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rganic waste that breaks down anaerobically in land-fills produces methane, the most potent of the green-house gases. Since food waste makes up to 25% of the waste stream, and yard waste is banned from North Carolina landfills, it makes environmental and economic sense to manage organic wastes at home. Less garbage means lower disposal costs and your kitchen scraps make great natural fertilizer. Well-made compost has a nutrient rich balance of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (N-P-K), close to a neutral pH, and a host of beneficial microorganisms. This means you are improving the health of the soil nat- urally. Synthetic fertilizers are often too high in nitrogen, are prone to washing out of the soil too quickly to be of long-term benefit to your plants, and they destroy the microorganisms that help keep your soil healthy. They also cause higher levels of nitrogen in our waterways. A

healthy organic soil makes for vigorous plant growth with natural resistance to pests and disease and more nutritious vegetables. Using your homemade compost will allow you to stop buying expensive synthetic fertiliz- ers that destroy your soil and wind up in our waterways. You will also save on your water bill as adding com- post protects soils from drying out. A compost rich soil beneath a top-dressing of mulch retains moisture and reduces the need for both weeding and watering. A FREE composting class will be held from 10- 11:30am, Saturday, October 13 at the Composting Demonstration Site located at the Orange County Solid Waste Administrative Office, 1207 Eubanks Road in Chapel Hill. Contact Muriel Williman at 919-968-2788 or email

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Learn How to Make


FREE! Learn how to compost indoors using worms, or outdoors using a variety of containers and recipes.

Saturday, October 13 10:00–11:30 a.m.

Compost Demonstration Site: OC Solid Waste Management Administrative Offi ce 1207 Eubanks Road Chapel Hill

The healer

you have been looking for is your own

courage to know and love

yourself completely. —Yung Pueblo

Taught by Orange County Solid Waste Management’s composting expert, Muriel Williman.

No registration is necessary and children are welcome with an adult. For more info: call 919-968-2788 or

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