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Panto ahoy! Pan


CHRISTMAS is coming and so is the pantomime at the Hazlitt Theatre in Maidstone. The cast, who were supported by

THE cast of Cinderella, which is to be staged at the Hazlitt Theatre in Maid- stone, took to the River Medway to launch this year's panto. On board The Kentish Lady were

tocastsail to

children from East Borough Primary School, launched the productionwith a boat trip along theMedway. Aladdin will star stand-up comic,

actor and singer Richard Blackwood as the genie, and runs throughout December at the famous 3 5 0 -seater venue. 1 0

national treasure Rustie Lee (Fairy Godmother), former EastEnder Ste- fan Booth (Prince Charming), Eliza- beth Bright (Cinderella), Craig Anderson (Buttons) and, pictured, Stephen Richards and Adam Bor- zone (Ugly Sisters) . They were greeted by pupils from

South Borough Primary School and members of the media. The panto runs from December 1-31. For tick- ets go to

Scien ce school agreed despite traffic con cern

A SCHEME to buildasciencea Gra

for the 1 ,2 0 0 -pupil school, to be run by the Valley InvictaAca Trust (VIAT) ca opening da An a

Burberry Lane, near Leeds and Broomfield, has been targeted by waste dumpers for years, but in re-

cent months, the problem has be- a comemore acute.

the Ministry for Communities, Housing a (MCHLG) a VIATa

tee members, who were worried a a

core, windows and household fur- niture is left illegally – often strewn in themiddle of the road. Cllr Gill Fort said: “Everymonth

sta ndMBC’s pla bout bus routes, tra

for theMaidstone School for Science a

nd Technology (MSST). MP Helen Wha delighted VIAT ha hea

we are having toilets, sinks and construction waste dumped in the village, specifically in Burberry Lane, where we are now thinking of installing cameras on private land, to oversee the problem area.” A recent event in Burberry Lane

go-a d…(but) steps must be proposals.”

saw a caravan burned out while a torched car remains on a footpath

s been given the

nd the loss of trees. Membersdidnotdispute the need

Constructionwaste, rubble, hard nd Local Government

nnouncement wa

te of September 2 0 1 9 . s ma

n goa d witha de by


ftera nd-off between nning commit-

ffic congestion

d mies’ n

mma nd Valley Pa Government inspectors saidpla ta

ra ns

many instances of illegal dumping. But it is a problem inmany rural

The roa re alrea

areas including Langley, Otham and Kingswood. Water Lane in Bearsted and Pilgrims Way have also been targeted recently. Last year, Maidstone Borough

rby.” reta

AMCHLGreports said:“ ry of sta

te (Ja

tely said: “ mI a the need for the newschoola cts significa

Council cleared 911 cases of fly-tip- ping and this year more than 163 have been recorded since April. The approaching darker evenings will prompt a rise in illegal tipping. Cllr Fort welcomed a joint initia-

considers tha ca

use ha

nda ttra

proposal. “

a ppea nce,a a ctsmodera

rm to the a ra

nd tha teweighta nt weight in fa

tive by the Environment Agency and the Driver and Vehicle Stan- dards Agency to clamp down on

CCTV call in a bid to stop fly-tipping

CALLS for the installation of CCTV cameras to prevent fly-tipping on a country road have been made by the local borough councillor. Valley Pa

rk schools ha ken to ensure tha

nearby, more than a year after it was dumped and set on fire. The church car park has also seen

t the majority of

pupilswalk or cycle or use buses to get to theMSST. “

ds surrounding the site develop aschool tha dy congested during rush

hour, so everythingpossiblemust be done tominimise impa living nea

ct on people The sec-

t the loss of treeswould nala rea’s cha cter

mes Brokenshire) ra

t this ha rm

He nevertheless considers tha stone Borough Council ha ttra

gainst the t

to requesta

vour of the were imposing conditions tha vieweda

mile-long stretch of road through Leeds village produces an average 32 black sacks of rubbish.

edly failed to ma s unrea ble.” sona


In the top 1% of UK web design companies

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parish councillor, says teaching children about social responsibility and the issue of litter in schools will help take the issue off the streets. She believes with every household receiving a weekly refuse collection service, there is no excuse for litter being thrown from vehicles or dumped in the road.

Cllr Fort, who also serves as a ma

cil's pla wa

plica a

tha Pla

dica s most unfortuna n a gainst non-determina

proved the development ha been given the opportunity.”

Councillor Clive English, chair- n of Maidstone Borough Coun- nning committee, said: “ te tha

t the a It p-

nt chose to file a ppeal tion ra


n wait for adecision from the nning Committee. Members in- ted tha

t they would ha p- d they web design google promotion ecommerce

visit or call 08000 199622 01622 880840

Home Alarms supplied and fitted ta

ry school pla “

Our only sa

unlicensed waste carriers, but be- lieves the cost to small firms of dis- posing of construction waste at a transfer station is proving a deter- rent that is costing councilsmore. Cllr Fort made her remarks as


Co-CEO of VIATa We ha

one of the borough’s closest trans- fer stations at North Farm, Tun- bridge Wells, announced it will be closed for 10weeks. She added: “If you go along the

genuine excitement to those pa in our community who a concerneda a

bout the la cesa

line of increasing fines, they have to be enforced. A reduction in the charge or offering it free may have the desired similar effect.” Athree-monthly litter pick on the

been successful wa s ma

before the 2 0 1 5 general election. “

vaila nd principal of

rk School, Vic Ashdown, ve worked tirelessly to

ck of second- ble.

Praise for rail staff

t will provide Obituaries rents

ken to get to this point. The origi- nnouncement tha

dness is the time t our bid ha


d repea nd

sMaid- t-

re rightly Parish Councils 34-35 Obituaries Parish Coun

d de shortly

We were left with no choice but public enquirya

ASH dieback has been discovered in Monks Meadow in Detling; Hollingbourne village fete stall- holder co-ordinator Jean Duffy has resigned; yellow lines are needed for Buffkyn Way, Otham, to allow buses through Imperial Park; rub- bish bins in the sports field in Kingswoodare to be moved over to the picnic area and rear exit.

RAILWAYstaff have been praised for saving a commuter who had collapsed.


3 1 3 6

cils 3 7

ADOG walker complained that the parish field had been taken over by participants of a fun day in Barm- in

g. In future, the event will be ad- vertised in advance.

t we Crime Reports 35

VEHICLES have been driven over farmland in Lenham, causing damge to crops; an attempted break-in was reported in Detling; a vehicle was vandalised in Bearsted Rd, Weavering; pumpkins were stolen from an allotment in Lenham.

A CAR was taken in a burglary in Allin

Crime Reports 3 7 gton; a vehicle’s tyre was let

ve a Comment 46-47donRoad. Comment 4 6 -4 7

down in a car park in UnionStreet; lead was stolen from the roof of a church in St Faith’s Street; three teenagers tried to steal a dog from its walker in ParkWood, one was of the thieves was bitten; a bicycle was damaged in Park Wood; cash was stolen fromcars in Lon

Maidstone & Malling’s No. 1 newspaper

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Maidstone & Malling’s No. 1 newspaper

FREE No. 259

Kate, 107, dies

KATE Hart, a resident at an old people’s home in Bearsted, has died aged 107, her son David has disclosed.

HELEN Whately asked the government to halt the borough’s housing scheme.

News Pub celebrates gon

MP’s Local Plan bid 3 Gardenvillage plan4s Plans for Dr Nigel 6 Caravanburn

AMAJOR plan for a “garden vil- lage” in Detling has been submitted to the council.

THE widow of GP Dr Nigel Minnet will walk the Grand Canyon for charity. 12

t out

Jason Donovan date Comic Jimsells out18

THE former Neighbours star brings his show to the Hazlitt Theatre next May.

TOP comic JimDavidson has virtually sold out two nights at the Hazlitt.

M2 0 chaoscon

nd technology collegealongside Invicta s been given the green light.


M2 0 crashes have prompted fears there will be chaos after Brexit in 2 0 1 9 .

1 6 s

2 0

A CARAVAN used by travellers on the green at Shepway was burnt out.

1 0

AMAIDSTONE town centre pub is celebrating after being given an award by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

3 g

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