In October, Year 6 parents have to make a decision about where they would like their children to go for their secondary education.

At Cockermouth School we try hard to provide parents with as much information as we are able and to give students as many different opportunities to experience the secondary school environment as we possibly can.

This process culminated with our Year 6 Open Evening which happened this year on Thursday 27th September. The Open Evening is a fabulous evening and always one of the highlights of our school calendar, as it is always a pleasure to demonstrate to our community the excellent school that they have on their doorstep.

The response we get from our staff and students is fantastic, as we display a range of different activities in each of the subject areas. We encourage the Year 6 students and their parents to follow an introductory talk, by exploring and engaging with a full guided or self-guided tour of the school.

It is immensely satisfying to watch our committed and highly skilled staff, interacting and engaging with the students throughout the evening. It is brilliant to see the interactions and feel the enthusiasm of the Year 6 students, as they start to understand the opportunities and excitement that lie ahead of them. It is equally heart-warming to watch our existing students, representing Cockermouth School so proudly and so impressively, knowing that they were in the same position only a few years, or in some cases months ago.

There is no question, that starting at secondary school is a big step and a carefully thought out and supported transition is vital. We are always keen to stress to students and parents that this is a journey that we will go through together.

In the last few years, we have enjoyed a successful Ofsted inspection and some fabulous examination results and quite rightly, parents will look to this to guide their decision.

On the Open Evening and through the process of transition, we are keen to demonstrate not only how we have achieved this success but also to highlight the values of our school that ensure all students who join us will be nurtured, supported and guided through the next step of their educational journey.

Applications from Year 6 parents must be made by 31st October. We look forward to working with all of the parents and students from across West Cumbria, who are successful in obtaining a place at Cockermouth School in September 2019.

Mr. Ian Routledge Assistant Headteacher

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Ship Visit!

I was recently lucky enough to spend the day in a land far, far away, where they talk funny and have a big wall built by an Italian called Adrian! Yes, you’ve guessed correctly I was in Wallsend where the stunning 6-star Seabourn Ovation was berthed for the day, as part of a round Britain and Ireland cruise. Ovation is an amazing luxury ship, with a crew member for each of the 600 passengers, stunning suites, fine dining, a spa, gym, water sports dock, it has everything for cruisers who love to be pampered!

Thomas Cook's Club new hotel in Hersonissos in Crete opened a few weeks ago offering new and innovative entertainment options!

They have ‘Escape Rooms’ where you have to master different tasks and solve puzzles to free yourself from a room in a given time. Cook's Club offers three rooms with different scenarios: a horror scenario based on Stephen King's cult novel ‘ES’, a countdown scenario around a bomb disposal and a puzzle scenario called ‘The Box’, where guests must solve various puzzles to escape from the room.

My favourite is called the ‘Rage Room’ where you are fitted with protective equipment and are free to let off steam for 20 to 40 minutes by smashing bottles or vases with your weapon of choice, such as a baseball bat. Apparently, you come out feeling extra

Cockermouth Travel, 60 Main Street, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9LU tel: 01900 822308


chilled and relaxed! Might be a good idea for CT right now, as we seem to be spending way too much time fixing problems created by tour operators and airlines messing customers about!

Another highlight in Cook's Club is the exclusive private disco, which is already in high demand among the guests. The small clubroom can accommodate up to ten people and is equipped with everything that makes a good party in a private atmosphere: disco ball, karaoke, video screen and an extensive playlist from which guests can choose their favourite party songs. The room is soundproofed and can be rented by the minute up to three hours at a time 24 hours a day.

Don’t sit there!

Venice is beautiful but expensive, now even just sitting down could soon cost you your hard-earned Euros! The city's mayor, Luigi (Grumpypants) Brugnaro, has proposed a fine of up to €500 for anyone sitting down in an undesignated spot. This isn't without precedent in Venice. People are already banned from sitting in tourist hotspots St. Mark's Square, or the Rialto Bridge. I can understand how difficult it must be to manage such a heavily-visited ancient city but perhaps the answer would be to create more places for tired tourists to rest their weary limbs!

Paul Cusack ISSUE 430 | 18 OCTOBER 2018 | 32 20127

Cockermouth TRA VEL

Join us for an exclusive evening with experts from African Pride

Discover all about South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana Thursday 15th November

Start at 6.15pm, wine and soft drinks provided. Approx 45 minute presentation followed by time for questions.

We charge £2.50 for the evening which will be donated to a local charity.

Places are strictly limited so please call to book 01900 822308

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