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Virginia Begins Accepting Applications for Expanded Health Coverage Nov. 1

Eligible adults will receive services beginning January 1, 2019

Rep. Cedric Richmond (LA-02), Congressional candidate Elaine Luria and Dan Banister. Photo courtesy of Elaine for Congress


Elaine Luria, a former Navy commander and small business owner running for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District,

Richmond (LA-02), chair of the Congressional


and Rep. Cedric Black

Caucus, toured Banister Nissan of Norfolk to focus on the impact of the Trump Administration’s on local

During the visit,

small businesses. Luria and

Richmond interviewed Dan Banister, dealership owner and community leader, about the issues affecting his small business.

Banister Nissan, a family

business, is one of the largest African American-owned car dealerships in the country. There are also locations in Norfolk and Chesapeake.

Luria confirmed, “As a

small business owner myself, I always want to hear from other small business owners and talk about their challenges. One of those problems is the uncertainty

created by the

threat of tariffs. Talking to Mr. Banister, I learned that if there is a 25% tariff on materials in his cars, that could lead to a big reduction in sales. That will hurt his business and hurt his customers.”

Rep. important Richmond added,

“I’m out here with Elaine because

members of Congress who listen to business owners and listen

to their constituents.

When we get outstanding candidates who are willing to talk to people, beat the streets, and get the facts, it’s important. That’s what Elaine represents, and I wanted to make sure

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BY FTC.GOV allegedly

The owners of four companies that bilked

consumers services trying to start

online businesses from home have been banned from selling purported business coaching or development

under court-approved

settlements with the Federal Trade Commission. The settlements, which resolve an FTC case brought in the District of Utah, also require the corporate defendants to turn over the remaining funds in their bank accounts to the FTC.

According to the FTC complaint, the

scheme took $8.4 million from consumers interested in starting an online business. The defendants bought the contact information of these consumers and then tried to sell them a series of business coaching and related

BY GOVERNOR.VIRGINIA.GOV RICHMOND—Governor from Virginia adults Ralph

Northam today announced that beginning on November 1, 2018, state agencies will accept applications


eligible for health coverage under Medicaid expansion. “When both sides of the aisle came

together earlier this year to pass Medicaid expansion, the Commonwealth set a realistic,

aggressive timeline for implementation and I’m proud to report the remarkable progress we’re making on these goals in close coordination with our federal partners,” said Governor Northam. “Virginia will begin accepting applications for expanded health coverage on November 1. I encourage all Virginians to get acquainted with the new eligibility rules and learn how they and their


that we have Owners of Business Coaching and I think it’s very

Development Service Scam Banned services, each of which cost thousands of dollars. In lengthy phone calls, the complaint alleges the defendants’ sales representatives sold the high-priced services by promising consumers

they could make thousands

of dollars a month online. In one call, a salesman touting a program that cost $10,000 claimed it was “almost impossible” to make less than $3,000 to $5,000 a month using defendants’ foolproof methods: “[W]e don’t have any students we’ve built the business for that have ever failed. There’s just – there’s literally no way to fail.” The FTC submitted an audio file to the court that contains this portion of the call.

often received

According to the complaint, consumers little

more than basic

information about how to list products on websites like eBay as part of defendants’ programs. As a result, according to the complaint, most of the consumers who purchased these programs did not end up with a viable business, earned little or no money, and ended up heavily in debt.

After consumers purchased the series of

business coaching sessions, the defendants often tried to sell them an additional business


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