The day I came out of the hospital (they used to keep us in for ages) was the day of game 8 in Moscow. After dropping me at home, Glenn left to go back to work. My small daughter, Shauna, who was five at the time, was my only companion as I tuned into the final game. It was a nail biter that looked to end up

in a tie, but in the final minute of play, a miracle happened. Here’s how it was re- membered by Henderson as presented by Wikipedia:

In the final minute of play, with Phil Es-

posito, Yvan Cournoyer and Peter Mahovlich (Frank’s bother also played in the series) out on the ice, Paul Henderson stood up at the bench and called Mahovlich off the ice as he was skating by.

“I jumped on the ice and rushed straight for their net. I had this strange feeling that I could score the winning goal”, recalls Hen- derson.

Cournoyer picked up a puck that had been passed around the boards by the Soviets in a clearing attempt. He missed Henderson with a pass, but two Soviets mishandled the puck in the corner and Esposito shot the puck on Tretiak.

Henderson, who had fallen behind the net,

got up and went to the front of the net where he was uncovered. Henderson recovered the rebound of Esposito’s shot, shot the puck and

Paul Henderson and Yvan Cournoyer celebrate the Summit Series winning goal in 1972.

“Cournoyer has it on that wing. Here’s

a shot. Henderson made a wild stab for it and fell. Here’s another shot. Right in front. They score! Henderson has scored for Can- ada!”

u Dinner with Frank Mahovlich continued There I was, beside myself with joy

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was stopped, but recovered the rebound. With Tretiak down, he put the puck past Tretiak with only 34 seconds to play. Foster Hewitt’s voice rose in excitement as he called the win- ning goal:

and no way to express it. I got Shauna to jump up and down to celebrate for me. She must have thought I had come home deranged! There is no expressing to a young audi-

ence today what that win meant to Ca- nadians or even how we felt about our hockey heroes, whose names were on everyone’s lips, no matter how little we might know about the game in general. Frank also told us of being a young

hockey player, up against Rocket Richard for the first time. His job was to shadow the Rocket. “You stay on him,” said the coach. When you get hold of him, don’t let him go.” Frank took this advice to heart and,

sure enough, he soon had the Rocket in his grasp, his arms around him, holding him very tightly. “He tried to elbow me out of the way,” said Frank. “But I held on tight. So he screwed his body around until his nose was just about touching mine and he said in a very firm voice, ‘Let go, Kid.’ I gazed into his eyes and said, ‘Yes Mr. Richard.’” I love that image of the future super- star yielding to his hero, in spite of strict instructions from the top! For those of you too young to remem- ber, Frank Mahovlich was one of the

Goldeyes and CJNU team up for two more years

he Winnipeg Goldeyes, in con- junction with Nostalgia Broad- casting Cooperative, have ex- tended their radio partnership on 93.7 FM CJNU through 2020. CJNU will broadcast all spring train-


ing, regular season, and potential play- off games on 93.7 FM in Winnipeg. Each Goldeyes’ radio broadcast com- mences with a 30-minute pre-game show, and concludes with a 30-minute post-game show. The Around the As- sociation magazine show returns as well, and airs one hour prior to the first pitch of each Saturday broadcast. “We are thrilled to welcome the ‘Boys of Summer’ back to the Winni- peg airwaves for another two years,”

Tom Dercola and Steve Schuster.

said Adam Glynn, station manager at CJNU. The Winnipeg Goldeyes are an important part of the fabric of our city, providing affordable family fun, and actively supporting the community through the Field of Dreams Founda- tion.” The Goldeyes return to the airwaves

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Jan. 30, 2019 with the first installment of The Inside Pitch. The program airs from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on the final Wednesday of each month leading up to the start of spring training (full list of dates below).

Goldeyes’ general manager Andrew Collier said, “Over the past three years, we have enjoyed a very positive rela- tionship with CJNU, which has ben- efitted all parties involved. Our loyal fans and listeners are at the top of that list, and we look forward to providing them with quality broadcasts well into the future.”

Operated by Nostalgia Broadcasting

Cooperative, CJNU is a not-for-profit community radio station. Its unique

programming includes a nostalgic mu- sic focus combined with information about the Winnipeg community and its vital organizations Each month, the

volunteers of

CJNU take their studio to a new com- munity location to engage the listening public directly with their community radio station, and are actively involved in helping numerous charitable orga- nizations across Manitoba share their important stories. 2019 Inside Pitch Radio Show

Dates: Wednesday, January 30th Wednesday, February 27th Wednesday, March 27th Wednesday, April 24th

greatest hockey players of all times and, in 2017, was named one of the top 100 Greatest NHL Players. He will turn 81 this coming January 10 and is still tall, erect and full of life. During his visit to Moscow last year, Putin became very expansive – lots of vodka was imbibed – and the guests were given an underground tour of the Krem- lin. Here they were shown vast stores of precious metals and jewels. There were big boulders of gold, said Frank, and heaps of emeralds and rubies and dia- monds. It was mind-boggling. That got me thinking: what good is

that stuff anymore? Does it have any real intrinsic value? Do you collect dia- monds and gold now? Our real wealth is in knowledge and the ability to use it. Stuff, material things, is just stuff that we desire for a while, then tire of and replace with new stuff. If Russia is really relying on its stores of obsolete minerals as the basis for wealth, then I think they are in for a sad surprise some day in the not- too-distant future.

But then, maybe I’m just showing my

age. After all, as they say, you can’t take it with you, so what the heck is the point? What is wonderful, though, is meeting a guy like Frank Mahovlich and hearing his stories.

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