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a key and get from point A to B ensures you will enjoy the journey and the destination! Canoeing and camping al- low us to disconnect from society and reconnect with our roots. It can ground you and remind you how enjoyable it is to just be in the moment. Waking up to waves splashing, birds singing and the smell of adventure, oh and a slight kink in your back because you most likely slept on a rock! All kidding aside, I believe it is soulfully rewarding as well as necessary to unplug and go off the grid at least one weekend a year. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then please continue to read as I share my “How To” adventure guide that you can use to plan your next trip with all the tips required. You don’t have access to a canoe or paddles? Te Selkirk


Canoe Club (typically opens in the month of May) has you covered! Tey offer numerous programs as well as canoe, paddle and lifejacket rentals. You can also purchase a mem- bership and paddle at your own pace all summer. Day tours, as well as weekend trips, are also planned out by members of the club that you can tag along on. Manitoba offers endless canoe routes. A moderate one

for a weekend adventure is only 2 hours away! Te Man- igotagan. I personally just paddled it for the first time this summer. Te reason I chose to specifically write about the Manigotogan is that it is a very narrow river, which means you are less likely to get lost or veer off course. It is challeng- ing as there is a current so depending on whether you start up or downstream you can make it more or less difficult. Lastly, it is important to reference the rapids. I am not

saying to go on your first ever canoe trip and whitewater paddle through all the rapids! I simply mean it is breath- taking scenery to stop and admire. Tere are numerous rapids to stop at, each one offering a portage route which are very easy to spot. Tey are also not very intimidating as the portages are a safe distance from the faster-moving water. TIP: If you ever find yourself in fast-moving water that makes you feel uncomfortable, just remember you are

e live in such a fast-paced world that sometimes it is necessary to Just. Slow. Down. One way I do this is by canoeing. Not having the ability to turn

safest with your paddle in the water rather than out. So just keep on paddling and head to shore. Tere are campsites (with room for 3-5 tents) along the

Manigotagan. However, we camped at the Montego Bay Campground, as the Manigotagan was not the only route we paddled that weekend. Tis is closer to Hollow Water Reserve. Montego Bay was a fantastic family owned camp- ground. It has a stunning beach and tons of character. Tere are also showers to use. TIP: Bring quarters for the showers. We launched right after the bridge on Provincial Road

304 (pictured left) the right side, you will see a sign with the Manigotagan map. Tere is a gentleman who provides canoe shuttles from one end to the other. He was very kind and informed us the Manigotagan means “Bad Troat” ei- ther because of the sound of the water or because a moose was shot in the neck. I have yet to confirm, however, if you do see this gentleman on his quad do stop and chat with him as he offers many interesting and historical facts of the area. On the left side of the highway, there is a waterfall pictured above. Tings you will need: • Life Jacket • Paddles - always an extra paddle • Throw bag, bailer, whistle • Dry bag • Lots of water • Tent - if you are like my gal pal Amy and I who are

bubbly, fun, fly by the moment, adventure enthusiasts who think we have it all together, are camping superstars and could never mess up on planning for a camping trip… then text your friend right now and triple confirm who is bringing the tent. • Sleeping bag & pillow • Cookware - pans, utensils, plates, and spatulas • Cookstove - matches • Cooler for food & small cooler for canoeing/portaging • First aid kit • Garbage bags • Meal Planning For a Canoe Trip My camping tradition is to have a steak dinner my first

night. I pre-marinate and bag my steaks, pre-cook bacon wrapped asparagus and typically pair this with potatoes.

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ooked on Fishing is a fishing pro- gram for girls age 6-12 to learn the basics of fishing. Every week we

start with a lesson, then spend the rest of the class fishing. Te girls learn things like safe handling and releasing of fish, Manitoba fishing rules and etiquette, les- sons on how to use different lures and how to target different species, how to fillet fish and much more! One week the girls had even painted their own jigs! Tank you to all the volunteers and sponsors that make this program possible! • David Obirek - The Fishing Journal • Danny Kleinsasser - Danny’s Whole Hog • Brooklyn Doty • Shannon Bayluk & Brent Bayluk - World of Water

• Danny’s Whole Hog Chloe McRae - 2nd year Hooked on Fishing with a Master Channel Catfish.

• Ashley Fisher • Jenn Cheys • RSL • Dan Goulet & Lorraine Enns-Goulet - SPI International Transportation INC

• Playgrounds R Us • Dianne Grocholski - Total Look • Heights Archery • Andrea Moar - Jimmy Reels

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Breakfasts: I buy the carton of egg whites. Tis is amaz-

ing because it takes up less space than a carton of eggs and no broken eggs in your cooler! I cook the egg whites with bacon or sausage, one egg white carton can last two people at least 2-3 breakfasts. Lunches: My go-to for lunches is wraps. I also bring

granola bars, peanuts, jerky, and pepperoni. Dinner: I will use the rest of my potatoes from the first

night, and I buy the prepackaged and marinated pork/ chicken kabobs. Manitoba offers endless routes. Tere is no right and

wrong when it comes to planning for a trip just keep in mind, pack light when you have portages. Always leave things better than you found them. Keep your paddle in the water in fast-moving water. Be safe, try to travel with at least one other canoe and have fun while enjoying all of the nature our province has to offer. Courtlyn Suszko is an avid outdoorswoman who grew

up in rural Manitoba just a cast away from the Red River on Netley Creek in Petersfield which has provided her years of experience fishing the Red River, Lake Winnipeg and sur- rounding areas. Her affinity for the outdoors has sparked another passion: sharing her experiences with others through seminars and also teaching young girls to fish with the Hooked on Fishing program held every Wednesday at Chesleys Resort.

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