The Season of Giving warm hands W

Helen Harper

e are thrilled to be back with our remote studio this De- cember at Winnipeg Har- vest. This place is a beehive of activity at any time of the year but over the holiday season it seems more pro- nounced.

I think the Season of Giving Back

makes it hit home for me that there are so many people in need in our prov- ince and this place is truly the front line in that fight.

Some of the statistics are rather daunting. More than 64,000 Mani-

tobans receive food from food banks each month and Winnipeg Harvest moved more than 11.3 million pounds of food through their warehouse last year. I, for one, can’t even fathom these numbers. They share food through the Manitoba Association of Food banks and through nearly 400 agencies, in- cluding soup kitchens, food banks and youth programs.

I ask each and every one out there in radio land to think about these horrific numbers this holiday season and give what you can. As you wander through the grocery store getting food for your table, remember there are people in the province that cannot do this. Drop a

donation into one of the Harvest bins on your way home. I am knitting up a storm using up my bits of yarn for mittens for the MITTEN TREE at Harvest. It was a great success last year and I’m hoping for even better this year. Not only do some of these folks have empty bellies, they also have cold hands. I am chal- lenging all my knitting friends to get clicking and dust off that stash of yarn. Let’s fill the tree with warmth and care. I’m wishing you, one and all, a hap- py holiday season. Remember mod- eration in all things holiday is the key with the possible exception of short bread.

Doc Steen made stars out of local bands T

John Einarson

hroughout junior and senior high school, my noon hour rou- tine involved going home for lunch and tuning in to CKRC 630 AM to listen to Doc Steen. Doc hosted the noon to two p.m. shift and, besides playing the best music, he also kept me chuckling with his fictional sidekick, Charlie.

Back then radio broadcasters were

larger-than-life personalities. “We were encouraged to be ourselves on air,” states former CKRC broadcaster Boyd Kozak. Boyd remembers Doc Steen

fondly. “Doc was genuine. There was nothing phony about him.” Born and raised in Winnipeg, Irving ‘Doc’ Steen’s academic goal was hi- jacked by a love for radio. “My earliest recollection of Doc goes back to the late 1940s,” recalls CJNU’s Harry Taylor, who worked at CKRC in the 60s. “I re- member a young pharmacy student at Gold’s Pharmacy just off Notre Dame. That was Irv Steen. To help pay for his studies, he worked as a nighttime an- nouncer at CJOB where he picked up the nickname ‘Doc’.” As music director, Doc compiled the weekly CKRC Young At Heart record charts. “He took it very seriously,”

notes Boyd. “He had to call the record stores and check out all the requests the station received that week.” Perhaps no other radio personality had a greater impact on the local mu- sic scene than Doc. He promoted the bands and hosted dances at the com- munity clubs. “We all agreed that if we were going into the rock ‘n’ roll thing,” Doc recalled in a 1986 interview, “then we had to recognize and promote the local rock ‘n’ roll groups in our city. I guess for three or four years there wasn’t a Friday or a Saturday night that I wasn’t out at the community clubs. I enjoyed working with the bands.” And the bands enjoyed working with

CJNU radio works closely with community groups to provide public service announcements throughout the broadcast day. In April we helped promote numerous events at nonprofit and charitable organizations, in addition to providing personal CJNU representation, time permitting. Here’s just a sample of these activities.

CJNU in the community St. James Legion flag ceremony

Peak of the Market Charity Fundraiser Dinner for CancerCare Manitoba on November 16

Winnipeg Civic election on October 24

Doc. “Guys like Doc and the other dee- jays made the bands into local stars,” recalls The Crescendos’ Glenn MacRae. Doc was also a mentor to others.

Tom Milroy was new to radio at CITI FM when he first met Doc. “To get ap- proval from one of the radio announc- ers I grew up listening to was pretty special,” he states, “and Doc Steen was a pretty special guy.”

Doc Steen passed away on Septem- ber 8, 2004. “There was nobody I know in the broadcasting business who ever said anything negative about Doc Steen,” confirms Boyd Kozak. “Every- one loved him.”

John Einarson is a CJNU announcer.

A member of the legion let us know that the army cadets were going to be placing a small flag on the graves of the World War 1 veterans. There are about 60 veterans lying in this cemetery. It was a small but meaningful occasion.

John Einarson’s “Made in Manitoba” music history presentation at Lions Place on November 12

Five CJNU Board members were on hand: James Pappas (lower left ), Jan Currier (lower right) Tom Dercola (upper left) and Wayne Rogers (upper right). Kevin Klein not shown.

Sisters of the Holy Rock on November 10

Christmas Presents craft sale at Gordon-King Memorial Church on November 4

Congratulations to Kevin Klein, the newly elected city of Winnipeg councillor for Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood ward and also appointed chair of the police board. Proud to have Kevin as one of our CJNU board members!

Match the artists to the all

time seasonal hit song by Tom Dercola

1Jingle Bell Rock 2 Feliz Navidad 3 Run Rudolph Run 4 Blue Christmas 5 Christmas Time Is Here

6 Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree 7 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

The High SteppersClub, a seniors group that provides its members with the op- portunity for socialization, recreation and activities, hosted the Sisters of the Holy Rock. There were 200 to 300 there to enjoy the afternoon.

December 2018

Many of the vendors were raising funds for African charities.

A. Brenda Lee B. Jackson 5 C. Nat King Cole D. Bobby Helms E. Judy Garland F. Chuck Berry

8 It’s the Most Wonder- ful Time of the Year 9 Santa Baby 10 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

11 The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)

12 All I Want For Christmas Is You”

G. Mariah Carey H. Vince Guaraldi Trio I. Jose Feliciano J. Elvis Presley K. Eartha Kitt L. Andy Williams

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