properly remembered as Canada's first Olympic hock- ey champions. The time has come to remember, properly, two

other great but forgotten hockey teams mainly com- prised of Icelandic Canadians who were members of First Lutheran Church.

In the 1918-19 season, the first Manitoba Junior

Hockey League championship was won by the Young Men's Lutheran Club. They went 7 and 0 in the reg- ular season before defeating the Winnipeg Pilgrims 16 to 7 in the MJHL Final. They advanced to the Abbott Cup in Regina. They lost 8 to 5 to the Re- gina Victorias. Regina lost the first Memorial Cup. Huck Woodman and Magnus Goodman went on to play for the 1920 Olympic champion Falcons. Also, Goodman was a three-time Manitoba and one-time Canadian speeding skating champion, and the West- ern Canadian mile champion swimmer. By 1920-21, the Young Men's Lutheran Club had become the Junior Falcons. They won their second MJHL Championship in three years. They were un-

Winnipeg’s championship past P

Fred Morris

rior to the 2002 Winter Olympics, Icelandic Canadians successfully campaigned to get the 1920 Olympic champion Winnipeg Falcons

defeated in the 11-game regular season. In the play- offs, they defeated Selkirk, Portage, Regina Victorias, and Fort William YMCA to qualify for the Memorial Cup.

Selkirk offered the most resistance, losing the two- game Total Goal playoff 7 to 5. The Memorial Cup was played at the Toronto Arena Gardens. In the first game of the second game total goal final, they easily beat Stratford 7 to 2.

In the second game, Stradford stormed back and seemed poised to make an incredible comeback. However, Stradford super star Howie Morenz took a late penalty and the Falcons hung on to win the second game Total Goal final 11 to 9. Falcon’s Goalie Scotty Comfort was sensational.

The Falcons became the first Memorial Cup champi- ons to come from outside Toronto. Harold McMunn won an Olympic gold medal with the 1924 Toronto Granites. He had a long dis- tinguished career with Moore Business Forms. Art Somers was a member of the 1933 New York Rang- ers Stanley Cup. The Secretary was Fred Thordalson, who was the manager of several West End Royal Banks. Coach and general manager Harry Neil would later coach the Winnipeg Monarchs to the 1935 and 1937 Memorial Cup victories. The 1937 team included Johnny McCreedy. Mc-

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Players: Dave Patrick, Ed Stephenson , Cuthbert Buckingham, Len Dalman, Allan Sinclair, Mike Goodman, Chris Fridfinnson, Wally Fridfinnson, Huck Woodman, Allan Weisner, and Fred Hutchin- son. Executives: John A. Vopni, president; Bill Frid- finnson, manager; Elswood Johnson, secretary execu- tive; Connie Neil, treasurer. 1920-21 Junior Falcons Memorial Cup Cham-


Players: Dave Patrick, Sammy McCallum, Harry Neil, W. McPherson, Frank Woodall, Wally Frid- finnson, Harold McMunn, Art Somers, Scotty Com- fort. Executives: J. Austman, trainer; Connie Neil, coach and GM; Fred Thordarson Secretary; T. Swainson, trainer. Fred Morris describes himself as a political activist and sometime political candidate.

Creedy also won two Allan Cups, the gold at World Champions and two Stanley Cups with the Toronto Maple Leafs. After hockey, he became an INCO ex- ecutive. We have three consecutive Hockey Centennial Championships to celebrate. 1918-19 Young Men's Lutheran MJHL Cham-

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