Your local Country Market has recently been joined by pastry chef Lynn and we’re very happy to say that she’s been making pies, both savoury and sweet, to the delight of our customers.

As you know, we have been appearing on the More 4 series ‘Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes’ for some time now. More4 were commissioning Series Three and wanted us to put together some ideas for the storyline. Jules and I pitched various ideas to the production company and the one that stood out, was we were thinking of creating a brand-new cheese, unique to the Churchmouse at Barbon, a sister cheese to the fresh, smooth and creamy Bright Blessed Crest (BBC) which I spoke of a couple of months ago. This time, I wanted something harder and nuttier and more mature, along the lines of a Spanish Manchego, sensing a gap in the market for such a cheese. We were so surprised when our BBC scooped the ‘Best New Cheese in Britain’ Award at the British Cheese Awards only four weeks after we had it made!

Visit us on Friday mornings to choose the one you’d like to take home with you! We also offer a wide range of other baked goods, preserves, eggs, crafts, farm and garden produce... all home-produced locally.

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September comes around again and that means Taste Cumbria time for the town. There is no other food festival quite like it and it all happens here, in our own town. We can expect over 25,000 visitors over the two days coming to see what our town has to offer. Over 25,000 people eating here and experiencing the delights of the town. For some retailers (not even food-related) it’s their busiest weekend of the year.

40 Challoner Street Cockermouth CA13 9QU

01900 824474


13-15 Market Place Cockermouth CA13 9NH

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ISSUE 429 | 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 | 40

If Cockermouth ever got around to employing a marketing manager for the town, one of the first things they would do is to set up a food festival to put Cockermouth on the map. It would be a no brainer, given the amount of food emporiums we have in the town. Want a great coffee? We’ve got it. Want fresh fish from an award- winning fishmonger? We’ve got it. Want bread made the old-fashioned way? We’ve got it. Want beer from a proper brewery? We’ve got it. Want great cheeses? We’ve got it. Taste Cumbria

simply builds on what’s already in the town. Businesses that engage reap the benefits.

We need events like Taste Cumbria, the Tour of Britain, Cockermouth Live! and the like, to remind people what this town has to offer. Many people say we haven’t yet recovered from the 2009 floods. Well, after years of floods and roadworks (and more roadworks and more roadworks) we can now look forward to a future without diggers on Main Street. The message has to get out there loud and clear – Cockermouth is still that gem town, the delightful place where the waters of the Cocker and Derwent meet.

So pop down and see what’s on offer. We’ve got a few new flavours of scone lined up, as well as promoting some of our more established products. It will be fun.

Andy and Angela The Coffee Kitchen

Can we do it again? Well, we are using sheep’s milk from a single source, a neighbour and friend of ours, James Hadwin. He has 246 ewes on his farm at Mansergh Hall just over the hill from us in Barbon and he was looking to create new products with his milk. We have commissioned another good friend of ours, Iona of Ribblesdale Cheese Company, at her small but perfectly formed dairy at Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. I called her to see if she would be interested in making us a bespoke sheep’s milk cheese. She said she would be delighted – she wanted to ‘mould

ripen’ the cheese rather than wrapping it in wax, which I said could only be a good thing. The first batch is rubbed with olive oil to help it mature but we are looking at using rapeseed oil from the Yorkshire Dales to further enhance the provenance of the cheese.

So, the cheese is made, I have designed the labels, had them printed and we are being filmed by More4

tomorrow at the Ribblesdale Cheese Company for our first tasting of the finished cheese. The only thing we had to sort out was the name – and there could only be one name for it. I immediately knew what it had to be called – Baa-Bon!

We are officially launching the cheese at the 2018 Yorkshire Dales Cheese Festival at the Hawes Creamery on Saturday 15th September, where the More4 cameras will be rolling. We will have plenty of cheese in the shop from then onwards so, if you’re free, pop down and see me and Jules in person and have your first taste of our brand new baby!

John Natlacen, Owner

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