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For people who are serious about protecting their assets to ensure their beneficiaries will actually inherit as much of their estate as is possible the Co-op have developed an ‘Advanced Protection Plan’. This is a full package of Estate Planning documents that comprehensively does the job.

The Advanced Protection Plan places the family home into Trust now, giving it a legal identity of its own and crucially removing it from the current owner’s estate. [This can only be done if the Settlors are in good health]. Specific beneficiaries of the Trust are nominated and the property then doesn’t pass through the Probate system as it is outside of the estate. All other assets (savings, further properties) are covered by Wills which can also protect such assets belonging to the first deceased of a couple. Further included in the Plan are the creation of Property and Financial Affairs and Health and Care Lasting Power of Attorney documents and the preparation of the Office of Public Guardian Registration documents to enable the Attorney’s powers to be used.

Before undertaking any advanced estate planning I undertake a detailed discussion of all aspects of the Advanced Protection Plan (allow two to three hours for this appointment). House and Will Trustees can be the beneficiaries provided they are over 18 thereby enabling the decision making and estate administration to be kept within the family.

All documents are produced by Co-op Legal Services who are regulated by the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority. Documents are also covered by £3m of Indemnity Insurance for their lifetime. The signing of all documents by the Settlors is personally overseen by me. Free lifetime storage of all documentation is provided as is a copy of each document.

I am based just below the Whinlatter Pass on the west side. I will come to visit you or you are welcome to come to me. There is no consultation or hourly charge, you only pay for the documentation we provide.

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Richard Johnson Estate Planning Practitioner


The 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia were an unprecedented success. Gold medals rained down on the home nations like confetti and there was a general sense of pride. But this wasn’t always the case.

In the ‘old days’, before London 2012, Britain didn’t win medals. In fact we can usually name the gold medal winners individually even after all this time. Why have we suddenly become so good?

The main reason is we’ve adopted a ‘training camp’ system of preparation, previously used by the Australians. The idea behind this is to bring together in one place all the best athletes, the best coaches, the best dieticians, doctors and physiotherapists, and of course the best technology and knowhow, and then develop elite performance through hard work, attention to detail and total honesty.

Keswick School has the same philosophy. Our motto is Levavi oculos – ‘Lift up your eyes’ – and this sums up the ethos of the school. We’re dedicated to outstanding performance. This is recognised by Ofsted with the school being graded ‘outstanding’ in every category.

We work hard to instil a refusal to give up in our students. This has been achieved through a combination of inspirational teaching and a shared ambition between students, staff and parents. We expect students to develop the determination and courage needed to overcome any challenge. That’s a characteristic of a Keswick School student and essential preparation for their future success.

So what do we do?

The secret to our success is that we are a happy school community. It’s difficult to

quantify this ‘happiness’ factor and in a world of valuing what you can measure rather than measuring what you value it’s not something that’s included in league tables. However we think it is the most important ingredient for success and it’s essential if a school is to become highly aspirational.

We invest time and energy to foster a strong, supportive and caring community. This is supported by a 90 strong team of Year 13 prefects, over 100 subject and peer mentors and a comprehensive pupil coaching programme.

Students and staff are encouraged to innovate. We’ve developed the idea of flipped learning and use Google Drive to support our students’ learning outside the classroom. If there’s the opportunity to do something a different and it appeals to our sense of excitement we’ll seize it with both hands.

Our iPerform festival typifies this approach. The festival culminated with a 900 strong choreographed performance. Search for ‘Keswick School iPerform’ to see the result!

Students perform equally impressively on the sports field. A number of recent past students are making a mark at national and professional level. The magic of all this is seeing our students’ confidence grow. The consequence is ambition and from this high academic achievement follows.

So have we hit gold? Well in Chemistry one pupil, dazzled by his first experience of practical work in a laboratory, was overheard saying ‘This is just like alchemy’ to which his friend replied ‘That’s why I came to Keswick School!’

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