DOG GROOMING Poodle Crosses


There has been a huge rise in the popularity of poodle crosses over the last few years – such as the Cockapoo, Labradoodle, Maltipoo, Cavapoo, Shihpoo and Bichon crosses such as the Cavachon and Poochon. All these crosses need regular grooming, both at home and at professional groomers.

Some people like the shaggy look, especially with Cockapoos and Labradoodles, which is fine if they have the commitment to keeping the coat in good condition and knot-free. Other people prefer to have their dog clipped quite short as it’s easier to maintain, especially if they go for walks in muddy fields and in the sea as it is very time-consuming washing, drying and brushing out a long coat after every walk!

Poodle crosses need to be groomed every day to keep the coat knot and matt free and they need to be clipped every 4-8 weeks, depending on the length of coat the owner likes to keep them in. The two most important tools are a slicker brush (a brush with bent metal pins) and a metal comb. Brush right down to the skin (not just skimming over the top) on all areas and follow up with a thorough comb through, again on all areas of the dog. The main areas that I see getting matted is where the collar sits, the harness area, legs, paws, tail and ears. Owners tend to concentrate along the back and sides of the body and forget about the other parts. Matts are extremely uncomfortable and can cause sores and in extreme conditions can actually cut off the blood supply to areas of the body, so it is important to prevent them from forming.

If you would like a chat about your dogs’ grooming requirements, or to make an appointment give me a call on 07746 485 330.

Lexa Ray, Floyd’s Dog Grooming

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  MAIN STREET, KESWICK, CUMBRIA, CA12 5BN POETS OUT LOUD

I’ve had quite a number of enquiries this past month about how do you join Poets Out Loud.

The answer is... YOU CAN’T JOIN!

Poets Out Loud is for anyone who wants to come and enjoy an evening of poetry. No joining required, you just turn up with your poems and join in.

It usually works out at each person reading three or four poems, if it’s a quiet night maybe five.

Entry price is a donation of £2.50, (more if you’d like) at the door to help cover the cost of the theatre hire.

Each month, we pluck a poem from the hat to go here, in the Cockermouth Post and this month it’s a poem with no title by one of our Cockermouth Poets, Edwina Brame:

When you read a book that makes you think Brings back your own Memories and can make you sink. When you read a book And can't put it down Forget to do things And make the supper go brown When you read a book And each character’s judged By the life they live

The things they do...or don't The holding of a grudge. When you read a book Then pass it on To a friend who'll know

Where the words are coming from. When you read a book Then read it again

That's the best kind of book to read in the rain. When you read a book

Then you can write all this down For it's a book and reading That wears the crown. Edwina Brame

Saturday 20th October // 7pm

The Kirkgate Centre, Cockermouth.

Second Wednesday of every month 8.00pm - 10.30pm, doors open 7.45pm Entry £2.50 donation on the door

For more information, contact Annie Kendall 07552 715 859

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