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A research collaboration between Deer Lodge Centre and the University of Manitoba aims to give therapists better tools for assessing falls risk

Memories Matter

Deer Lodge’s dementia care program staff share a special bond with each other and the residents in their care.

Ryan McBride

ing us upright under even the best of circumstances are subtle and varied. Te ability to maintain balance is like a delicate gyroscope wired into our senses, our muscles, and our ability to react to anything that might throw us off: the edge of a carpet, a patch of uneven ground, or ill-fitting footwear.


ot falling over is harder than you think. Or at least it's more complicated: the interactions of brain, muscle and sensation that go into keep-

Under less ideal circumstances, or when there are

impairments in the body’s systems that maintain bal- ance, staying upright proves to be a challenge many people know all too well. One of the most dangerous consequences of com-

promised balance is a bad fall, which can lead to serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries. Bad falls are also an all-too-common reason for admission among the many clients requiring care from Deer Lodge Centre's geriatric rehabilitation program—so

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rate new units. Troughout these transitions, our staff have also undergone changes. For one thing, there are now more of us: well over 80 nursing staff providing dementia care on the third floor alone. A commitment to teamwork and a spirit of


friendship have helped us through the challenges. As have activities such as Fun Fridays, where staff dress alike or in one colour. Fun Friday partici- pants include not only nursing staff but recrea- tion and housekeeping personnel, and even our attending physician. Tis fall, we decided it would be fun to create an official third floor staff t-shirt. We designed, 6Memories Matter page 3

eer Lodge Centre’s dementia care program has experienced some growing pains over the past few years as it expands to incorpo-

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