I have to admit, I’m not really a football fan. I’ve always preferred rugby; probably something to do with the frequent reminders I received as an Englishman living in W fi teen years admittedlyfft

Wa England were in the ascendancy y, ales for

y,, during a time when y..

During the summerr,, my preference switches to the laz , relaxed commentary of Ty Tu

Te est Match Special with Aggers and Tuffers accompanying

me through the holiday. Howeverr,, all of us have been impressed by the achievements of the England football team at the World Cup in Russia.

Led by the unflappable and dapper Gareth Southgate, the team showed that calmness under pressure, hard work and mutual support can enable you to exceed expectations.

I’d use exactly the same words to describe the fantastic achievements of our students in this summer’s exams. With the challenge of new courses, the uncertainty of a new grading system at GCSE and facing new methods of assessment,


   

our staff and students delivered an outstanding set of results which we should all be very proud of.

At A Level, our headline figure of A*, A and B grades rose significantly again; such that almost half of our students achieved 3 or more A*, A or B grades and four students achieved 3 or more A*s! We were delighted that the overwhelming majority of our students were immediately accepted onto their first choice of course, whether that was to a wide range of universities or on to a higher-level apprenticeship. Incredibly

done before. There were outstanding individual results, with fifteen students achieving eight or more grades 8 or 9, three students achieved nine grade 9s and nearly a third of all new GCSE grades awarded were grades 7, 8 or 9. Across the board, subjects performed above expectations and we are delighted that seven departments have achieved progress figures that put them in the top 10% of schools nationally. My thanks go to our brilliant students and fantastic staff for these exceptional results.

y,, these results put Cockermouth School in the top 10% of schools in the country at A Level – for the second year running!

e are delighted that, compared to the national cohort, students at Cockermouth School achieved greater progress than they have ever


There was even greater change at GCSE level and it would be foolish to compare the attainment of this cohort with previous years. W

As Cockermouth School goes from strength to strength, we welcome our new cohort of 230 Ye

Year 7s into the school. If you have a child joining secondary school in September 2019 and you’d like to be part of our successful team, please come along to our Open Evening on Thursday 27th September. I might even wear a waistcoat!

Drr.. Rob Petrie, Headteacher D

Cockermouth Sc hool Year 6

Open Evening  m

There will be a present ation in t We would like to welcome all Year 6 students

a tou

the Main H all at 5:40pm, 6:20pm and 7: their pare nts to an ev

please em ail: openevening@cock For further inform ati on, or to mak Thursday 4 Octob

Castlegate Drive  Cock erm  INFO@THECOCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK

ber and Wednesday 10 Oc tober. subsequent o pen mornings at th


ke an appointment for one of the op or teleph

op View our school prospectus at cockermouthschool.

hone 01900 898888 e en morning s, mouth  Cumbri a CA13 9HF  01900 898888 aspire  enjoy  i include  respect  community  ISSUE 429 | 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 | 16

current students, and be able to take part in a r ange of activities. at th e school on Tuesday 2 October,


If you are unable to attend this ev ent, there will be s f our

Thursday 27 Septe mber from 5:30 to 9:00pm s and

Open Evening 30 to 9:00pm

evening at Cockermouth School 0pm and 7:00pm.

This will be followed by an opportunity to have atour of the school w here you wi ll be able to look at all of th e different subject areas, meet with and speak to some of

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