MARKET TRADER, DECEMBER 21, 2018 - JANUARY 3, 2019 Anger over trial layout

Angry traders in a West Yorkshire town are calling on the local authority to re-think a trial reorganisation that has seen stall numbers significantly cut. The experiment at Castleford’s outdoor market has

reduced the number of pitches from 54 to 38, while traders are being forced to face their stalls onto what they say is the quieter side of the town’s Carlton Street. Brought in last month, the trial has prompted some

Clampdown likely on car boot sales Louth, one of East Lindsey District Council’s historic markets

A council in Lincolnshire is blaming the proliferation of car boot sales for the decline of traditional markets in its region, local media has reported. Members of East Lindsey District Council’s Overview Committee were given an update on a series of draft recommendations made by the Markets Scrutiny Panel, which included the creation of a five-year plan and further enforcement of regulations. Cllr Ros Jackson told councillors: “Markets are very important, not only as economic benefits and social benefits but they’re also one of our most visible services.” She praised Mablethorpe Town Council as “one of those

markets that’s demonstrably doing so well.” However, Mablethorpe

town counci l lor , Mayor Stephen Palmer, asked for more enforcement with regard to car boot sales taking place in the area without permission. He said the issue had

been raised on a number of occasions, but East Lindsey District Council (ELDC) had said it was not in the public interest to pursue and that attempting to stop such events was not cost effective. Cllr Alan Vasser said: “Markets are up against car boots. They detract so much from markets that it’s a no-brainer for the council to say ‘no you can’t trade fruit and veg’. That will then drive

them into market towns.” Following the meeting Cllr

Palmer told local media: “Car boot sales are allowed to run a certain number in a year but we’ve found they exceed that. “It has the effect of diluting

the impact of the chartered market, which is run in the town centre. “It just takes away custom

and is competition, which is fair enough for the original use of a car boot sale, but they’re currently being used as an alternative market.” Cllr Jackson said the evidence backed up what others were saying, adding: “Something that’s happened in East Lindsey recently, and it corresponds with the recent drop in revenue from our

markets, is that they have stopped enforcement on that clause. “I t ’s something that unfortunately is quite difficult to tease out exactly what’s cause and effect […] but there are things that could be done and looking at how car boots are run locally is one thing they could look further into.” Cllr Jill Makinson-Sanders

said one in Stickney had pre- viously caused consternation for Boston Borough Council, and she pointed to the low cost of stalls. Acting joint chief executive, Allison Penn, said many car boots were operating with permission. She acknowledged the problems caused, but said organisers

stallholders to think about terminating their contract, while others predicted it would seriously damage trade in the run-up to Christmas. Clothes trader Umar Farook told local media: “The majority of traders did not want it like this; they accepted a trial but not this close to Christmas. “I can see why the council has done it – it looks good

on paper that there are fewer empty stalls – but some have now been pushed down side streets where there is no trade. “Some have said now that they won’t be coming back.” Wakefield Council service director Julie Russell told

local media: “In recent years the number of traders has fallen, so we are trialling a new layout which brings existing stalls closer together to make the market more visually appealing and easier to navigate for shoppers.” Ms Russell said traders, shoppers and businesses had

been consulted and that overall the reaction had been positive. She added that most traders had remained close to their previous location, and said the council would continue to work with them and listen to feedback.

were often aware of the rules. In the ELDC charter a car

boot sale cannot run on the same day as the local market. Cllr Palmer also raised

an issue with Lincolnshire County Council’s road closure costs, without which, he said, Mablethorpe would be making a profit. Jill Makinson-Sanders

called for more signage advertising what the district’s market towns had to offer. As part of the report, Louth

Independent Traders told councillors that a fifth of businesses in the town centre could fail if the market was to cease, and stallholders there believe more needs to be done. 01543 732008

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