Everything you need to know about legally accessing medical cannabis in Canada

Marshall Posner, Delta 9 T

here are currently several misconcep- t ions about accessing cannabis in Canada. Let’s make it crystal clear by

telling you, at present, the only current legal method of accessing cannabis in Canada is with a medical prescription. If you don’t have a medical prescription, then you are not al- lowed to purchase and consume cannabis at this time. However, with the pending legalization of

recreational cannabis later this year and the proliferation of illegal marijuana dispensa- ries and online cannabis websites across the country that pretend to service the medical cannabis marketplace, it’s easy to understand how Canadians are confused about the cur- rent legal process to access medical cannabis. Granted, once recreational cannabis is le-

galized, it will be available across Canada in either private corporate stores or provincially owned cannabis stores, similar to existing liquor marts or vendors. As well, there will be online sales available in every province as well. However, keep in mind, that only dried flower and extracts will be available for sale initially, with cannabis edibles and additional products such as topicals, pen vaporizers and others becoming available throughout the first year of legalization. In summary, it’s important to realize that

until legalization occurs anyone accessing cannabis either through the black market or from a dispensary storefront or online website is doing so illegally. Tere are no exceptions to this type of access. If Canadians want to access medical can-

nabis then they need to first visit a doctor and obtain a medical prescription. Ten, they need to register with a Licensed Producer, which is a company that is licensed and regulated by Health Canada to provide various forms of cannabis to patients across the country. Once registered, medical patients can start ordering various cannabis products from these Licensed Producers. It’s also important to realize that only

those companies that have been licensed and authorized by Health Canada are legally ap- proved to produce and sell medical cannabis products. These Licensed Producers follow strict production standards and safety meas- ures in order to ensure quality and protect patients. Be sure to always protect yourself by verifying

the source of your medicine and understanding the consequences of procuring medical can- nabis from an unauthorized and illegal source.


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Cannabis 101 workshop at the Delta 9 Clinic.

How and where can I legally obtain medical cannabis? Licensed Producers (LPs) authorized by

Health Canada are currently the only legal source of cannabis for patients across Canada. Here is an up-to-date list of all of the current LPs - info/list-eng.php. In order to obtain medical cannabis in

Canada, the first step is to meet with your doctor. If you’re qualified, your doctor will then be required to complete a Medical Document from an LP. Once your doctor has completed this Medical Document, you will also be required to complete an Application Document to register as a patient. Here are the current Delta 9 documents and application forms that you require - https://www.delta9. ca/become-a-patient/. Once registered with Delta 9, you can then

place an order either through our online Pa- tient Portal or by telephone from one of our knowledgeable and friendly Customer Care Team Specialists. Direct and discreet delivery from a Licensed

Producer, via Canada Post or courier, is the only legal procurement method currently available in Canada.

Tere are currently NO other legal suppli-

ers of medical cannabis in Canada. How do I know I am getting a safe, quality

product? Licensed Producers regulate products for

safety and quality in the following ways: • Medical cannabis is cultivated according

to Good Production Practices (GPP) and sub- jected to regular and rigorous Health Canada quality and regulatory audits. • Cannabinoid levels of THC and CBD are

tested for accuracy in each and every product. • Testing for impurities (e.g. fungus, bacte-

ria, and heavy metals) is conducted to guar- antee safety of all cannabis products. • Packaging and labelling must conform to

strict regulations and all cannabis products are sold in child-resistant containers. With all other illegal suppliers, the source

of the product and its contents and safety, are unknown and unregulated. How do I protect myself when buying

medical cannabis? Licensed Producers offer their patients full

protection in the following ways: • Proof of legal possession is provided by

Delta 9 and our patients can therefore travel within Canada with their medication.

• Delta 9 patients can consult with our

knowledgeable and friendly Customer Care Team regarding product information and efficacy. • Delta 9 patients are protected by Health

Canada quality regulations including a prod- uct recall mechanism in case of potential harmful product issues. • Medical cannabis from Delta 9 is a claim-

able medical expense on your personal federal tax return. Consult with your accountant to determine your eligible deductions for the total amount spent on your medicine each and every calendar year. Several insurance companies such as Blue

Cross and Sun Life have recently started to offer medical cannabis coverage as part of their plans. Be sure to check whether your medical condition is covered with your exist- ing medical plan. With all other illegal suppliers, patients

are NOT legally protected if stopped by po- lice, there is NO recall mechanism to protect them in the event of product impurities and their medical cannabis expenses are NOT tax deductible or covered by insurance plans. Marshall Posner is the VP Sales and Market- ing, Delta 9 Cannabis Inc.


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