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Retail technology adoption favours AV

According to Which?, online sales increased by 14% year- on-year between 2016 and 2017,does this spell the end of the hight street?

Saville restructures with new divisions

Saville Audio Visual, the leading AV integrator and live event spe- cialist, is set to launch three new visual identities and revamped websites after enjoying a period of strong growth. ‘Saville Group’ has been revealed as the new parent brand. It will be joined by Sparq and Visavvi as the company’s live events business and the AV sys- tems specialists respectively. Colin Nixey, Joint Managing Di- rector of Saville Group, said: “So far 2018 has been one of our bus- iest years yet. We have invested in creating three new brands to fu- tureproof the company, as well as ensuring our people are the best in the business so that we can con- tinue to support new and existing clients across the UK, Europe and the US.

“Our first-rate, highly trained workforce of more than 200 skilled professionals is hugely im- portant to our success. It means we can continue to provide excel- lent service, produce exciting live events and deliver innovative busi- ness collaboration solutions to our clients.”

The brand launches have been supported with the unveiling of three new responsive

websites:; www.visavvi. com; and Andy Dyson, Joint Managing Di- rector of Saville Group, said: “Our industry is continually evolving and over a sustained period of very strong growth, which has brought turnover to more than £41 m, the board decided we needed to see a change in the way in which we present ourselves through our brands. This will ensure we set the standard for live events and busi- ness collaboration for our clients now and in coming years.” The process means that Sav-

ille Group, Sparq and Visavvi will be bringing key strengths to the

‘Saville Group’ has been revealed as the new parent brand. It will be joined by Sparq and Visav- vi as the company’s live events business and the AV systems specialists. Colin Nixey, Joint Managing Di- rector of Saville Group: “Our brand transformation project has given us an excellent opportuni- ty to review and consolidate our core values as a company.”

curately reflect who we are and our approach to working closely with our clients. It’s been an incredibly positive experience for our teams, uniting us with one clear vision and approach for the future.”

forefront of the businesses. “To do this, our clients and our peo- ple were heavily involved in the change process, with some fantas- tic feedback that was included at the heart of the changes,” contin- ued Andy Dyson Colin Nixey, added: “Our brand transformation project has given us an excellent opportunity to re- view and consolidate our core val- ues as a company. We’ve created three exciting new brands that ac-

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“The purpose of computers today is to collaborate.”

“The purpose of computers today is to collaborate,” said Oblong CEO an acknowl- edged tech visionary John Underkoffler at Connect

New AVIXA rack building standard

AVIXA has announced the re- lease of a new standard, Rack Building for Audiovisual Sys- tems (F502.01:2018), which details the requirements for integrating AV systems into racks by providing a process for consistent assembly, mounting, and cable management. The standard covers the fun- damental elements of building a reliable AV equipment rack, including:

•Assembly of AV equipment racks, associated options, and accessories in single and multi- rack installations. •Mounting and affixing of rack- mount and non-rack-mount AV equipment.

•Cable management, including planning, lacing, location, and separation of signal and power cables for cable management entering and within racks. •Final cleaning, labelling, and finishing of the AV rack build.

ViewSonic Europe has an- nounced the UK launch

AVIXA's forthcoming standard AV Rack Design will outline the requirements for AV planning, design, accommodation, and equipment layout. The stan- dard will be published in 2019. “An improperly assembled

AV rack leads to negative con- sequences

for the system's

performance, and the end users are the ones that suf- fer," said Ann Brigida, CTS, CStd, AVIXA's Senior Director of Standards. "This standard provides well-vetted guidance from experts around the globe that will improve the quality and consistency of AV system racks. We've included sever- al illustrations and diagrams within the published standard to make it easier for people to implement into their projects. As with all standards, it is de- signed to ultimately elevate the end user's experience.”

Midwich Group

Interim results from the Mid- wich Group report a revenue increase of 24.8% to £264.1 million (24.3% on constant currency basis), a gross prof- it margin of 16.2%, (a 0.9 percentage point increase on H1 2017). Adjusted operat- ing profit increased by 27.7% to £13.5 million (27.4% on constant currency basis). Op- erational highlights include: double digit revenue and prof- it growth in all territories; in- vestment in new geographies and development of specialist broadcast, lighting and audio segments enhancing both rev- enue growth and gross mar- gin.

Recent acquisitions include: August 2018 – Acquisition of Bauer & Trummer GmbH (trad- ing as New Media), a leading distributor of professional video and broadcast equipment based in Nuremberg, Germany and op-


its newest interactive display – the IFP2710. Intuitively designed to be used in both educational and corporate settings, the 27-inch panel enables up to 10 users to an- notate and edit content simul- taneously – making collective discussions easier and more engaging.

One of the most unique fea-

tures of the display is its er- gonomic design that enables its 180-degree horizontal swivel functionality – allowing the display to be laid flat to improve the effectiveness of group work. The IFP2710 also features ultra-durable protec- tive glass with a scratch-re-

sistant coating to protect the screen from damage caused by heavy usage or impact in

crowed spaces, such as class- rooms.

For users looking to annotate

The direct channel to the industry

publishes interim results

erating across the German, Austrian and Swiss markets; and, September 2018 – Acquisition of Sound Direc- tions France SAS (trading as Perfect Sound), a small specialist audio dis- tributor based in St Etienne, France.

Stephen Fenby, Managing Director of Midwich Group: “The pipeline for strategic acquisitions across the territories in which we operate remains strong.”

Collaborative flat panel from ViewSonic

The IFP2710 is available now via ViewSonic Europe’s official chan- nel network.


Logitech MeetUp Kit with Intel NUC

Logitech_Ad_AV_Mag_MeetUP_NUC_266x40_0718.indd 1 up 23.07.18 14:43

presentations and then display the content on a larger second display, the IFP2710 can be easily connected via its HDMI port or a LAN network cable. For teachers, this enables them to edit content and project the updated lesson materials to the class without needing to turn their backs on the students. Tony White, AV Director at ViewSonic Europe commented: “IFP sales in the market have increased by 16 per cent in the last year as more organisations reap the benefits of modern AV technology. The IFP2710 is a flexible and intuitive small- sized panel which offers users an expert suite of collaborative tools normally reserved for larger touch panels.”

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