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December 2018

Land snapped up in auction bidding war

A FIVE-acre parcel of woodland near Bearsted Golf Club has been sold for £262,000 to a local buyer.

A bidding war broke out when

the gavel was about to come down at £140,000 and several po- tential purchasers became part of the race.

The buyer is thought to be local

to Bearsted and may have been representing more than one resi- dent concerned the land would fall into the hands of developers.

Bearsted Parish Council had a

representative at the auction on October 29, but pulled out long before the final bid was accepted. The whole site, next to allot-

ments at Ware Street, extends to 5.4 acres (2.18 hectares) and the freehold guide price was set at £150-155,000. The land has been in the hands

of Gordon and Dorothy Reeve, of Faversham, for nearly 50 years and does not have current plan- ning permission. Auctioneer John Stockey said:

“There were a number of serious bidders. The land has a gentle slope to the south and is a beauti- ful parcel of land.” A representative of Bearsted

Parish Council remained in the bidding war until the price reached £220,000, the sum of its own money and pledges, when the authority pulled out. The buyer has made himself known to the council. BPC held an extraordinary

Armistice remembered

ONE of the largest crowds seen inMaidstone on Remembrance Sunday for many years observed a faultless two-minute silence at the War Memorial on The Broadway. The fitting tribute onNovember 11 came exactly 100 years since the official end ofWorldWar 1.


meeting on November 6, with press and public excluded, to dis- cuss the future. A statement on the council’s

website said: “This land will be- come privately owned, and the council is in discussion with the prospective owner as to the future use of the land, which is likely to take some period of time.” Allotment holder Jon Hughes,

who is also a parish councillor, had earlier expressed a wish to see the land turned into a public space available for everyone to use. Although the land is very much

in Bearsted village, it actually forms part of the Thurnham parish.

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News Walker’s bull surprise

A WALKER who ran into the path of a bull on a footpath in Holling- bourne got a reaction he had not bargained for.

Bus scheme at a cost

A RURAL bus scheme has been saved, but will the changes will come at a cost to passengers.

Council mag blunder

MAIDSTONE Borough Council was forced to apologise for a magazine WW1 picture blunder.

Tributes to Alan

FORMER editor of Downs Mail, Alan Bennett has died aged 63 after a lengthy illness.


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Parish Councils 34-35

COUNTY councillor Gary Cooke said that a feasibility study for a by-pass serving Leeds is ongoing; permission was granted for a WW1 memorial bench in Cayser Drive, Kingswood; around £1,500 was to be put aside to buy planters in Ulcombe; allotment holders were facing a hike in an- nual rents from £13 to £15 in Harrietsham.

Crime Reports 35

A BLUE Ford B-Max was stolen from a driveway in Bearsted; about 400 litres of diesel was stolen from a vehicle in Detling; a large quantity of aluminium was taken from a property in Kingswood; van- dals broke the windscreen wipers on a vehicle in Harrietsham; a gate and fencing was damaged during an attempted break-in in Boxley; tools were stolen in Bearsted.

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