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Since the mid-14th century, when Keswick School was founded by Sir Thomas de Eskhead, the idea of a school community has remained a central focus. To this day, the school encourages students to get involved with a range of school clubs and societies.

The school has simple yet clear values: excellence, aspiration and opportunity.

Keswick students are encouraged to be a part of an inspiring, inclusive and diverse community, which extends not only across the county but on an international scale due to a boarding house on the school site. The traditional values of being caring, respectful and helpful to one another are ever-present, not simply within year groups but also across the whole student population.

The school aspires for all students to reach their full potential, by taking on new challenges and responsibilities that prepare them for adult life. To enable this, an outstanding programme of extracurricular activities are provided, comprising of sports, arts, clubs and societies: among which



by Laura Wilson, Head Girl and James Mattinson, Head Boy

include rugby, football, netball and other traditional sports teams; as well as academic competitions such as the Bar Mock Trial team - who have just succeeded in reaching the national finals for the second year running. Other opportunities range from involvement in the ski racing team, to additional GCSEs like Latin and Astronomy, to French and German exchange programmes. Within and beyond the school curriculum, excellence is encouraged but so is ‘just having a go’. Every student is free to express themselves, free to explore, free to think and dream. Every success and failure is an opportunity to learn.

The school’s sixth form is well integrated with the lower school students, with many volunteering to become prefects in their second year. Prefects play a vital role in the school community, whether as form prefects, advising and nurturing their form groups;

subject prefects; corridor prefects; or as charity prefects, fundraising for various different causes.

The new Head Boy, James Mattinson, has attended the school from year 7.

“When I arrived in 2012, it was a little intimidating moving up to a far bigger school than Fairfield. However, the excellent, welcoming induction programme, soon made me feel a valued and accepted part of the school community.”

Similarly, year 12 pupil Laura Wilson spoke of her experience: “Moving to Keswick School was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It goes without saying that the excellent staff, supportive learning atmosphere and extracurricular opportunities are second to none; I could not be more grateful for everything the school has given me, especially my amazing subject teachers.”

Having been recently appointed as the new Head Girl, she considers it a privilege to represent the whole Keswick School community and its outstanding values.

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