says Gene Stone, a plant-based diet expert in Hudson, New York, and author of the bestselling Forks Over Knives: Te Plant- Based Way to Health. Stollman concurs, saying, “Te major-

ity of my vegan clients are in their 20s and 30s, and their concern for animal treat- ment relates to sustainability. Sustainability helps to reduce methane emissions from industrial farms.” Wynnie Stein, co-owner of the iconic

Moosewood Restaurant, in Ithaca, New York, and co-author of its groundbreaking spin-off vegetarian cookbooks, has wit- nessed monumental changes since the early 1970s. Younger cooks at Moosewood have also brought passionate innovations to the establishment. “Millennials are incredibly creative, especially with plant-based and gluten-free dishes. Tey’re committed to animal rights and issues that affect the health of the planet,” observes Stein.

Benefits All Ages Since the American Medical Association’s recent suggestion that hospitals consider providing plant-based meals for patients, perceptions are shiſting. Holistic Cardi- ologist Joel Kahn, in Ferndale, Michigan, began teaching plant-based diets to heart patients in 1990, and has subsequently seen hundreds of them avoid invasive and surgical procedures, as well as show less evidence of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and hypertension. “Many of my patients have decreased or eliminated the otherwise lifelong ‘jail’ of prescription drugs. Tey learned that disease reversal, not management, is the goal,” says Kahn. Supermarkets across the country are

stocking meatless products like plant- based burgers. Many athletes and body- builders that have switched away from eating meat attest to improved results by tapping into plant power. People of all walks of life, including seniors, have em- braced this paradigm. “Tere is increased interest in health as Baby Boomers age and start to realize the benefits of a plant-based diet, much of it due to myriad new research,” says Stone. According to the Harvard School of

Public Health, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits lowers blood pressure. Te American

Diabetes Association supports a nutrient-dense vegetarian diet that can decrease the risk of certain diseases. For Stollman’s vegan clients

aged 50 and older, “Health plays a strong role in their interest in plant-based eating. Te science has become clear, and based on the evidence, I contin- ue to teach my clients the importance of including plant-based meals in their daily diets,” she says.

Looking Forward Te surge of people changing their diet has a multilevel impact. “I feel deeply grateful to have been able to help spread the word about plant-based diets. Health, the envi- ronment and animal protection are great concerns of mine,” says Stone. Stein appreciates how the positive

change in diet benefiting people and the planet is coming full circle. “We’re still amazed and honored to know that our cookbooks have helped to create a sea

change. Folks visiting from all over the world tell us how our recipes have influ- enced several generations of their families.” Marlaina Donato is a freelance writer,

multimedia artist and author of books in the spirituality and alternative health genres. Connect at

6512 Six Forks Road - Suite 404A (1st Floor) Raleigh, NC 27615.

(919) 986 9940

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