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Dear Lianne Well, let me tell you that I appreci- ate your advice. I would never ask my friends’ certain questions but I can ask you! I am widowed and in my early 70s. I wish to meet another fellow and my family is disgusted by the thought of Granny dating. I do have my eye on one at the moment but I don’t want to upset my fam- ily. I am lonely and cannot expect my children and grandchildren to be there for me at all times. What’s a Gal to Do?

Dear Granny

Lianne Tregobov Ask The


Many people have very successful relationships the second time around. As a matchmaker with 25 years of happily matching peo- ple, I have witnessed the transformation when people fall in love. Love causes you to have butterflies in your stomach, get weak at the knees and have a perpet- ual smile no matter what age you are. Love has no expiration date. It may be unusual for your family to see you with another man initially, but once they see you happy and glowing they should ap- preciate the fact that you know what is best for yourself.

Have you thought of joining some

senior’s clubs? Grant it, most have far more ladies who join than men but it is an opportunity to get out and socialize and meet new people. I have clients who are in their seventies and they take up dancing and enjoy it very much. As far as you meeting and potentially becoming intimate with a fellow, you must understand that dating is different

back might be, how often would you like to change the engine in your car? Not even once I can imagine would be the answer. What moves your car from point A to

Oil change questions answered W

Jim Brousseau

hy do I need to change the oil in my car is a question that is of- ten asked? The cheeky question

point B is actually called an internal com- bustion engine made up of many moving parts with some of those parts under high pressure and a lot of stress. As those parts rub against each other they generate heat. Oil is used as a lubricant while also work- ing to absorb that heat which then allows those internal moving parts to work prop- erly. Well I do have oil in my car and I have it checked regularly and it is full you might tell me. That may be the case however over time the oil in your engine will deteriorate becoming less effective and as that happens the friction between the moving parts will

generate above normal operating tempera- tures which in turn can cause some of those internal parts to warp leading to a cascad- ing series of issues that ultimately may end up hurting your pocket book. With a few oil changes throughout the year, you will be saving yourself some big inconvenienc- es from a financial point of view as well as keeping your car on the road and you get- ting from point A to B. Your next question may well be “How

often do I need to change my cars engine oil?” The answer to that varies depending on the type of driving you do, how much driving you do, how old your car is and what type of climate your car is being driv- en in. Your mechanic may suggest every 5000 km while the car manufacturer may indicate every 8000 km. The type of oil used may also be a factor to consider. “So then what type of oil should I be us-

ing, regular or synthetic?” While all grades are manufactured with additives to increase performance, synthetics are further refined to provide scientific control over molecu-

now a days. Ever since the invention of “the little blue pill” many seniors are far more sexually active now than ever before. When you were younger and sexu- ally active, the only precaution people typically took was to avoid pregnancy. That will not be an issue when you are in your 70s but the issue to pay attention to is the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Steps need to be taken to ensure that you and your new fellow are both free of STI’s prior to becoming intimate. Typically, a couple will attend a doctor together and have the tests needed to ensure neither of you have a transmittable infection. There are several proven health benefits associated with be- ing in love. Humans are social beings and meant to be coupled My best advice to you is, go for it, have fun and enjoy yourself!

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Lianne Tregobov, owner of Camelot Introductions, has been a Matchmaker for the past 25 years. She is gifted with very keen intuition and is responsible for facilitating thou- sands of matches. Questions can be submitted to camelo- or she can be reached at 204 888-1529.

lar size and purity that can lower friction, reduce engine sludge, and increase perfor- mance. Synthetics will last longer and are a step up in quality providing less friction, better function in extreme or cold climates and are cleaner oils with less impurities. To sum that up, you will need to change your engine’s oil more often when using a regular grade and save some money on the oil price however If you use a synthetic, you will pay more for the oil but you will provide you cars engine better protection and end up not having to change the oil as often.

The last question that often comes up

is “What do those numbers mean on the bottles of oil?” As an example, the 10w- 40 on the oil container indicates that the oil is a multi-grade oil, developed about 50 years ago to provide protection both in the summer and the winter, thus multi- grade. The W beside the first number in- dicates the maximum viscosity/flow for winter applications for that oil. The lower the W number is, the better the oil’s cold

temperature/cold start performance. The 40 in a 10w-40 simply means that the oil must fall within certain viscosity limits at 100°C. Once again, the lower the number, the thinner the oil: a 30 is thinner than a 40 or a 50 at 100°C. Your car’s manual will indicate the correct motor oil that should be used in your car. Here at Super Lube we provide you a

number of solutions to many of your ques- tions and concerns about your car and what it may need. Right now, we have a Winnipeg Winter Oil offer, “Your car will start and go or I will pay the tow”. When you choose our Winnipeg winter synthetic blend motor oil from Havoline, you will also get a free winter tire installation (on most cars) with that ‘Winnipeg Winter Oil’ change. Also, please consider our Christ- mas Special – When you buy a Winnipeg Winter Oil Change as a gift for someone else, yours is half price! Wishing you all safe driving and a Happy Holiday Season. Jim Brousseau is the owner of Super Tire


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