Now is the time for Mayor Bowman to meet his Transit promise

By Fred Morris

would you move quickly to reroute one of the existing regular Portage Avenue Transits Routes to service the Bell MTS Ice Plex, Red River Exhibi- tion Park, the Birchwood Automotive Group, and the Assiniboia Downs Race Track?" On October 2, 2018, Team Bow-


man responded, "The answer to your question is Yes, the Mayor will ensure regular Transit service to this area if re- elected. Thanks for your E-mail." Since the question included the word immediate, the Mayor cannot use the need for further study or the comple- tion of new developments as an excuse to delay this promise. I posted this promise on Twitter and received a tremendous response with

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uring the recent city election campaign, the following ques- tion was asked: "If elected

1,544 impressions. The lack of regular transit continues to negatively impact tourism. Many events in the complex attract tourists from around the world. Red River Exhibition Park is a flex- ible facility that hosts both indoor and outdoor events. In early 2019, they are hosting the Manitoba Outdoor Show, the Red River Valley Swap Meet, and the Winnipeg Golf Expo. The eight-year-old Ice

Plex is a

Hockey Canada Center of Excellence. The Winnipeg Jets Challenge Cup, the Mike Keane Celebrity Classic, the Stur- geon Heights Husky Classic, and Bal- moral Hall League Tournaments are some of the tournaments regularly held at the Ice Plex. Between April 6 and 8, 2019, the 14th Annual All Girls Spring Classic will be held at the Ice Plex. This spring, the Ice Plex could be an important part of a celebration that brings Canadians together. The Winni- peg Jets may be playing in the Stanley Cup Final and hoping to win Winni- peg's first professional hockey champi-

Transit service to many local attractions is still nonexistent.

onship in 40 years, and Canada's first Stanley Cup in a quarter of a century. Hockey people from around the world may be going to the Ice Plex to watch both the final teams practise. The pos- sible celebration would be in stark con- trast to the spring of 1919, when the

General Strike gained national atten- tion by illustrating our disagreements. Let us not let the lack of regular tran- sit service even slightly spoil the party. Fred Morris describes himself as a politi- cal activist and sometime political candi- date.

u House mice could be

contributing to schizophrenia Continued from page 1

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Beware the humble mouse, for it may bring along some unwelcome friends. If you see a mouse in your house, you

can be sure there is more than one unless it’s moving day. Mice leave pheromone trails in their urine for their friends and fellows to follow and to provide them- selves with navigational tools. Mice mul- tiply rapidly, producing five to 10 litters a year, with each of their three to 16 off- spring becoming capable six weeks later of producing their own families. An in- dividual mouse can live four years. The common house mouse, Mus mus-

culus, was imported here from southern Asia and it loves to raise its family in your snug, warm home. Mus musculus have large ears and small eyes and feet, are brown to dark grey with lighter bel- lies and weigh less than 28 grams. Native deer mice, Peromyscus manicu-

latus, will also invade buildings. These mice look quite similar but their scaly tails are brown on the top and white underneath. Disney made the mouse look cute and lovable, but deer mice can carry the deadly hantavirus in their feces which, when breathed in by humans, can lead to respiratory failure with a 38 per cent fatality rate. There is no “cure”, only

treatment. Avoid contact with

droppings and wear a mask when clean- ing mouse-infected areas. Mice can squeeze through incredibly small openings – as tiny as one-quarter inch in diameter. When closing up pos- sible entry points to your home, be sure to plug the hole with something they

can’t chew through. Exterminators sug- gest high-quality copper wool, backed up by caulking. Mice are also incred- ibly athletic. They can jump, straight up, 30 centimetres (one foot) off the ground and another 2.5 metres (over six feet) down without injury. They can also swim. They can climb sheer rock or brick. Mice sleep 12 hours a day, generally during daylight, so catching sight of them can be tricky. They are famous for their dim eyesight, although they can see better than you might think and they use their whiskers as a navigational aid. They have extremely keen hearing Mice are overwhelmed by highly aro- matic substances such as cloves, pepper- mint oil and mothballs. Apparently, they do not like walking on tinfoil so you can try covering countertops to keep them from those surfaces. They are not that stupid, though. They can sense danger and will avoid mousetraps that have been sprung. In one case, the mice care- fully separated poison tablets from bait and neatly left the tablets in a muffin tin for the homeowner to discover. If you are an animal lover and trap live

mice to remove to another jurisdiction, better make sure the location is far away. Even though in general, mice don’t stray far from home (12 to 25 feet in search of food), mice have been tracked as re- turning to their homes from as far as 1.2 miles (1,980 metres) away.

December 2018

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