favourite, Bridie the Tea Lady, demonstrating stilt-walking at its very best. While the Santa Claws

will be singing Christmas carols such as ‘Stray in a Manger’, ‘We Three Cats’ and ‘Ding Dong Tabilly on High’ as the tenacious tabbies perform in bins overflowing with unwanted toys, pullovers and hidden Brussels sprouts. Ot h e r a c t s o n t h e

entertainment schedule include the sparkling Optioscopes plus Rubella, Salmonella and But tons bringing a bit of panto to the day. Alos there will be four

busking points spread out across the market featuring a rock choir, an exciting swing band and local resident DJ Boots spinning the decks, to name but a few of the music acts. Cl l r A n d r ew J o n e s

announcing the event said: “Come down and enjoy the North End Road Christmas Market. Our popular traffic- free markets have helped boost our local high streets as we strive to make H&F the best place to live, work and play in Europe.”

You will be nabbed

‘The Chat ’ somet imes wonders why i t bothers printing stories about the pretty well stone bonkers certainty that working snide on London’s gaffs is going to end in tears. Particularly if you are trying to pass off

Chanel, say, from a street trading pitch. The latest to be clobbered

was Ilford based Bablu Pathan who was found in possession of 233 necklaces, brooches and pairs of earrings bearing luxury brand names such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Michael Kors – on Barking market The counterfeit haul was

seized by Trading Standards officers during a routine inspection of the market in December last year. Had the items been genuine, they would have had a retail price tag in excess of £40,000. He pleaded guilty to five

trade mark of fences at Barkingside Magistrates Court on Friday 23 November and was ordered to pay a £669 fine, £1,000 costs and £45 victim surcharge. The only other inevitability

of such cases is the statement put out by the council after sentencing. This t ime the counci l

spokesman said: “Selling fake products is not a victimless crime. Just because it has the logo of a well-known brand on it doesn’t mean it is made of the same quality or meet the same safety standards. “While cheap knock-offs

might seem like a bargain for your back pocket, there could be dangers as well as disappointment.” Well yes – though whether

anybody seriously thinks they can buy a legitimate Christian Dior item at a market price on

a market is – shall we say – a moot point. The moral, though, is try it

in London and especially in some boroughs and you will be caught. Just as if a nipper under eighteen comes in trying to buy a knife chances are it’s a sting. It usually comes to about

two grand as well. Just think on...

New plans for Enfield

Enfield Council has submitted an ambitious outline bid to Transport for London’s Liveable Neighbourhoods Progr amme whi ch, i f successful, will form part of the large-scale regeneration of Enfield Town including of course the market. It ’s al l part of Enfield

Council’s plan to revitalise all its major town centres, improving connections and creating vibrant and beautiful places that residents want to spend time in. The Council will be working with local communities and traders over the next few months to help shape this vision that’s in line with the Enfield Town Masterplan. The plans, which are

currently at the conceptual stage, outline a visionary proposal for an ambitious programme of works that would encourage walking, cycl ing and the wider use of public transpor t . They are also part of the Council’s drive to explore opportunities which can

Enfield Market is ranged round an attractive bandstand

attract external investment into the borough. Whatever the outcome,

in Spring 2019 Enf ield Council will kick off a fresh conversation into how best to make Enfield Town a key destination, whilst facilitating safe travel for all. Enfield residents will be encouraged to share their thoughts and views, whilst businesses will have an opportunity to help shape the proposals. Organisat ions, such as Enfield Disability Action, will also be invited to contribute, helping to ensure that we create a truly accessible town centre for everyone. Councillor Nesil Caliskan,

said the plan: “Demonstrates our ongoing commitment to transform Enf ield for the benefit of everyone. By working together in a constructive way, we have an opportunity to create a vibrant major town centre, whilst respecting the town’s unique character.” And on the successful

market he promised: “Any vision for the Town should be shared with local residents, the market and the traders. If additional investment is brought forward, this will not only benefit Enfield Town. It will also enable us to expand our Transport for London funded neighbourhood

improvement work to further areas across the borough. “Everyone wants to see

our town centre flourish, but it is crucial for us to listen to a wide range of views if the plans are to evolve for everyone’s benefit. “This is a great opportunity

for everyone who cares about Enfield Town to work together, in the best interests of its long-term future.” Transport for London is

expected to receive funding reques t s for Li veable Neighbourhoods f rom across London, wi th an announcement on successful bidders from the first round scheduled for March 2019.


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