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Your donation to the

Juliette Bousquet Fund will help create three more Comfort Care Rooms—

calm, serene rooms that provide privacy and dignity for Concordia patients and residents nearing the end of their lives, and their families.

Call us at

204.661.7156 or donate online at


Comfort Care is providing so much more than a hospital room

compassionate way. Te Concordia Founda- tion has fully embraced this as one of our top priorities with the ultimate goal of creating a


Special thanks to the donors of the Comfort Care Campaign

Room One: Roger Gripp in memory

of Rev. Mark Gripp. Dedicated Febru- ary 2017. Room Two: Wawanesa Insurance.

Dedicated November 2017 Room Tree: Te Anna Room made

possible by Peter and Revita Dyck in memory of Anna Harder, Anna Dyck, Anna Bergen Dyck. Dedicated on July 13, 2018 Room Four: The Juliette Room in

memory of Juliette Bousquet who was one of the first people to use the first Comfort Care room. Made possible through the donations from family members, friends, and proceeds from the Gala and Golf Tournament in 2018 and our friends at PCL for their volunteerism that made this room possible.

oncordia is committed to quality end- of-life care and to supporting people and their loved ones in a deep and

serene, calm, private environment for people nearing the end of life. We are happy to report that four of the five allocated rooms have been funded by private donors and have brought comfort and care to people since the day they were completed.

Special Thanks go to PCL Constructors Canada Inc. and

contractors for their labour of love

Companies who donated labour and

care to help us complete the Juliette Room in September 2018:

• PCL Constructors Canada and Chad Keuler, Manager Special Projects

• Antex Western - flooring • Allco Electric - electrical

• Derksen Plumbing and Heating - me- chanical

• Winmar – demolition and abatement

• Accurate Dorwin -window removal and replacement

• Sleva Drywall - drywall and ceilings Dedication of Anna’s Room

On July 13, 2018, we dedicated our third Comfort Care Room in tribute to Anna Regier Harder, Anna Bergen Dyck and Anna Dyck. Peter and Revita Dyck donated the room to honour their mothers’ and sister’s memory. Teir hope and prayer is that this room provides dignity to people in their final hours and provides families with the privacy and comfort to be with their loved ones.

“Uphold this room with love; Enfold this room with care and compassion and dignity; And bless this room with peace for evermore.”

Anna Regier Harder, mother of Revita Dyck Anna Bergen Dyck, mother of Peter Dyck Anna Dyck, sister of Peter Dyck

and freedom. They sojourned westward on open train cars, but mostly on foot, until they reached Germany. At the time, Germany was unable to offer

I FOUNDATION 10 The Concordia Way

them protection from repatriation and so, with the help of MCC, they moved on to the Chaco, Paraguay. Tey worked tirelessly to earn a livelihood, but they had their freedom. As

n 1943 these three women, along with their families, had to flee their war-torn homeland Russia for their own safety

circumstances changed, but at different times, the Harder and Dyck families immigrated to Canada. However, Anna Bergen Dyck passed away unexpectedly and has her eternal resting place in the Chaco. In Canada the families enjoyed a comfort-

able life with all their needs being met, for which they were very thankful. Tey were survivors in life and death and

their lives will live on forever in the hearts and souls they have touched. In remembrance of the Annas' we dedicated this room to the glory of God and for the comfort and dignity of others. Dedicated on this 13th day of July 2018 by Peter and Revita Dyck.

Autumn 2018

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