PUZZLES This Fall, join us at Creative Retirement Manitoba, Winnipeg’s 55+ Learning

Centre. We have courses and clubs for everyone and every interest. For more infor- mation visit us online at or pick up a copy of our Fall Program Guide at your local library or Safeway store.

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We are located at 101-1075 Portage Avenue and have plenty of free parking. Call us at 949-2565 or find us online at

WELLNESS Living an Inspired Life

Explore and connect with yourself on a deeper level, going beyond your conditioning of who you think you should be.

The Mindful Way -

Enhance Your Experience of Life and Pay It Forward

This program will teach you how to practice Mindfulness which is a pow- erful and easy way to connect with contentment and joy and to experience more zest and appreciation in your life.

Movies and Meaning

Discover the deeper meanings of some of your favorite movies.

Herb Shops of Chinatown

Explore the intriguing herb shops of Chinatown. Learn about different types of herbs, their purposes and the best places to buy them.

Gentle Yoga

This course aims to improve breathing capacity, flexibility, balance, posture and strength.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi, is one of the most effective ex- ercises for the health of mind and body and spirit.

Neuro Movement

These group Transformational Move- ment sessions awaken the natural ability of your nervous system for optimal functioning.


Basics of Managing Retirement Funds

Learn how your investment choices affect your income and how you can reduce your tax bill. An overview of Bonds, TFSA and Mutual Funds will be discussed.

Estate Planning

Learn various strategies used to reduce estate taxes and probate fees.

Various Internet Genealogy Courses

An introduction to established web sites featuring England, Wales, Scot- land, Ireland & Continental Europe which will help genealogists in their research.

Karl Marx: Rebel Philosopher and a Prophet of Doom

This is the story of a truly remarkable and sinister man. His brain was able of imagine and understand intricate work- ings of world economy and societies around the globe.

The "New' World of Global Politics

This lecture examines the features of this 'new' world, and its implications for American and Canadian foreign policy.

Bird Habitation in the Prairies

Explore the many wonderful and diverse places in Manitoba that provide habitat for our feathered friends.

Influenza Epidemic of 1918

This presentation examines the implica- tion and impact the Spanish flu had on Canada during the turn of the century.

Remember the Commonwealth? Let me tell you a story….

A collection of stories about Common- wealth Day, markings the contribu- tion made by the Armed Forces from Commonwealth countries spanning Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Pacific during the First and Second World Wars.

The Impact of World War I on Modern Day

The biggest effect of WWI was the Beginners Bridge

An introduction to the fascinating game of bridge, based on the book

“Learn to Play Bridge” by Gary Brown Bridge Conventions

Learn all about a variety of bridge conventions, such as Stayman, weak two-bids, strong 2C, takeout doubles, Blackwood and Gerber, plus two-suited overcalls.

LECTURE SERIES The Yom-Kippur War of 1973

This presentation explores origins, developments and consequences of the Yom-Kippur war within the context of the Cold War.

40 years of Revolution in Afghanistan: Noble intentions and horrible results

Learn what brought about the revolu- tion of 1978 that destroyed even a semblance of normalcy in this land?

massive weakening of Europe, breaking of the European domination and the rise of International cooperation.

China Dream: Contemporary Issues in Chinese Society

This lecture considers how the Chinese state promotes the China Dream for local, national, and international power and will consider the extent to which alternative dreams of the future are pos- sible in contemporary China.

The History of the Hudson Bay Company

This presentation highlights the HBC’s 350 year history, some significant artifacts, and presents some interesting challenges associated with exhibiting and accumulating this fascinating mu- seum collection.

Mythological Story Telling

India provides rich and interesting stories that are often symbolic, have deeper meanings and can have various interpretations.

Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930): A Man Who Did It All

Learn about the life of this 1922 Nobel Peace Prize athlete, scientist, Arctic explorer, oceanographer, instrument designer, diplomat, and humanitarian.


Introduction to the Internet

This course will cover: the browser, cookies, your homepage, navigating, your history, safe web surfing and pri- vacy settings.

File Management

Learn how to organize all types of files (pictures, music and documents com- puter files. This is ''must-have knowl- edge'' for computer users.

Introduction to Facebook (Hands on)

Topics covered include: friends, post- ing, the timeline, the news feed, private messages, sharing, privacy setting and photos.

Introduction to Computers

Learn the basics of a windows com- puter in Level I, then move on to more advanced techniques in Level II.

Microsoft Office Learn the basics of Word, Excel, and

PowerPoint in Level I, while Level II teaches more advanced techniques that can be applied to special projects.

Using an Apple iPad

Learn how to download apps, install software updates, customize personal settings and much more.

Using the Mac

Topics include the operating system, key applications, accessories, basic maintenance, troubleshooting, orga- nizing your files, plus backing up and transferring files.

Apple Photos: Editing + Managing Pictures with the New Mac

Learn how to keep your photo library organized and accessible; how to crop and adjust exposure, etc with a variety of editing tools.

ARTS & LEISURE Photography: A Moment in Time

A look at a variety of works and styles from a select number of eminent pho- tographers, from historical to contem- porary

Treasure Houses of the World

Experience major works from the world’s great museums across the globe.


Discover this fascinating Japanese craft and learn how to fold decorative, amus- ing and practical items, all from the simplest of materials, a sheet of paper.

Watercolour Painting

Learn to paint dramatic skies, quiet streams, and delicate flowers

Acrylic Painting

Learn the versatility of painting with acrylics to create the luminous effect of watercolour, or a heavier, more solid, opaque texture and everything in between.

Flat Kumihimo Bracelets

Learn the ancient art of Japanese braid- ing and make a beautiful flat Kumi- himo bracelet.

Chain Maille Bracelet

Learn the interesting technique of making a Chain Maille bracelet. Chain maille is mesh jewelry made by con- necting metal rings to one another.

Learn about ancient discipline of Tai Chi. 20

Figure out how to use that iPad.

Discover the art medieval art of chain maille. December 2018

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