vivid and crisp contents to viewers with its excellent visibility ― even in direct sunlight ― through high brightness of 4,000 nit and high contrast ratio of 5,000:1. OMN-D series presents 3,000 nit brightness on the window-facing side to help maintain picture in- tegrity regardless of sunlight while the in-store side feature 1,000 nit, delivering information clearly.

Digital Signage Innovation of the year Peerless-AV Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Display

Peerless-AV’s Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Display offers the high- est environmental rating in its class and the widest operating tem- perature range in the industry. The capabilities of this fully-sealed, weatherproof commercial display are currently unmatched, mak- ing it one of the most hotly anticipated Digital Signage technol- ogies of the past 12 months. Since June 2018, more than 400 units have already sold around the world to a wide variety of cus- tomers, including major international airports, universities, race tracks, advertising companies and ski resorts.

A fundamental feature of the new Xtreme is optical bonding, a process used in the manufacturing of outdoor displays that accom- plishes multiple feats. Firstly, as mentioned above, optical bond-

technology optimizes the brightness levels with the peak bright- ness of 4,000nit and produces pristine colours and images to de- liver pictures as intended by creators. By applying Local Dimming and Quantum Light Control, BLU (Back Light Unit) with highly concentrated light, 8K QLED Signage has enhanced black colour presentation and widened viewing angle.8K QLED Signage’s slim design, with the depth of less than 40 mm, provides hassle-free installation by adopting slim wide-angle lens.

SedaoLive CLOUD

Sedao Digital Signage was established in 2004. In 2017 the company was acquired by Sahara Presentations Group who re- tained the services of founder and developer David Oades as Group Head of Product Development and Helen Kenniff as Product Mar- keting Manager. SedaoLive CLOUD is the only digital signage solu- tion on the market to offer a complete digital communications solution across enterprise, education, retail and hospitality sector industries. With the ability to integrate with any large format dis- play screen, Sedao dedicated RoomXchange room booking, and all Clevertouch interactive flat panel displays, SedaoLive CLOUD is unique in the marketplace.

SedaoLive CLOUD offers a range of features and capabilities like no other on the market. It is the only solution to integrate with LFD's, room booking and collaborative panels making it a complete offering for multiple industry sectors. This simple to use platform, easy to follow training videos and professional templates to 'rebrand' opens up digital signage to everyday users. Triggers - virtual buttons, physical buttons and QR codes - enable users the ability to hand control of screens to the audience for maximising engagement and satisfying viewer interaction demands.

Clevertouch Pro Series

Feature-rich and designed for a secure networked environment, Pro Series was the first touchscreen developed specifically for Enterprise, that’s been shaped by the customers it serves. An all-in-one interactive touchscreen for meeting rooms, auditori- ums, receptions or breakout spaces, it’s a highly versatile display. The central hub within an evolving workspace; it’s an essential workplace tool that integrates and connects with other devices and network functions across an organisation. Connecting mul- tiple users on a common platform, Pro Series supports Unified Communications and BYOD, WebEx, Skype for Business, Zoom, STAGE and other video conferencing solutions that enables teams to collaborate better.

Seamless integration into any environment is a key consider- ation for new enterprise technology solutions. The Clevertouch open platform approach allows for seamless integration with ex- isting technology and software without compromising the security needs of a user organisation. At Clevertouch, we don’t think our enterprise users should work around their interactive collaboration display - it should operate the way they need it to. Every Pro Series system can be designed to fit our customers’ unique networking and security requirements. To that end, Pro Series can be run in either tablet or PC mode with locked down settings that can be controlled by IT and system managers using the Clevertouch Re- mote Management software. Completely free to use, the Remote Management tool can be accessed be anywhere in the world to run diagnostics and shutdown displays if required. It has built in dual Wi-Fi, integrated networking and IP control, giving users the abili- ty to choose the appropriate security set-up for their organisation.

Samsung OMN Series

Samsung OMN and OMN-D series, its brand new semi-outdoor displays available in 46 and 55-inch, are designed with a store- front window display in mind and capture viewers’ minds with comprehensive innovation. Brilliant, vibrant images with superior picture quality, high brightness, and contrast ratio are packed in a slim and neat design. OMN-D series, dual-sided semi-outdoor display, especially enlivens the store, both in window fronts and indoors, bringing more freedom in space and boosting efficiency. Along with enhanced energy efficiency and IP5x validation, it pro- vides 3 step protection system with its own embedded solution, MagicINFO 6 solution powered by Tizen 4.0. Samsung OMN and OMN-D series presents modern and innova-

tive design in both 46 and 55-inch sizes. OMN series has remark- ably slim design with 54.5 mm depth, nearly half of conventional products. Its compact size makes the display a natural extension

Vestel Digital Signage

ing significantly increases image contrast by eliminating the air gap between the panel and the safety glass. Secondly, it reduces glare and reflection through the adhesive gel inserted between the protective glass and the screen to dramatically improve the read- ability of the display in direct sunlight. Thirdly, this adhesive layer prevents entry of moisture and formation of condensation.

Samsung 8K QLED Signage

Available in an 82-inch model, the new QLED Signage combines the market’s highest resolution with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that optimizes content for 8K presentation—producing truly lifelike images and enabling users to enjoy much more im- mersive viewing experiences with 4,000 nit peak brightness. An 8K QLED Signage features a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, which means roughly 8,000 pixels are packed into each horizontal line of the screen. At this level of pixel density, the individual pixels composing an image become imperceptible to the human eye—even when viewed up close. 8K QLED Signage features Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Processor 8K. For contents providers, Samsung’s proprietary 8K AI Upscaling technology based on machine learning transforms picture quality to a level compatible with 8K regardless of the original source quality or format. HDR (High Dynamic Range) 10+

Towards the end of last year, Vestel revealed new display, including a stunning new PCAP model. In a number of solutions jointly de- veloped with Intel, using the latter’s Unite technology. This allows the user to control any display from any other connected display. Intel demonstrated a variety of possible use cases, including op- tions for pairing its NUC and OPS platforms. Use of Intel’s vPro certified technologies will provide reassurance for uses tasked with mission-critical and compute-intensive applications used in cor- porate and organisational applications. Vestel has announced cloud collaboration and digital signage solutions for the mainstream market. Designed with an Intel Core vPro processor-based hub, Vestel 55/65/75/84” interactive flat panel displays offer a wireless connection to Intel Unite, a content sharing software that ensures flexible and fuss-free screen sharing. Requiring no additional devices, licensing or training to use, this solution lowers the total cost of ownership, enabling businesses of every size to ensure better communication, transparency and co-operation between different departments, offices and third-par- ty partners.

Supporting wireless screen sharing across a variety of different devices and operating systems, this solution overcomes the chal- lenge of lack of interoperability, providing a content-sharing plat- form that works in mixed technology environments. Delivering a flexible collaboration platform, right out of the box, it saves busi- ness owners the trouble and expense of having to standardise the various devices and operating systems that are so often used, even within the same company.

Presentation Innovation of the year Samsung

The Samsung Flip

Samsung’s interactive digital flip chart, the Flip, enables inter- active meetings and creates a more productive working session with its state-of-the-art design and intuitive technology. Its UHD display empowers simultaneous on-screen notation and content sharing, facilitating more engaged and involved discussions. The display’s wheel-based stand transforms any office location into a huddle space, with portrait and landscape orientations available to suit all needs. In lieu of taking photos or writing

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