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Angela Rye Delivers Founders Day Breakfast Keynote at Norfolk State

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Commissioner McWilliams Delivers Keynote

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Holder Visits N.C. A&T for Conversation on Voting

Free October/November 2018

Angela Rye, CEO of IMPACT Strategies BY NSU.EDU

Angela Rye, principal and

CEO of IMPACT Strategies, a political advocacy firm in Washington, D.C., delivered the keynote speech at Norfolk State

Founders Day Community Breakfast. Rye,

University's annual a


commentator for CNN and political analyst for National Public Radio, put into context the situation in America today.

"We have witnessed a digression in this country. We have seen hate crimes and hate incidents on the rise. We have seen historic

in elections, not met with celebration,

but rather

turnout with

suppressive voting laws put on the books in states all over the country."

Rye came to do more than

just provide a litany of what's wrong with the country today. "My responsibility

to you today is to wake you up; so the

Photo Courtesy of NSU

country doesn't beat you up, oppression doesn't tie you up, so nobody can shut you up and you know exactly how to level up."


Rye, who is named activist

Angela challenged Davis, Norfolk State

students by asking them what they are prepared to do in order to make a change. "What are you being called to change? What are you being called to make better? How will you affect change here on this campus, here in this city, here in this state, here in this country and in this world?"

Finally, she told the

students that she wanted them to wrestle with those questions and come to the realization of who they are. "You truly are the change we need. Be bold and courageous like our lives depend on it—because they do."

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University (MSU)

President David Wilson announced today the successful completion of the Sesquicenten- nial Anniversary Campaign, the University’s second-ever comprehensive campaign and the largest funding effort of its kind in Morgan’s history. The campaign raised more than $250 million ($254,307,730) in gifts and grants from more than 15,000 supporters. The funds secured will be used to advance teaching and research, grow the University’s endowment, develop academic programs, provide

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder with N.C. A&T students BY NCAT.EDU

EAST GREENSBORO – (Oct. 10, 2018)

– While some North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University students were away from campus for fall break, a group of students from N.C. A&T and other area universities talked politics with former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder served as the nation’s chief lawyer

from 2009-15 under President Barack Obama. He was the first African American to hold the position.

Photo Courtesy of NC A&T At N.C. A&T, he spoke with a select

group of students about the importance of voting in the November midterm election.

“This is the most important midterm

election of my lifetime,” Holder said. “The decisions we make now will have an impact on you and your kids.”

Holder, who currently chairs the National

Democratic Redistricting Committee, discussed topics including immigration, the Electoral College and historically black NC A&T PAGE 11

Morgan State Completes $250-Million Sesquicentennial Anniversary Campaign

student scholarships and further community engagement.

The Anniversary Campaign effort, which

coincided with the University’s celebration of its 150-year anniversary in 2017, spanned more than a year, officially kicking off during Morgan’s Founders Day Convocation in 2016. The Anniversary Campaign set out to raise funds from private and public sources, to sustain MSU’s affordability and accessibility, maintain a campus with stellar teaching and research capabilities that promote learning and interaction, and deepen engagement with the surrounding neighborhoods. “We began this ambitious campaign at

the start of our Sesquicentennial celebration, with a goal of reaching $250 million, and I am pleased to share that with contributions from thousands of dedicated supporters, we have surpassed our goal,” said Dr. Wilson. “This is a significant achievement in the history of our University, made possible by the generosity of those committed to the success of Morgan and our students. These resources will go a long way in enabling us to advance Morgan’s mission while fostering an innovative environment that keeps our students on track to matriculate and prepares them for life beyond graduation.”

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