All-new Peugeot 508 at speed! PHOTO © PEUGEOT UK PRESS

Autumn traditionally being the time when car makers unveil their new models, here’s a glimpse of just a few cars that graced the razzmatazz of the Paris Motor Show which opened at the beginning of October.

When Peugeot announced a couple of years ago that it was re-inventing the character of the brand, the news might have been greeted with scepticism. The proof is apparent with the revelation of the all-new sleek 508 hatch which nudges the like of Jaguar, Lexus and the big three German marques regarding quality and driving temperament. The GT and GT Line models are particularly well-equipped, and the interiors exceptionally comfortable and stylish. Impressive, too, is the handling, while performance lacks for nothing courtesy a choice of 1.6-litre petrol or 2.0- litre diesel engines. With four trim levels, manual or automatic transmission plus a luxurious First Edition, prices start at £25,000 rising to £37,000.

.. 508 Fastback interior PHOTO © PEUGEOT UK PRESS

transmission is performance-biased and yet promises up to 40mpg economy. Based on Alfa’s Giulia platform, immediate throttle response, deft handling with sharp steering and fine ride quality are all part of the Stelvio’s charm. For customers not set on all-wheel drive, there’s a more prosaic rear-wheel drive option. Starting price is £33,990, though the test car commands a fraction below £48,500.

Latest Dacia Duster PHOTO © M.BOBBITT Alfa Romeo Stelvio PHOTO © M.BOBBITT

Alfa-Romeo’s foray into the popular compact SUV market sees the Stelvio offering a 4x4 combining typically Italian verve with chic styling. The 2.0 litre petrol engine mated to a silky 8-speed automatic


At the opposite end of the SUV market is the wonderfully engaging Dacia Duster which comes in either 2- or 4-wheel drive formats with prices beginning below £10,000. The Duster has come a long way since its launch in Britain a few years ago, and while it still offers tremendous value for money, the upper trim levels are no longer basic beyond belief. Opt for the top level Prestige all-wheel drive version and you’ll fork out £16,395. Sensible fun is

Final glance at what’s new, at least for this month, is the big box on wheels that’s the all-new Citroën Berlingo. When it was invented a decade or so ago it set a trend which many manufacturers copied. Forget its critics that liken it to a van with seats, windows and sliding rear doors: it’s far better than that with its exceptional driving position, capacious interior, excellent ride quality and an individualism that puts it apart from anything else. Prices begin at £19,070 for the Feel model and £21,360 for the remarkably-equipped Flair.

Malcolm Bobbitt

ISSUE 430 | 18 OCTOBER 2018 | 21

what you get from the Duster with its superbly comfortable seats, soft suspension and no-frills finish. All-round visibility is good, the controls are well positioned and easy to use while the equipment is pared to what is essential, which on the most expensive options includes satellite navigation. Once you accept the Duster’s ethos and characteristics you’ll wonder why you thought of paying twice or three times the amount for a car that will do exactly the same, but without the glitter and finery.

Citroen Berlingo Flair.. PHOTO © M. BOBBITT

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