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Public Health in Mississippi

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Screening of Miniseries Filmed at Hampton University, a Success

Remembering George H.W. Bush's 'Commitment' to HBCUs

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McKinney Named Texas Southern's Head Football Coach

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Celebration Bowl: A Tale of Two Players Named Johnson

US Congressman Bobby Scott, actor Richard Brooks, Mrs. Norma B. Harvey, Victoria Rowell, Dr. William R. Harvey and Leslie Cash


Va. –

Hampton University staff, faculty, friends and family walked the red carpet laid out in the lobby of the Cinema Café in Hampton, VA for the launch screening of the six-part miniseries, Jilly.”


absolutely incredible. movie reveals


“I thought the movie was This

the struggles

that families deal with every day in regards to opioid addiction.

It doesn't matter

the race, creed or color, this problem affects all families. I always tell our students to stay away from drugs, because they will ruin your life,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey. “Ms. Rowell was a joy to work with on this project. On her movie debut, my daughter, Leslie, also did an amazing job. Ms. Rowell

and her crew are

Darryl Johnson, Jr. – North Carolina A&T BY A.J. JONES

invited back to Hampton any time.”

“Jacqueline and Jilly” is a six-part miniseries


was filmed on Hampton University’s campus, in VC Suites and the Hampton University Museum, the oldest African American museum in the United States and one of the oldest museums in the state of Virginia. HU staff and students acted

as extras, including Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey, and his daughter, Leslie Cash. The

series stars Victoria

Rowell (“The Young and the Restless”), alongside Richard Brooks, Daphne Maxwell Reid, Nikko Austen Smith and Shannon Wallace. Zachary L. Hines II, Hampton University alum, was the composer for the mini-series.

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Is There a New Reason for the Season? Fall Kale and Farro Salad

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Dr. Asgede Hagos, Professor of Mass Communication,

is currently of China’s economic traveling

through Uganda and Burundi, examining the impact


strategy in Africa. His research is supported by a sabbatical leave from Delaware State University while completing the manuscript for In Africa’s Hands: Engagement with China, a Chance for Self-Determination.

Last week, Dr. Hagos published a research update in the form of a commentary

Greensboro, NC – The 2018 Celebration

Bowl, a match up of the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) champions against the Mid-Eastern

Athletic Conference (MEAC)

champions, will be played in Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium on December 15. North Carolina A&T (9-2) will face off against Alcorn State (9-3) for a rematch of the 2015 Celebration Bowl. The Aggies won the 2015 contest 41-34 but in 2018, both teams have a not-so-secret weapon with the last name of Johnson.

Noah Johnson – Alcorn State Although the phrase “There is no I

in team,” is often used by coaches, Sam Washington, head football coach at North Carolina A&T and Fred McNair, head football coach at Alcorn State will both admit that they each have a unique and extremely talented individual on their team. North

Carolina A&T is fortunate to

have defensive end Darryl Johnson, Jr, who was recently named MEAC defensive player of the year. “He is one of those guys who is willing to put in the extra time and give the


Delaware State Professor Studies China’s Engagement with Africa

for the Delaware State News in Dover,

entitled, “Truths and falsities about China in Africa.” This article summarizes the state of current news coverage about what is increasingly being referred to as “China’s debt-trap diplomacy.”

China’s investments in Africa are driven,

Hagos explains, by that nation’s “insatiable appetite for Africa’s minerals,” and Africa’s own “huge demand for infrastructure financing.” Over the past 20 years, China has advanced hundreds of billions of dollars in loans, grants, aid, and direct investment to nearly all 54 nations on the continent.

Western sources attribute China’s

investment as “Beijing … luring these poor nations into ‘debt traps’ it intends to leverage in its quest for global domination.” Hagos notes that Djibouti, Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, and the Republic of the Congo have already taken on such heavy loans as to create serious “debt distress.”

however, is the tendency of Western narratives to characterize African leaders and their governments as China’s victims. He points out that “the leaders who negotiated these loans on behalf of their respective peoples are

DELAWARE STATE PAGE 3 What Hagos’ research leads him to reject,

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