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New vision for city market There are “big, big” plans in the pipeline for Plymouth’s indoor market (Photo: Murray Stanley)

As part of the multi-million pound rejuvenation of the Devon port city of Plymouth, a new continental-style vision for the city’s market has been unveiled. The indoor facility underwent

a £3.5m refurbishment only last year, but Cllr Mark Lowry, Plymouth City Council’s cabinet member for finance, wants to bring together a selection of ideas from traders to help turn the market into a contemporary retail destination. He believes his vision

could significantly increase the popularity of the market and help breath new life into that part of the city, and says it would be the perfect place for an indoor ‘food court’ where couples could enjoy international cuisine and listen to live music. To complement the market

there could be a micro- brewery showcasing beers from around the region, and an evening shopping offer so that visitors can enjoy the facility after work and at weekends. Cllr Lowry says the

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continental-style offering would be the perfect visitor destination for the families expected to come and live in the city centre in the years ahead, and has hinted that there are “big, big” plans in the pipeline for the market. It is hoped that the £600m

vision unveiled for the city will turn the centre of Plymouth into more of a place to live, work and play in the future. Speaking to local media Cllr

Lowry said the creation of a new ‘market forum’ will help determine what direction the market will take. “I’m looking for ideas –

some have already been put to me – and I am keen explore options around night time usage, particularly as we will see new people come and move to the area,” he said. “Perhaps more food, a micro-brewery, whilst ensur- ing we don’t lose the success- ful and vibrant ethos of the market that we already have. “It already has a very good

food offering, and it’s one of the most successful markets in the country. I just want to look at ways we can drive it forward. “It would be great to deliver

a food court – somewhere people can come to enjoy pizza, Thai food, so they can dine and l isten to

music, that type of thing. “We hope to deliver a good

plan for the market going forward, but the important thing is, I want to do that with the support of the traders, ensuring the market has a very bright future. “I have big, big plans for the

market – but I am not willing to discuss them quite yet.” Plymouth couple Fiona Graham and Joseph Pilkington operate a taco food stall at the market, and they believe an evening event would be perfect. Ms Graham told local

media: “We have chatted to other food places and that’s something we would like to see happen. “I’m not sure how feasible

it would be, because the food is quite sporadic around the market, but it’s something we would love to do. “Maybe there could be

some independent bars brought in of a night time and get students down. It’s something that would benefit the food courts down there to no end. “We have had a few people

come and say there should be more advertisement of the market; it now offers food from all over the world. “We’ve got Italian, Mexican, Thai – it’s very, very cultural

down there and I don’t feel there’s enough emphasis around that.” Alistair Skitt and partner

Holly Smith also run a food stall, and say that though the prospect of night-time trading is enticing, in reality it may be difficult to pull off. Mr Skitt told local media:

“The market is really changing. There are so many new food stalls opening now, the food side of the development of the market is really going to take off in the next few years. “I’m open in terms of

the market opening in the evenings, but there’s a lot of different people involved. The reality is, the practicalities behind it would be incredibly difficult. A lot of the stallholders open in the day. “A lot of the food stallholders

would need to be in one place. A lot of stallholders would need to move around. It would be quite a big change. “It would be incredible though.” A spokesman for Plymouth

City Council told local media: “The food offering in Plymouth Market has rightly become a very popular attraction and we’re delighted to see people flocking through the door to eat with us. “Several of our food outlets are open in the evening

for Deliveroo orders, and although we’re not planning to open in the evening for eat-in customers just yet, we haven’t ruled it out for the future.”

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