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Last trader leaves Wakefield Market Hall

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Foodies in the North West may soon be making their way to a Greater Manchester town af ter planning permission was granted for a new independent food hall Planning was approved

by Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council recently for Market 41 in Urmston, a new build food market hall that will create up to 50 jobs. Around 12 food and

drink operators will take up residency around a casual communal seating area, and the authority is hoping it will achieve the same kind of success as Altrincham’s Market House and the Mackie Mayor in Manchester. A mezzanine level, private

dining and outdoor seating will provide space for up to 160-180 people, and the market promises to deliver “diverse, freshly prepared authentic food and drink to be enjoyed communally”. Developers, the McGoff

Group, will start work on the site in January, and the firm have already received interest from more than 50 food and drink operators from across the North West. These include artisan and

independent traders as well as small restaurant owners, who are using markets as a platform to showcase their offering to potential new customers. Market 41 will be located on Urmston’s Railway Road,

ISSN 2057–6781 Market 41 will be the UK’s first privately owned, new build food market hall A digital image of how Urmston’s new Market 41 could look

and when it opens in time for Christmas 2019, it will be the UK’s first privately owned, new build food market hall. Chris McGoff, director

at the McGoff Group, told local media: “It is fantastic news that we have received planning consent for Market 41. “It has been a long time

coming and we know that excitement and anticipation has been mount ing in Urmston and the surrounding areas for many months. To be able to confirm that Market 41 will open for business in 2019 feels great. “With a background in

development, this project is particularly special to the group as it is our first food market hall and the first new build food market hall in the UK, with all others currently housed in historic or existing buildings that have been re-purposed. “We firmly believe that

Market 41 is the start of a new wave of concept for the

UK and we want to be leading this, starting in Urmston. “We strategically choose

Urmston for Market 41 as the town already has a vibrant and flourishing independent and artisan food and drink scene. Market 41 will simply enhance this further. “We have taken time with

the design of the building, its layout, the interior décor as well as the outdoor space to create a superb, stylish, flexible, family-friendly food market hall with space for pop-up stalls and both private and community events. “It is all systems go now and

construction will start on site in January, with an anticipated opening date of winter 2019.” Northern food commentator

Thom Hetherington has been working with the McGoff Group, using his experience and contacts network to make sure the right mix of operators can be found. Speaking to local media Mr

Hetherington said: “Operating partners for Market 41 will be

carefully selected to ensure that local customers benefit from the very best quality and choice at competitive price points. “There will be a strong focus

on independents from across the region who can bring fresh, locally-sourced artisan quality food and drink to the food hall, offering something different for the local community and attracting revenue from outside of Urmston.” WMC Retai l ’s Esther

Worboys, who is also working with the McGoff Group, told local media: “Having completed the feasibility study which proves there is a demand and business case for a food market hall in Urmston, WMC is pleased to be working on the business plan, detailed design and lettings strategy for Market 41. “We are excited to be part

of the team bringing the country’s first purpose-built food market hall to Urmston.” Urmston regular Ashley Carter Lawlor, reservations

manager at Hispi Bistro in Didsbury, added: “It is so exci t ing to see the regeneration of Urmston market, creating jobs for people in the local area and showcasing independent traders. “The concept that has

already proved to work so well in other areas will be a welcome addition to what is now looking to be a thriving area and I personally can’t wait for it to open.”

Mixed reaction to Aberdeen

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25 years of Durham Christmas Festival



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