I wear an analogue wristwatch and it tells me the time and date. Can you guess what it does not do?

You may guess that it doesn't display emails and social media messages, doesn't send or receive text messages, doesn't remind my appointments, not make a cup of coffee or tell me how many more steps I need to walk to achieve my target for the day. If it did any one of these things, believe me when I say that each time I checked the time, there will be more than one thing distracting me from doing what I am actually supposed to be doing! I remember the first mobile phone I used was like carrying a brick and it could be used only to make phone calls. As the phones got smaller and lighter we have become accustomed to using them for anything other than making a phone call. My wife and my mother often comment that they cannot speak to me when needed because either I am driving, or at a meeting, or there is no signal where I am.

Today, we have millions of things thrown at us from many directions to entertain us, or in other words, to distract us from God our creator. The fact is, he is only a prayer distance away from wherever we are. He doesn't get distracted when we call him, he is never too busy to approach, and we do not have to worry about signal strength either. We can call out to him, whether we are cruising along in life, or going through a difficult time, we can still reach out to him and he longs to help us, walk alongside us and have a relationship with us.

In our busy life, can we stop for a moment to consider the possibility of a creator God, to reconcile and connect with him? You may be pleasantly surprised that he is closer than you realise! Coming back to my first question, do you know what one thing I would like my watch to tell me? How much time I have left!

Sincerely, Sudharshan

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Three years ago, after my mother’s death, I realised I’d been feeling stuck for a long time: like I wasn’t living a crucial aspect of my life, but I didn’t know what.

Self-care from the inside out pondered, it became clear that the common

theme threading through all my work was self-care.

I’ve taught Alexander Technique for over 12 years, having practised it myself for nearly 26 years. It has given me immense relief from my chronic lower back pain and changed my way of thinking and my approach to life – learning to choose my response rather than simply react out of habit, but I now wanted something more.

New choices

I was deeply drawn to train as a meditation teacher with The Meditation Centre in Dent and it was there I understood that the part of me I hadn’t been connecting with was my spiritual side. During that course, I also could see that my Reiki work was something I wanted to share as a practitioner.

While doing my meditation teacher training, I chanced upon the opportunity to train as a sound therapy practitioner with The British Academy of Sound Therapy, which I joyfully chose.

What was I now?

Suddenly, I went from being solely an Alexander teacher for 12 years, to having all sorts of labels! What was I now? As I


What I do is help people transform their lives with self-care from the inside out. Teaching them powerful, yet simple, tools that become a way of life, enabling them to look after their mental, emotional and physical health, and spiritual health if they want.

Kathy Hick Self-care with Soul

Alexander Technique, Meditation, Reiki and Sound Therapy, in 1:1 sessions, courses, day retreats. In 2019, adding silent retreats and sound baths.

Relax & Recharge: Reconnect to Your Self day retreat

10.30am-4.30pm, 17th November, £40.00, Loweswater Village Hall, near Cockermouth

Advance booking only, on or 07929 753 444

© Helen Whitaker

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