Concordia Celebrates 90 Years

A legacy of care: Concordia celebrates 90 years

On October 28, 2018, the Concordia family and community will hold a 90th Anniversary Reunion and Celebra- tion. Tis Sunday aſternoon program will be held at the Canadian Mennonite University with a program of music, food, dedication and show of appreciation for the people who have made this possible today. A Purposeful Vision

It was 1927 on a cold New Year’s Eve in Winnipeg. A

small group of former students of the Halbstadt Commercial School in Russia (now Ukraine) met for a social reunion. The upheavals of the previous decade in the former Soviet Union had brought people to Canada to find a better life. This group of new arrivals organized themselves as the Con- cordia Society and discussed the possibility of sponsoring a community project. The ethos of the Mennonite people has always been community service, sharing, collaboration and giving back. Once in Canada, this continued. A Maternity Hospital

Jakob Kroeker, who served as an orderly in the Bethania

Institute at Alt-Kronsweide in Russia, suggested that they establish a maternity hospital in Winnipeg. Within two months of establishing their purpose and vision, the group had successfully raised $1,000—enough to take concrete steps to acquire a facility and hire people to run the mater- nity home. Sara and Tina Koop became the first staff at the new location: 291 Machray, in West Kildonan. By the end of the year, over 28 babies were born in the first Concordia. In 1931, the hospital incorporated and undertook expan-

sions to care for medical and surgical patients. Later that year, the site at 720 Beverly Street was officially dedicated. Te current hospital on Concordia Avenue was built in

1974. Te growth that followed has continued to the present day and has been steady and strategic as it adapts to the needs of the community.

A Firm Foundation

Fast forward to 1984, when the “Concordia Hospital Foun- dation” was formed to raise funds to support the hospital.

Concordia nursing staff and other staff in May 1931.

One of the first major donations came from Thomas Sill, who later went on to form a charitable foundation in Winnipeg, The Thomas Sill Foundation. The hospital foundation raised funds for cutting-edge equipment, including a CT scanner. Other major contributors made it possible for Concordia to expand its facilities in new directions, including community

members, Martin Bergen, the DeFehr Foundation, the Win- nipeg Foundation, and the many volunteers and auxiliary members who tirelessly raised funds. A Centre of Excellence

During the 90s, the concept of “centre of excellence” took

root, and Concordia began the process in 1993 of establish- ing a centre of excellence in orthopaedics headed by Dr. Helmut Hubert. In 1994, the year it opened, the Concordia Hip and Knee program performed 200 hip replacements. To- day, our skilled surgeons perform approximately 1,500 joint replacements per year. In 2001, the program expanded to include a teaching component. In 2002, Concordia became the first community hospital in Canada to have a Surgical Accredited Teaching program. Serving the Next 90 Years, and Beyond

Te vision of Concordia Hospital’s original founding

group in 1927 abides today. Te Concordia campus serves a wide spectrum of community members—from the children in our Concordia Child Care Centre, to seniors living at Concordia Place and the residential services of the Con- cordia Villages. Many aspects of our vision have remained constant these

past 90 years. Service and healing remain, and will forever remain, at the heart of what we do. So will adaptability, as we remain committed to meeting the changing needs of you and the community in the decades ahead. Tanks to Abe J. Dueck, the author of Concordia Hospi-

tal: Faith, Health and Community (2003) for his historical retrospective. For a copy of this book, please contact the Concordia Foundation at for a free copy.


Serving Our Community

You are a key player in the future and quality of healthcare for our region. Your donation to the Concordia Foundation supports research and patient care at Concordia Hospital, and enhances our cutting-edge research in joint replacement. Every donation makes a difference.

DONATE NOW! Call 204.661.7156 or donate online at WWW.CONCORDIAFOUNDATION.COM

Autumn 2018

The Concordia Way 9

1928 Concordia Society founded as a maternity hospital in a private home on Machray Avenue

1930-31 Hospital renamed Mennonite Concordia Hospital, granted official provincial incorporation

1933 Hospital purchases Elmwood Sanitorium

1953, 1958 Hospital expands

1964 Hospital purchases land at current location

1974 Hospital relocates and opens with 124 beds

1985 Hospital expands emergency department

2000 Concordia Place personal care home opens with 140 beds

2004 Concordia Wellness Projects Inc. founded

2005 Hospital establishes hip and knee replacement program 2006 Concordia Village I opens

2008 Hospital emergency department undergoes major renovation, Concordia Village II opens, Concordia Hip & Knee Institute opens

2010 Concordia Village III opens

2013 Concordia Community Clinic opens

2016 Concordia Village Centre expansion 2017 Comfort Care Rooms open 2018 90 th


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