December 2018

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Can we make a radical change?

Trudy Schroeder S

ometimes I find myself wor- rying about the future of Manitoba. I worry that we

will never have enough resources to solve the stickiest problems that we face as a community. We can spend more and more on health care and on providing expensive tests and the latest equipment for diagnosis. We can spend more and more money on roads that forever fall apart with holes in them. We can spend more and more on po- lice services and security, and pris- ons, and crime does not seem to decrease, and incarceration rates continue to rise. We can spend more and more on taking children into care and yet have huge issues of child poverty. It seems to me that so many of

our community issues and diseas- es stem from poverty and despair. We can never

provide enough

health care and policing to deal with the impact of loss of hope and despair. There will never be enough funds to reasonably fund

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What to expect on that first trip to the local cannabis shop

Participant in the Sistema program. Photo supplied.

the sources of hope, transforma- tion, and joy if we use all of our resources to stem the flood of de- spair in a band aid manner. All of our governments seem to be so mired in the problems of resourc- ing despair mitigation that they cannot find ways to help our soci- ety find its way to a healthier path. This past Sunday, I attended a special concert presented by Siste-

ma Winnipeg and local profes- sional choir, Camerata Nova. This concert filled me with hope for the future of children from some of the schools in the most poverty- stricken areas in our community. The members of three Sistema Winnipeg orchestras played their violins, cellos, and violas with very

u 11 ‘Sistema Winnipeg' House mice could be contributing

to schizophrenia Know your four-footed enemy

Dorothy Dobbie

study at the University of California has discov- ered that when mice are infected with a parasite that can only complete its life cycle in the gut of a cat, the mouse brain is af-


fected in a way that makes it lose its fear of cats. This way, from the parasite’s point of view, it can get back into the cat’s digestive sys- tem and reproduce. The mouse only has to come into contact with the feces of a cat to be in- fected. However, the parasite, Taxoplasma gondii, not only has a

long-term effect on the brains of mice, it has been linked to mental illness in humans.

It is estimated that 60 mil-

lion Americans are infected with Taxoplasma gondii, which is linked to schizophrenia, bipolar disease, OCD and even clumsiness!

u 10 'House mice'

Delta 9 sensory bar at their St. Vital store. Photo pro- vided by Delta 9.

Gordon Gage

starting to pop up around our city. A quick search on Google reveals around a dozen different stores, some independent operators and others being out- lets for some of the major licensed growers here in Canada.


Whether you are a person who has had some ex- perience with cannabis in the past or are new to the opportunity to try the ‘herb superb’, you will find the shopping experience both interesting and maybe a bit confusing at the same time. In the past, when procuring your puffs when cannabis was an illicit substance, someone usually knew someone and in most cases, the selection was whatever happened to be available at the time, which was generally one choice with no background information on what it was or where product came from. After all, what you and your supplier were doing was, and actually still is, illegal. The origins of your purchase might have been a local grower in the underground economy or it may have come

u 9 'Local cannabis shop'

ith the recent legalization of Cannabis in Canada, we are now able to go out and visit one of the product retailers that are

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