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Brett Buckingham B

rett has been involved with the entertainment industry, mainly as a hobby, since he was a teen-

Brett Buckingham.

ager. He got involved with theatre in high school and university, winning the Best Actor award at the University of Winnipeg in 1967. After university, Brett pursued the acting bug in Vancouver where he auditioned for a movie, McCabe and Mrs. Mills, starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie. He was offered a speak- ing part, but he had a regular job at the time and had to turn it down. Brett moved back to Winnipeg in the

CJNU and McNally Robinson’s Artist of the Month:

Sarah Brightman S

Helen Harper

arah Brightman is a classical cross- over soprano, singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and musician who

has had and is still having an amazing ca- reer. From humble beginnings in Little Gaddesden, England, it was noticed ear- ly on that she was a talent, taking dance and piano lessons at age three. She has gone on to be one of the world’s great- est known voices, singing in English, Spanish, French, Latin, German, Turk- ish, Italian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Catalan. For me, her role as Christine in Phan- tom of the Opera is my all-time favor- ite. I wonder what she thought having Andrew Lloyd Webber writing this music specifically for her, only to have the Actor’s Equity Association balk at mounting this production on Broad-

way because of their rules that a non- American must be an international star. Lloyd Webber worked out a deal with them, casting an American in the lead role of his next West End production. In January 1988 Phantom had its open- ing and as they say “the rest is history.” The recording became the biggest sell- ing cast album of all time, hitting charts worldwide and exceeding forty million in sales.

Ms. Brightman has had two rather short marriages. The first was to An- drew Graham-Stewart whom she di- vorced to marry Andrew Lloyd Webber. For two very creative people always in the spotlight with the media and tabloid nonsense, it was a difficult time ending in just six years. They have remained friendly and, in

2015, started the Andrew Lloyd Web- ber Foundation Sarah Brightman Schol- arships to support students in their post-

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early 70s where he became involved with the theatre school associated with Rainbow Stage. He auditioned for his first show at Rainbow Stage in 1980 and got a speaking role. He played var- ious speaking roles there and appeared in 10 shows in the 80s and early 90s. After some time in the banking pro- fession, he left in 1982 and landed a radio job at CKRC in 1983-84, work- ing there for the next five years before leaving in 1989 and going back to a career in financial planning until 2001. Brett was there at the beginning of nostalgia radio in 1995 and has stayed

involved through its many forms and radio frequencies. He was asked by Gary Robertson to come on board to form CJNU where he helped with fi- nancial and volunteer support. Which brings us to today. Brett volunteers and hosts Bucky’s Balcony every Wednesday and Satur- day afternoon and hopes all the listen- ers will continue to enjoy and support “our little radio station that could.” “I love being part of the CJNU fam- ily and the wonderful camaraderie I’ve experienced as a result of my involve- ment.”

Happy motoring!

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graduate studies at the Royal Northern College of Music on the two-year Mas- ters Programme. Sarah’s list of awards both musically

and personally are pages long and way too many to list here. She is a com- mitted humanitarian, being appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace from 2012- 14. She has been involved with chari- table work throughout her artistic ca- reer, promoting cultural dialogue and exchanged among cultures. The most interesting thing I found

while researching this article was that, in 2014, Sarah began training for a jour- ney to the International Space Station. Although she postponed her flight until further notice, citing personal reasons, I can only think how wonderful it would have been to hear her soaring soprano voice floating through the heavens as the space station circled our planet. Stay tuned to CJNU Nostalgia Radio

93.7 FM for the month of December and enjoy, as I will, the talented and gifted Sarah Brightman.

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December 2018

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